Power outage affects Parker residents, businesses

12:15pm– A power outage affected APS customers in the town of Parker within the past 20 minutes. No word yet on the cause of the outage, which continues.

12:30pm– Reports that a power pole has been hit in an accident.

1:06pm– Report: A car hit a power pole near the intersection of Mohave Road and Navajo Avenue, approximately one block from La Paz Regional Hospital next to the now vacant Dayton Superior building.

Via Leo Scott

1:26pm– APS estimates 60 – 90 minutes for repairs and restoration of power. People should stay hydrated if they plan to spend that time in a hot building or outside.


2:32pm– APS says power is expected to be restored around 3:00pm or just after as repairs are completed and power switched back on.

Via Mark Wilkinson

3:21pm– APS confirms that switching has been completed and power should be restored at any time.

3:35pm– Power restored briefly and then out again.

4:38pm– APS says it is checking switches which may have overloaded when the power came back on earlier, leading to a further delay and further outage. Estimates vary from 15 minutes and up.


Parker Live went down shortly after this last update, due to the server’s inability to keep processing all the demand from Parker Live users. Power was back by around 6 p.m.


  1. Quartzsite is out also! Must be something big!

  2. it is 255pm. Any news on when power will be restored?

  3. Ok, it’s 3:15, any news about the power? Is it on yet?

  4. 405pm…I am working checking on power..is it on or off? tried klpzradio online they are playing old shows. no help.

  5. The BIG after 5pm surge of people going home is going to happen soon.

  6. I hope all that were involved in the accident are all OK.

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