Merry Eggsmas!

Another Quartzsite adventure …


Boondocking snowbirds Bob and Sarah hosted a Christmas potluck out in the BLM camping area south of Quartzsite. Bob wanted to deep fry a turkey and Sarah promised to make her famous ambrosia salad, complete with “mandolin” oranges. A dozen of us boondockers joined the fun. We enjoyed each other’s company; none of us had a lot but we all were glad to share what we had.

New to the gathering this year was a snowbird from one of those states where everything is bigger, better and more… whatever. When ‘Tex’ arrived he parked his big diesel dually next to the buffet table, let down the tailgate and hollered, “Come and get it!”

He lifted the tinfoil off a beautifully roasted huge turkey, artfully surrounded by parsley and deviled eggs.

We murmured oohs and ahhs.

Tex unveiled the dressing, fluffy and wonderful smelling, yet on closer inspection I saw it was full of chopped hard boiled eggs. Hmm.


He pulled the lid off a vat of rich gravy – swimming with sliced hard boiled eggs. Oh, my!

We stopped oohing and ahhing. I looked at Sarah. She had one hand to her mouth and I wasn’t sure if she was trying to stifle a laugh, scream or gag.

“Bring your plates,” Tex said, and sliced into that beautiful bird. All good until he reached inside the turkey … and out came whole hard boiled eggs.

Suddenly the bird looked like a sea turtle about to give birth. I wanted to scream.

Just then, Bob gave a cheerful hoot and lifted a perfectly deep fried turkey onto a carving plate. He brought the turkey to the buffet table, looked at Tex’s spread and said, “Gotcha some eggs there, do ya? Is this the ‘egg-spress’ lane?”

Let the puns begin. “Ha! Merry Eggsmas, everyone!”


“What a wonderful spread – I’m in eggstacy.”

I chuckle whenever I think of that Christmas. Upon re-eggs-amination, it was an eggscellent day!

# # #

Cate Mueller is a web designer, editor, reporter and photographer in Bouse, Arizona. To visit her website, click here.

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  1. People have been piling on the puns and eggs-hibiting their wit about my Christmas column:

    It was an “eggs -trordinary” occasion! ~ Doc Pierce

    It’s eggs-citing…this time of year! ~ Jana

    Egg-$cuse me… but I don’t have time for this… I’m scrambling to get ready for Christmas!!!! ~ Kim

    You seem to be egg-erating the issue! Are you ..poaching..wisdom from the innocent? ~ Vonnie

    I must eggs-claim with great eggs-uberance and eggs-panded eggs-pression…Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!! ~ Jana

    What a buncha egg-hibitionists! ~ me

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