Town looks for public input on federal funds usage

Town of Parker


The Town of Parker is expected to receive approximately $179,655.00 in FY 2014, from federal CDBG funds from the Arizona Department of Housing Regional Account (RA). The Town of Parker also intends to apply for $179,655 in FY 2014 CDBG funds from the State special projects (SSP) account. CDBG funds must be used to benefit low-income persons and areas, alleviate slum and blight or address urgent need.

A public hearing will be held at 6:00 pm on March 27th, 2014, at Town Council Chambers, 1314 11th Street to gather citizen input on the use of the CDBG funds. Examples of possible uses include the following:

Public infrastructure (i.e., water, street improvements);
Community facilities (e.g., parks, libraries, senior or youth centers);
Housing (e.g., owner-occupied or multi-family rehab, utility connections on private property, new housing constructed by a non-profit);
Economic development (e.g., a loan to a business for job creation, micro-enterprise development, acquisition of land for an existing business expansion).

For more information about the hearing, grievances or the CDBG program; or to receive assistance in formulating prospective project ideas for presentation at the hearing contact the following:

Tim Edwards, Public Works Director
Town of Parker
1314 – 11th Street
Parker, AZ 85344
(928) 669-9265
(928) 669-5247 fax

Persons with disabilities who require special accommodations may contact Jackie Johnson at the above location at least 48 hours before the hearing.

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