To The Editor: Kidnapping and rape arrest?


From a reader:

“on Friday there were parker police, sheriff officers that stop a black ford that had a reg california license plate but was fixed up to look like an under cover car. There was not an arrest of store employees . It all pretain to the black car that was located at the pumps. 2 young white males were arrested by sheriff’s office. the female sheriff offer said the car used the rouse to stop and girl she was handcuffed and rape.
but you guys will put in pics of someone going off a curb go figure!!!!”

– Go Figure

That’s quite a story, GF. So let’s look into it. Did two white males use a fake cop car to pull over a girl, kidnap and rape her? And did Parker Live completely ignore this major piece of Proper News and focus all our attention instead on a pic of somebody driving off the curb?

Well I certainly did post a photo of somebody driving off the curb at Burger King. TWO of them, in fact. Are you kidding, GF? That was hilarious! HERE THEY ARE.

But, in the same week I also covered a special election for the sale of the Alewine property (HERE), the financial fraud trial and failed settlement offer of Jackie Nelson (HERE), the inspirational story of Aly Tozer’s recent battle with rejection after a double lung transplant (HERE) and a strip mall fire (HERE), so I’m not sure the implied criticism holds up.

But what about this story of a kidnapping and rape? Did we miss a big one? Not really. According to Monday’s arrest report, a 19 year old called Giovanni Flores was taken into custody for ‘impersonating a peace officer’. According to La Paz County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Curt Bagby, the arrest (reportedly at USA Gas on Riverside Drive, the employees and owners of which were not involved in any way) involved a former police cruiser that was pulled over after an ATL (attempt to locate) for a possible attempted rape / car jacking suspect out of Phoenix.

“The vehicle description matched that of the suspect(s) but after further investigation, we don’t believe this is the same person,” Bagby said. “It appears these individuals stopped over the weekend may have purchased a Crown Victoria from a Law Enforcement Agency and then either had emergency lights added or they were never removed from the previous agency. I don’t believe they went so far as to approach anyone as an officer, they were allegedly just following officers around.”

So it turns out there was a stop of the vehicle, but it probably wasn’t connected to a Phoenix area possible attempted rape / car jacking suspect which, presumably, law enforcement all over the state had been keeping an eye out for. I hope that answers your questions, GF.

And of course, we’ll keep posting pictures of silly things too. Submit your own photos if you like – use our contact form and tell us you have a photo to share on Viewfinder.

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend everybody!



  1. LOL. Reminds me of when I worked at the Pioneer. Everybody was a news editor but they usually had partial information, innuendo, rumor or just plain B.S. to go by. Get a life G.F.

  2. Shouldn’t it be officer? Ruse and not rouse? Pertain and not pretain? I wish that those who would complain, would actually know how to write in English… But that’s just me…

  3. Good one Robb!

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