Missing man: Quartzsite


This is Eric Stapleton, a 58 year old from Quartzsite, AZ who didn’t show up for work on Wednesday and was declared missing.

According to the Desert Messenger, Eric has grey hair, is about 5’10” or 6 feet tall and has not been seen since Monday morning. His cell phone and car were found at his house with the front door open.

If anyone has seen or heard from Eric since Monday, please call Al’s RV Park at (928) 927-6715 or the Quartzsite Police Department at (928) 927-4644.


  1. Sheree Stapleton

    I was married to Eric Stapleton for 20 years. We have a son together, Brandon Stapleton. In August Brandon will be getting married to Rebecca Ruby. They have a 4 year old daughter, Payton. Eric’s granddaughter.
    Please find this dear man! He needs to come home!!

  2. Jennifer Steinmetz

    Eric Stapleton is my uncle and I am the caregiver for Eric’s 87 year old mother. He is her youngest child, her baby boy. Eric is a very special man who always has a twinkle in his eye. He has a big family that love him very much. We just can’t believe this has happened. How can someone vanish without a trace? All his belongings, including his cell phone and car, are still at his residence and his front door was left open. He is partially disabled so it is unlikely that he walked off by himself. Please help us find Eric.

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