Storm hits Parker: power, trees down


6:15pm– A heavy storm forecast by the National Weather Service just after 5pm hit the Parker area just minutes ago, bringing sheets of rain, lightning, low visibility for traffic and running washes. Trees are down. Power down for some Parker residents, spotty elsewhere. Turn around, don’t drown.

6:37pm– The NWS is extending a flash flood warning through 9pm.


  1. Let The Monsoons Begin!!!

  2. where is the car with the tree near it?

  3. Thanks Grandson. I’m excited that I saw it coming before the National Weather Service. Yeah Old Man.

  4. Wow. Hope they get power back on soon and not a lot of damage. I do love the smell of the desert after a rain storm.

  5. Parker is getting slammed this week!!! Stay safe!!!

  6. Guess I’m not going to the river tonight.

  7. Holy crap..hope all of parker is safe. Sending prayers to all my fellow campers at emerald cove…

  8. HOPE my SISTER is OK

  9. I hope everyone is alright Kayla. Please keep me posted. In all the years we lived there I don’t remember a storm like this. Let me know if you need anything.

  10. Patti McBee Vickie Hatch Brad Hatch you guys all right

  11. So far… so good!!!!! Thanks for asking… will keep you posted!!

  12. Marilyn K Bailey b safe

  13. Thanks…we’re trying. We’re on the ferry headed back to Calif side. The ferry got stuck in the middle of the Lake Sunday. It’s thundering and blowing….were keeping our fingers crossed

  14. 76 Gas Station thats where we saw the Lil Ford Ranger n the tree was blown over next to it!!!

  15. We have had the same thing here.

  16. Nope, it’s the WalMart parking lot.

  17. Just talked to her she said they are stuck at Johnnys, they can’t get home but they are ok.

  18. Ok both sisters stay safe. We had a downpour in Calimesa took a roof off a house and flooded the freeway had to stpa as the traffic could not go thru it.. that happened a couple days ago, sice then it has been quit here

  19. It was crazy. We got hail that came in so hard it was hitting the windows at the nail salon and we all moved back about ten feet real quick. Crazy!

  20. Nice and hot here at home

  21. The storm had just hit Walmart while we were in side. You could hear thunder rumbling, then the heavy rain and, what sounded like hail, hitting the roof. Power went down momentarily just after that but their generators (I am assuming) brought it back. The Staff was very helpful helping people and making sure the doors would open by the way. Typical Monsoon storm flooding the streets and making a mess.

  22. Hope its calmed for everyone. Anyone at La Paz that can give a damage report?

  23. Ginger Oliveira

    Be careful out there! I remember how bad those storms can be!

  24. Are you okay? We have had a lot of rain too

  25. Jennifer Schalip Tom Gallagher

  26. Wow!! Upriver too?? Hope everyone is safe…..

  27. Whoa – boy did I ever miss it – being here in Oregon!

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