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The ‘haboob’ (Arabic for “blasting”) is a phenomenon known better by Phoenix residents than Parker residents. But early Sunday morning, the Parker area was blasted by dust just 2 days after Phoenix.

NOTE: The word ‘haboob’ is no more or less Arabic than the word ‘coffee’.

Bouse via Keith Learn


Parker via Katie Turnbow


Lakeside via Michael Collins


Before and After via Melissa Wright



  1. Monica Diane Nelson

    Last I checked. This was America. Duh.

  2. Monica Diane Nelson

    At the very least use a Native American word

  3. Joaquin Vences

    We ain’t NO ARABS!!!!!!

  4. Carrollynn Henshaw

    The English language includes hundreds of words from the Arabic language and hundreds from Spanish, hundreds from Italian, etc…

  5. Danielle Michelle Dunham

    I woke up yesterday morning as this was rolling in upriver. I had a feeling we were experiencing this but as it was my first one, had no confirmation.

  6. Parker Live Updates

    Monica I really hope you’re not being serious.

  7. We were at Emerald Cove across on the California side . . . The sound of it coming woke us up!!! Unreal sight for sure! Thankfully the direction came straight across the river and hit everyone’s boats straight on – if it would have up up or down river we would have had boats everywhere!!! Many anchors still gave way and people were rushing to secure their investments…. Lucky for us – we traded in the wakeboard boat last year for a Tri-Toon – she was already beached and secure as could be! Still scary though!

  8. Monica Diane Nelson

    But never mind. I will delete my comments. Apparently we are not supposed to voice our opinions in the comment section

  9. Rich Burns

    don’t ask me why, but when I saw that dust storm was called a “haboob” it reminded me of Al Bundy working at a gas station to try and pay his bills, and he puts on the uniform with the name “habib” on it. I can’t believe I can remember something from back in 1992 lol. That was a cool picture thank you for sharing them.

  10. Parker Live Updates

    Monica- I didn’t delete any of your comments or restrict them in any way.

  11. “At the very least use a Native American word”

    Last I checked there wasn’t just a set Native American language. Which dialect would you like to choose from out of the 250+ (at least) options??

  12. Call it what it is, a dust storm. Let the arabs call it a haboob…

  13. Rosie Olivas

    Which lakeside we have many.

  14. Gil Harper

    I think newbies to the state give names to things they can’t describe. Do we have to watch this on tv everynight? It’s Mongoose time in the styate.

  15. Parker Live Updates

    Gil- The term ‘haboob’ is a meteorological term that has been used in this context for decades. There’s nothing new about it.

  16. Gil Harper

    well I have lived here in the same spot for 55 years and it is still a dust storm.

  17. Gil Harper

    But- you have hit a good “talking point”, kudos to you

  18. Gil Harper

    I am turning my face book page to the Kareem Abdul Jabbar winter we are gong to have

  19. Dust storm is just as easy to say as Haboob (both 2 syllables) and spell check does not even recognize the work haboob as it is underlined as spelled wrong! Just facts people….

  20. Don Rountree

    Let’s see what happens with this? Has anyone of you ever had a DNA test to see where your roots really came from?

  21. Joaquin Vences

    Bunch or liberals pushing their agenda on Parker Live Updates! This is Arizona of the United States of America and as far as I’m concerned that was a “DUST STORM” and no arab loving media outlet will tell me diff!

  22. Marie Ackerman

    I was here on the Parker Strip vacationing. Never seen anything that bad in my 35 years. Sure gets you out of bed quick! Think I saw 5 or 6 ez- ups near the trash can after that one. There was just no warning.

  23. Vallyn Hatfield

    Hey guys…when is the Chili Cook-off this year? October…?? 🙂

  24. Parker Live Updates

    October yup! Will you be there Vallyn?

  25. Okay, Gil and Monica. How many times have you said the word “monsoon” during the summer? Monsoon is actually a Arabic word. OMG we have been duped into using it all these years and we never knew? Dammit! The A-rabs have completely taken over ‘Merica! I refuse to use Monsoon any longer. I shall call it a… a windy season! Yes–a windy season.

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