Shontz-Weis wins judge race by 2 votes


It’s official! The incumbent in the election for Precinct 6 Justice of the Peace, Charlene Shontz-Weis, has won the race by just 2 votes. The canvass was approved by the La Paz County Board of Supervisors at a Thursday morning meeting.

Weis ran against Rich Tozer, former head of the County’s Probation Department. This was Tozer’s second time going up against Weis, with only the two candidates on the ballot this time around. But with the addition of write-in candidate Jay Clagg, who received 21 votes, Tozer’s final count was 2 short of Weis’s.

The County Attorney’s Office says state law does not call for a recount in this case, which is determined by a percentage of the vote.

Weis took more votes on polling day, with Tozer taking more early votes. Weis took the majority of votes in the town of Parker, with Tozer taking the majority of votes Upriver. 14 of the 21 votes for Clagg came from the Upriver district.

Tammy Carnevale has beaten Jeff Gilbert in the Quartzsite JP4 election and Karen Slaughter won against Robi Brady in the Salome-Wenden-Vicksburg JP5 race.

Like Republicans in the rest of the state of Arizona, La Paz County voted for Doug Ducey for Governor. Ducey will now battle it out with Democrat Fred DuVal, and recent polls say the race is so close it may be a toss-up.


  1. Back to Weis…..Pull Shontz out in 4 years!! LOL

  2. Weis should send Clagg some flowers.

  3. Because they are not 1/10 of a percent there is no re-count. I get the rule, it needs to be real close in order for automatic recount. In this case however, it takes only 1 vote to be miscounted to change the outcome. It would be a tie if 1 vote was counted wrong. Rule applies to big cities. Good job both candidates. Official write in candidate has every right, but did likely change outcome. “Small town, Saturday night.”

  4. Flowers? Really! Grow up!

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