Parker Livecast #17: Chinese restaurant to rebuild?


One of the most common questions we get at Parker Live lately is this: ‘What’s happening with China Garden?’ The building, which burned down in October, is currently in a cleaning-out-to-rebuild phase, but will China Garden be moving back in? John Wright asks Josh Savino that question on this week’s edition of the Parker Livecast. Also on this episode: Josh’s fish dies and he mourns it in song, we talk about Parker house insurance rates, sex trafficking and the Super Bowl, VW buses and the Parker 425. Full index below!



0:00 – “Porcelain Bowl” – a tribute
3:50 – Keeping Parker Live online, like Kim Kardashian’s butt
7:20 – Next week’s show: Casey Folks and Mary Hamilton
10:00 – What is happening to the Chinese restaurant?
14:20 – There’s a thing going around about Parker insurance rates
16:40 – Sex trafficking and the Super Bowl in Arizona
21:05 – VW buses were everywhere this weekend
22:50 – The Parker 425 is coming up

Join us next week for race promoter Casey Folks and Chamber director Mary Hamilton. Find this podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and your favorite podcast apps (just open your app, search ‘Parker Livecast’ and subscribe for free to get every episode on your device automatically). Please share with your friends who know Parker, AZ! Thank you for listening.



  1. Brian Alan

    Alright thats good it’s great to see them rebuilding it back (y)

  2. Yes!

    Gabriel Adrian

    Dad loves their wonton soup.

  3. Patricia Davis

    Yeah…bigger and better…

  4. Patricia Davis

    Yeah…bigger and better…

  5. Every time we drive past it, hubby keeps asking “When……”

  6. Nate Anderson

    Hopefully they fix the food poisoning isue.

  7. Nancy Baer

    Yay!!! When will it be done??

  8. Sandi Du Vall

    Awesome cant wait to see it reopen. Love there food

  9. Jess Cornell Murphy

    Becky Lowe you were just talking about this. Brittany Miller show this to your hubby.

  10. Elizabeth S Leivas

    Yes I miss chinese food tired of mexican food !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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