Suspected meth dealer arrested

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The La Paz County Narcotics Task Force served a search warrant on the home of an Upriver Parker resident Friday, arresting the man for possession of dangerous drugs for sale.

At approximately 1:30pm the Task Force served a search warrant on the home of Robert Burrer, during which detectives allegedly located a little over a half-pound of methamphetamine for sale in Burrer’s residence. The investigation is the result of a series of arrests and events that provided information leading the detectives to Burrer’s home. Burrer has been suspected of dealing methamphetamine in the Parker/La Paz County area for several years.

Burrer is currently in custody at the La Paz County Detention Facility and is awaiting his initial court appearance at the Parker Justice Court. He was booked into jail for being suspected of “possession of dangerous drugs for sale”, a class 2 felony.

Sheriff John Drum says he is “very happy” with the results that the Task Force has had on the CRIT Valley, Town of Parker and La Paz County over the past few weeks. “We believe that the last three arrests of Ruth Bartley, Jose Hernandez and now Robert Burrer will have a significant impact on methamphetamine sales throughout the entire County/CRIT Reservation,” he said.

All suspects are to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Any information regarding any illegal activity can be directed at your local law enforcement agency or to the Task Force directly at (928) 669-9645. Anonymous information can be sent at


  1. Tom Wells

    John Tri Tip Ayala. I didn’t know you lived in Axis.

  2. Allen May

    Big or not….in a small town these slime balls need to go….

  3. EttaMae Williams Svider

    Fantastic job. Keep em coming!!!

  4. Sonny Hunter

    Man!!!! I just got a new lightees too… and its payday….

  5. Mandi Gnau

    Something sounds fishy about all of the large scale busts to be honest. You sure these people arent being set up?

  6. Theodore Smith

    Come on Parker, meth? As if being seen as dunks wasn’t bad enough.

  7. Mandi Gnau

    I mean if its legit, thats great! But these are extremely large, and expensive amounts of meth being “found” on people who dont look like they could afford it. Just sayin’

  8. Lisa Mickelson

    Glad to see these dirtbags getting arrested! Now they need to find the source these mules work for.

  9. Amy Hanson

    Clearly he’s a seller not a user

  10. Steven Jackson

    Good to see there cleaning up the county

  11. Frank Mccaffer II

    Shawn Smith what are you going to do now?

  12. Shawn Smith

    Wasn’t he the bassist for The G-Spots?

  13. Tammy Hatfield

    Get that scum off our streets!

  14. Thomas Peter

    Parker is about good CLEAN fun. Tweekers SUCK

  15. Tony Bnz Drennan

    no one wants to buy your drugs around here-louie !!

  16. Gin Blossom Jenasi

    Ive been away from parker now for 2 years. I left because of the meth problem, im very glad to hear its being cleaned up. Keep up the good work

  17. Terry Kammerdiener

    Bummer huh ………LMAO not

  18. Candi Evans

    Good job task force. Thank you for cleaning up the county.

  19. Candi Evans

    What makes you think people are being set up? Some are just stupider then others.

  20. Great Job Task Force! That guy is is a royal Dbag! I hope he gets locked away for a loooooooong time..

  21. Good. Clean up Parker!
    PLEASE! Thank you!!!!!!!
    Meth = Hell!
    and anyone that sticks up for these people are fools in my opinion!
    I SMH!
    Great Job Task Force

  22. Any one else see him shopping in Safeway this week?

  23. Joey Buttafucco

    Any new information on this?

  24. This guy is a race horse breeder from yorba linda california he is know for always talking in riddles and he was a really good at making the drug excellent quality

  25. These judgmental comments are proof of how stupid Parker people can be.

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