Remember the boat that sank at the weekend? Owner says it’s been stolen

Boat sinks on viral video; a few hours later it’s been stolen, according to man who reached out to Parker Live. And it wasn’t insured


A boat that drew over 200,000 views when a Facebook video showed it sinking on the Parker Strip has been stolen, according to its owner.

The blue and white Tige wakeboard boat went underwater on Friday evening when a large wave came across its bow, swamping the boat and capsizing it near Roadrunner bar north of Parker. The owner, a South Bay man called Nathan, says about 15 people helped roll it back over.

“We bailed it out with buckets and the bilge pump,” he told Parker Live. “I was going to drain the fluids and fill it with diesel overnight, and drain and refill. It should have been fine, maybe need a starter and alternator at most since it went under not running and was under for less than five minutes.”

Nathan says he and his group pulled the boat to the beach at Roadrunner, and left it there Friday night. “It was last seen by a patron at 3am Sunday,” he said. “Another patron said it was gone when he woke up around 6-7am.”

The boat’s trailer, which was in the parking lot at Roadrunner, had its lock cut and was also gone, Nathan said.


According to his posting on Craigslist Inland Empire, Nathan is offering $1000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the boat, “no questions asked.” He described the incident as a “devastating financial blow” and said the boat was uninsured. “Please insure your boats, do not make the same mistake I did,” he added.

Nathan makes the return trip from the Redondo Beach / Torrance area about every other weekend. The boat is a 1998 Tige Pre-2200i WT, blue with a white hull, white interior with 2 different blue swirls, black tower “if still on the boat” with kicker enclosures and polk audio speakers. The trailer is a blue Eagle trailer with no fenders and left rear of trailer frame damaged.


Parker Live could not verify any of the above details, and was approached directly by the man who was looking for help to spread the word.


  1. Süd Schiller

    Roadrunners doesn’t have any cameras?

  2. Steve Ziegler

    Wow! To many people in boat..boat sinks…and No insurance …really!!! Maybe he shouldn’t own a boat.

  3. Nathan Miller

    Boat is coastguard approved for 1 more than was in the boat and I’ve owned several boats a few of which are over 100 mph boats. The boat was swamped by a wake over the bow bud. nothing or none could have avoided that. people should get their facts straight before making assumptions or comments. thanks

  4. Nathan Miller

    not on the beach and can’t see the trailer from the camera either

  5. Lawny Reese-Caracci

    its very sad but i wouldn’t leave a beach chair out over night i sure hope he finds it.

  6. Annette Greek

    How sad this is really sad. I really pray you find your boat. You know we all enjoy that river and go to just unwind from life and then the mean people come out.

  7. Carol Greene

    You own a boat and no insurance!! Obviously , no brains!! Smh

  8. Robert McClelland

    If his boat was not insured then that means he has no liability ins to cover you should he hit you. Too many boats have no insurance

  9. Cliff Anderson

    As a fellow wake boat owner I have also been close to getting submerged by a rogue wave a time or two, usually due to people in the bow.
    Not a fun experience. Hope you find the boat.

  10. Steve Ziegler

    Well Nathan Miller, if you have the experience with boats that you claim you should know that regardless of what the capacity is, with a low bow boat like the Tige, you can’t overload the bow and you have to ALWAYS be mindful of waves and the boat position. I’m not trying to be an A hole, I know accidents happen but this one could have been avoided if you were more responsible. Everyone knows that. Good luck finding your boat.

  11. Wess McCoy

    How about Posting the the Boats Numbers… Az or Ca…..

  12. Kara Anthony

    If don’t don’t have something kind to say… Don’t say/write anything at all. Come on. This is a real bummer for all us boaters.

  13. Wendy Wynkoop

    No insurance hmmmmm im pretty sure ur suposed to have that, just in case sumthing like this happens. Its what responsible boat owners do.

  14. Twyla Sorensen

    I agree… post the numbers so people can be on the look out for it. how about the trailer plate number.. is it Az or Ca? Huh? Sure can’t look out for a boat without them.

  15. Joshua Gottula

    The boat sank on Friday night around 7 pm it was left on beach all day and night Saturday. I was there till 2:30 am Saturday night and it was still there ….

  16. Tyler Nicholson

    Hahaha! Scott from Progressive isn’t gonna fall for this one…

  17. Jayson De Kruyf

    Hate to see a boat sink but I’m just glad it’s a wakeboard boat that got sunk. So many times it’s a wake board boat with full ballast cruising up and down river without any clue how big of a wake they are throwing. The worst is when they come by me and wave without a clue while I’m running to get my boat started so they don’t swamp me.

  18. Marianna Benner

    I just want to say in general the weekends are just too crazy these days, mostly too many people on wave runners not following the rules of the water. We take our boat out during the week or after 5 is so nice, I am glad we live here so we have that option. It’s never good when something like this happens and I hope it all ends well:)

  19. Nathan Miller

    Will post HIN, CF, and trailer serial within the hr.

  20. Nathan Miller

    HIN# T1XE2007K798
    CF# CF 8508 UE
    TRAILER SERIAL# 4JEBB2227W1224631

  21. Nathan Miller

    Guess you missed the part where the boat wasn’t insured huh?

  22. Tyler Nicholson

    Can’t believe anyone would launch on the parker strip without it! I’ve had two claims that totaled $12K in the past 14 months on a pontoon that was worth $10K tops. And my annual premium in less and $300

  23. Lori Schugg Steeman

    Maybe it floated to the sandbar in Parker. Gee Nathan Miller I hope you find it. Can’t imagine how you felt to see it wasn’t where you left it.

  24. I find it so amazing that all these people must live in sturdy brick houses. Pieces of shit. Of course having no insurance wasn’t the smartest idea. But I don’t recall the article asking for your opinion. It just asked for your help I keeping an eye out. What is even more funny are some of the local commenters. One female in which that I know she was fucking a married bar owner and got one of her Tiges bought. So I am so sorry the boat wasn’t insured for sexual favors. Also back in 2002 I believe where a little girl was allowed to use her car a couple weeks before she could legally drive it, she died before ever coming back from lunch. Would a two week difference of her life made that difference? NOOOOOOO.
    Mistakes are made and accidents happen. So, either keep your eyes and ears out to help or SHUT THE FUCK up with your opinions regarding his insurance. I grew up ON that river, not just going there
    Nathan, I am sorry that through this mishap, everyone cant just say “will keep a look out”

  25. Amazing at the comments on here..first, I am sorry that Nathan lost his boat.. ypu hope at the river everyone watches out for eachother. . 2nd. Who was there to make any judgement on this ‘accident’.. where you there? I wasnt! Insurance does not always cover REPLACEMENT. .. Anyone hear of LIABILITY? ?


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