Election a year away, candidates making plans

All elected positions in La Paz County are up for election next year, and many potential candidates are making decisions and forming plans already.


Three positions are available on the County Board of Supervisors, one from each district. County Attorney, Sheriff, Treasurer, School Superintendent, Recorder and Assessor are also on the ballot, with candidates from various parties and independents open to run in the primary and general elections.

What is the climate like for incumbents in those positions? Are the people generally happy with the job being done by today’s body of officials? Which offices are running fine and which are in need of a shake-up?

Parker Live knows of some candidates who have openly declared an intent to vie for positions in the 2016 election. How many others may add their names to the list? Which offices will not have an incumbent at all because the individuals currently occupying those offices don’t intend to seek re-election? Does it benefit candidates to run as a Republican or Democrat in the primary election next August? Or is it better to run as an independent or third party candidate and focus on the general election in November?

In the 2012 election, there were a total of 16 candidates for Board of Supervisors and 4 candidates for Sheriff. All three of the current Supervisors ran in the Republican primary for their districts and won that first, going on to beat Democrats and independents in the general election. The same was true for Sheriff. On the other hand, several independents performed well in 2012.

The first day a candidate can file a nomination petition to run is Monday, May 2nd, 2016, with time to pull the necessary paperwork a few months ahead of that. Momentum begins now, as national candidates in the presidential primaries know. The last day to file is Wednesday, June 1st, 2016.

“Candidates for office must circulate petitions and gather the required number of signatures to have their name placed on the primary ballot,” according to the La Paz County Elections web page. “The nominating petitions for county offices are submitted to the Elections Department and for State offices to the Secretary of State. La Paz County has 11 precincts and 9 polling places within the three Supervisorial Districts. The Board of Supervisors establishes the voting precincts.”

The Primary Election is Tuesday, August 30th, 2016, with separate ballots for Republicans and Democrats. The General Election is Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, with a unified ballot for all, including choices for President of the United States at the top.

Parker Live will be taking a keen interest in the election this time next year. Are you planning to run? Who would you like to see join the candidate list for La Paz County offices in 2016? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. The Parker Area Chamber of Commerce will host “Meet the Candidates” in the upcoming elections. Dates and times to be determined….

  2. Süd Schiller

    Where do I apply? I want to be a Sheriff!

  3. Brandy Frew

    La Paz County Recorders office is a good place to start I imagine

  4. Jim Hamilton

    Yea elect someone who wouldn’t keep raping us on property taxes!!!!

  5. Sud,
    You’ll never win……

    “Truth is treason in an empire of lies”! ; )

    Plus, aren’t you a commiefornian?

    We only elect Arizona commies for top cop!

  6. Mr. Roth you are the angriest person. Your posts resonate hatred. Why don’t you run for office? Oh wait you did and got the pants beat off of you. It is never okay to be a sore looser.

    Sud go for it, run for sheriff. If you do though you’ll have to get out from behind your mask.

  7. Cisco,
    I did and it was close. It was so close they had to rig it. Admit it, you like your Master. You are a good slave
    to come here and attack me for your boss. Feel better Mr. Order Follower?

    And yes, I’m not only angry, I’m mad as hell at the shitheads running (read RUINING ) this County. At least I do something about it, unlike you.

    I tell you what, how about we both run for the same office and let’s see who gets the most votes, chump.

    And if you are going to attack me, learn how to spell. Or, didn’t they teach you that at the academy?

  8. Roth you lost by 50 votes. It was not even close.

  9. Cisco, simple math says I only needed 26 votes from my opponent to win. I bet there’s a whole lot more people today who would not vote for slimy Holly Irwin.

    Now that you’ve outed yourself why don’t you tell everyone how your pals were able to turn away all of the Independents I registered to vote for me, close to 300 of them as of today

    Folks, your County Government is criminal. Fight back while you still have a chance, before it becomes as obvious as Quartzsite. RESIST!!!

  10. Okay, small voting pool and you lost by 10%. Not 1% or 2% or 3% or 4% not even within 5%. Real close Roth. Nothing criminal just smart voters. You do not have the temperament to hold an office. Just look at your posts for crying out loud. If you have the votes Rothy then make another run.

  11. You’re math is fucked up, try again Skippy

  12. Your

  13. John,

    Here’s the sad part about your post.

    You pride yourself on your photography, and graphics, and how cool you are to your Commiefornia friends, then you post a picture of a clear ballot box with La Paz County on it, knowing what you know about the establishment in LaPaz County, yet you continue to play along.

    Really sad

    But at least you have “your river”, and you get to be amongst the “in” crowd.

    Meanwhile I have to tell George NUMBNUT Nault
    Leave my town
    Last night.

    Sometimes I wish you’d move back to Europe, where you came from, because I don’t think you get what it means to be an American. (Just like everyone else) Ban me. Hate me. Laugh at me. I don’t care. I’m only trying to help save you from yourself.

  14. Roth,

    Just because someone does not agree with you on your rants, does not mean they are wrong or a bad person. No one takes you seriously because you’re a kook. John does a service for the community and provides information. If you do not like what he posts, start your own news outlet and go for it. But once again nobody takes you seriously. You are a freaking joke. No wonder you did not win when you ran for office. Not everything is a big conspiracy. Get over yourself, you LOSER. You need to learn to spell, it’s
    La Paz. Didn’t they teach you that in Loser Conspiracy School???

  15. I’m not sure what any of that is about.

  16. Spacing errors are not spelling errors. But I had it coming so I’ll take it.

    At least I don’t hide behind a screen name. I am a real sincere hard working American. And when I see injustice I try and do something about it. What have you done?

    You on the other hand are for the Amerika I hate. I hate the police state we have now. I hate living in a Stasi “See Something, Say Something” society. I hate politicians who think the only way out of the mess they create is to tax the very same people they screwed (Yakima ring a bell)

    I hate how when you and your masters in government push us around and we push back you go run to the police and have them do your dirty work. (2 town clowncil members tried this to me Tues. night, fortunately the new Chief has read the Bill of Rights)

    I also hate how our county government never listens to or hires the best and the brightest rather the dumbest and dullest and usually most dirty. (Hello Dan Field and Holly and Larry Irwin, and don’t forget Alex Taft)

    I could go on and on and on but it doesn’t matter because you in the criminal La Paz government class get to use our money to keep your rigged game alive. But there is a bright spot in this entire mess, and that is your days are numbered. Number one; the people are waking up fast. And number two; those that chose to remain willfully ignorant are going to learn the hard way as we enter a depression like our nation has never seen before. US Dollar hegemony is on the way out and we’ll be forced to live within our means. Either way I/we (the real people of America) will be proven right.

    You know Mr. Hide behind a screen name, I was laughed at, harassed, even jailed repeatedly here in Quartzsite standing up to a well known idiot who also was the Chief of Police. Every single time he had me fined or arrested I came out of it stronger and better off for going through it. Yes, I was called crazy, a kook, an asshole, etc.. But where is Dilbert now?

    Thanks for Playing!

    P.S. So when polling stations are not instructed properly and laws are broken and people turned away, that’s not a conspiracy? When assaulted by one of your pals in the lobby of the QPD and request the video and there just happened to be a mishap, oooopsie not available, no conspiracy there? Or when Martin Brannon, former County Dbag, who helped set free a murderer and then gets hired by Quartzsite to “take care of” us “troublemakers”, and computer hard drives are removed, FOIA’s ignored, malicious prosecutions, etc., that’s not a conspiracy? If those aren’t then I don’t know what is, Skippy!


    Take back your Government all you good people of La Paz County, resist the New World Order!!!!! Fight the United Nations Agenda 21

    The Jews in Germany never thought it could happen to them either. Attend meetings and let the scum know you are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore. And if you can’t stomach the meetings, when you see your criminal government employees in public, shame them. Video it and post it to YouTube too! And if you can’t do that, rotten tomatoes and eggs still have a use!!!!!

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