Viewfinder: Parking Lot Makeover


At the Safeway Plaza, Parker, AZ.


  1. Teresa Spivey

    Did they tear down subway?

  2. Parker Live Updates

    No! It’s repaving work across the parking lot, so just the asphalt is removed.

  3. Teresa Spivey

    Oooh. I see. I was going to say that they just built that building.

  4. Karen Murch

    How many people live in Parker. ..

  5. Parker Live Updates

    Across the Parker area it’s about 20,000 + visitors (who often number more than the permanent residents)

  6. Karen Murch

    Thanks I live in Needles been quite a few years since I’ve been to Parker. …

  7. I bet Taco Bell isn’t liking that!

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