Sanitary district closes new loan for expansion near Parker Dam


More neighborhoods are to be served with sewer services after a new loan was closed to expand the Buckskin Sanitary District (BSD) into the Parker Dam area north of Parker, AZ.

The Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona (WIFA) announced this week that it has closed a three-year design loan for $915,000 for BSD to design plans for further expansion of its wastewater collection and treatment services.

In recent years an action plan has been implemented by BSD to address concerns over failing septic systems and related public health and water quality issues in the area, which is known as ‘Phase 5 & 6’ in the BSD Master Plan.

The planning area encompasses 4.4 miles of existing residential developments, businesses, restaurants and parks and runs generally along the Colorado River from Buckskin Mountain State Park north to the communities closest to Parker Dam. The area includes Buckskin Mountain State Park, Castle Rock Resort, River Island State Park, Verde West, Ranchero Estates, Buckskin Valley, and the area from Dam Hideaway resort to B&B West in the Parker Dam Road area. The area falls within the boundaries of the BSD service area.

With the $915,000, BSD plans to build a wastewater conveyance system in the area, including a new wastewater treatment plant serving the zones in the plan. An additional 1762 people are expected to have sewer service instead of septic treatment after construction is complete.

WIFA says it has financed approximately $4.3 million in loans and provided $65,000 in technical assistance funding for planning and design and wastewater treatment plant acquisition to improve and expand wastewater services in the area.


  1. Chuck Cherry

    Get ready to pay $40 monthly sewer fees whether you’re there or not .

  2. Chris Trump

    If only they could improve the water system on the California side, it’s terrible.

  3. Carol Geary

    Better than smelling it!

  4. After thousands of years you’d think we wouldn’t still take perfectly good water and piss and shit in it…

    There’s only a finite amount of water on this marble… Maybe we’re not as advanced as we can be?

  5. Joe Sena

    current price is $42 a month !

  6. Joe,
    You better double that, and double that again my friend if you want TRUE costs. This “fix” is nothing more than the replacement of “Soviet Era” management ideas, backed by a worthless fiat system that is crashing worldwide right now.

    If we were a smarter people we’d be turning our waste into something else! Many places on this planet treat their waste ultimately at NO COSTS at all, you can even make money on waste, unless you’re La Paz County, I mean Dan Field and Company County, then you Pay 30 Million and you get NOTHING!!!!!

    The Board of Supervisors (and the Sheriff) of La Paz County is led around by the nose by Dan Field!

  7. Jason Cramer

    It’s more than that when you include your property taxes and assessment fees.

  8. That’s right Jason,
    And in the next year or two you can double that again. They always start out “cheap”.
    Have taxes ever gone down is this Kounty, Dan Field Kounty?
    Don’t you worry though, the Bored of Stupidvisors have your back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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