Parker team wins 336 Enduro boat race


Photos by Tommy Gun

Parker, AZ regulars Panic Attack Racing took the big win and were named ‘Kings of the River’ at last weekend’s 336 Enduro boat races. Brian Stern, Brad Stern and Cameron Bookey came in at the top of the pack overall out of 38 entries in the race, according to promoter Dave Johnson of

On a post on his site, Johnson said the race had been challenging but rewarding to put on.

“Watching the start of the Enduro for me has always been exhilarating, watching it now that I help to put it on is borderline emotional,” he wrote. “It’s months of work that has finally culminated into that moment. The race itself is enough to give me grey hairs, because I’m always stressed out about someone possibly getting hurt, or something happening during the race. Thankfully we haven’t had to cross that bridge, and I hope we never do.”

The events included a banquet in front of Stroke’s Steakhouse north of Parker, with many racers and their teams and families showing up to meet ahead of the races, and enjoy some live music outdoors on a desert October evening.

This year there was a total of $15,000 in prize money for the 336-mile endurance run, which puts the racers and their machines to the test. The Race Director was Dave Rankin.

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The winners. Photo by Tommy Gun.


  1. Great Race! Congrats to the Parker “Panic Attack” Team. Do kinda miss the Allison V-12 and dual, blown V-8 powered boats from back in the day. Was at the original in ’63 for the “9 Hour Enduro”. They also had drivers such as Don Garlites, Don “The Snake” Purdome, and Tommy Ivo from the drag racing world! It was a totally crazy and wild day!

  2. EttaMae Williams Svider

    Congratulations to the winners.

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