Petition circulates in support of boat/RV storages in commercial zones


Parker, AZ is known for its part-timers: people who spend some or most of their time working or living in another city, state or country and regularly make the trek to the Parker Strip to play. To cater for their needs, storage facilities have multiplied, and can be found everywhere. These storages are often used for keeping boats for the river, RVs, desert ‘toys’ and other essentials for the river lifestyle.

A petition circulating online voices concern about efforts to remove storage facilities from the ‘allowed uses’ in¬†commercial zoning districts within the Parker town limits. A proposed ordinance (08-2015) would amend Title 10 of the Town Code as it applies to “commercial storage use”, the “C-2” zone, and is due for a vote at tonight’s meeting of the Town Council.

The petition, by Parker area realtor David Plunkett, reads:

“There is a proposal before the council on December 15th to remove the rights to have boat and RV storages from current and future commercial property owners. This will adversely affect value and ownership rights if approved by the council.”

The petition says that current storage facilities are maxed out with waiting lists while other commercial buildings within town limits are sitting vacant, implying that the demand in the area is for boat and RV storage.

“Exclusionary zoning practices are not the way to better our community,” the petition reads.

Plunkett says he doesn’t know where the proposal is coming from, adding that some council members have told him they don’t know either. Parker Live contacted the mayor on Friday, Dan Beaver, who said that he would have to review the ordinance when an agenda is posted.

“There’s been a push for encouraging more residential housing,” Plunkett said. “Maybe that’s part of what is going on, which I understand. But you can’t take away people’s property rights.”

Plunkett is on the agenda himself at tonight’s meeting, where he will make a plea to the council ahead of the vote, urging them to deny the approval of the zoning change. At this time of writing, his petition has 273 signatures. Details HERE.


  1. Sam Camarata

    No storage on commercial. Good

  2. Why does Parker even have zoning laws? If Houston Tx. can live without them why can’t the rest of La Paz County? I know why, it gives the bureaucrats a reason to justify their existence! (And reward their friends and punish their enemies)

    Nuisance laws work better!

  3. Judi Enrico

    It all comes down to tax revenue. Storage units have the least amount of revenue for the town.

  4. Bill Kean

    Out of curiosity who is not in support of the storage idea and why? I know there must be more to this than what meets the eye, from my point of you and what I’ve heard it seems baffling to me that the city would want to shut this down to boat storage and just have a bunch of empty buildings in town. It’s not like Parker has a ton of businesses that could use those buildings for anything better.

  5. Sam Camarata

    Any city Comme have lots and industrial lots gave there purpose. People in parker would build boat storages in residential if they could. Also commercial business have sales tax for the county and city. This sales tax keeps our property taxes where there at. Remember services by the city have to be paid from revenue. I won’t comment on our city issues. Save tgat for another time.

  6. Bill Kean

    What other businesses are beating down the doors to set up shop in the town of Parker? Least amount of something is better than a lot of nothing. In all reality it’s not hard to find an empty commercial building in the town of Parker. So I don’t see Thus as the boat storages are keeping businesses out of the town of Parker.

    I tend to believe there’s something more to the story than what’s being let out. Would be interested to hear the side of those in support of this measure to see why.

  7. Why? It allows visitors to store boats and RV to use when they come to enjoy the strip. If you make it hard on those visitors they will go elsewhere, therefore reducing the city’s revenue as a vacation spot. I agree with Bill there must be some underlying agenda.

  8. Sam Camarata

    lots of lots to build storages on the right zoning

  9. Sam Camarata

    u dont want storages on your two main commercial streets ,back streets r for storages behind the new spankys and beachcomer would be good ,they will be hidden from the main drag

  10. Let the current storages stay. Any new ones can go out to Parker (South) Annex. Same with industrial businesses. Build much needed low-middle income housing. Crack down on illegal commercial (eyesore) business in Residential zoning. And anyone who thinks our Property Taxes are staying where they are, better check again.

  11. I completely disagree! Speak for yourself I do want storage on the main drag. The vacancy rate is ridiculous in town, anything in that space is better than nothing.

  12. Leah Howard

    Why? So many storage for boats? Town needs hotels and shops that I actually want to go to

  13. Bill Kean

    Please expand on your comments? The caveman speak isn’t really getting your point across. My family has owned property and Parker since the 1960s and throughout my entire life I have never seen anything other than a sir plus vacant commercial buildings. At least if they are being used for boat storage they’re being used and generating some sort of revenue, unlike a vacant commercial building that will generate zero revenue.

    Please give one example in which a business was unable to open up shop in the town of Parker due to a boat storage? I can’t think of any such instance.

  14. Bill Kean

    Based on your comment it sounds like to me that the problem isn’t in the zoning but in the mind set of current business owners in town. There are plenty of places to stay in Parker and just as many to shop at. I would have to say that the demand isn’t there to open a business in town.

  15. Bill Kean

    And to expand on the “why so many boats storage” thing. If you really look into what drives the commerce in Parker look no further than the boaters. Gas stations storage maintenance companies lodging etc. far outweighs any other source of revenue that this town has.

  16. Sam Camarata

    you cant build boat storages in any city on commercial property why parker

  17. Sam Camarata

    no chain restuarant is going to build next to a boat storage

  18. Bill Kean

    what chains are currently looking at expanding into parker and are not due to storage?

  19. Bill Kean

    also in temecula on Hwy 79 ( the main artery through the area. I keep my RV at temecual valley storage to get to my storage I drive through the same parking lot that Panda express, chilis, wal mart, burger king, taco bell 7-11 and a car wash all share. so if it works in temecula I dont see wh I wouldnt work in the up scale town of Parker Az.

  20. That is just a wrong statement! Storage is mostly built in commercial zoned areas. Where do you get that fact?

  21. Bill Kean

    Sam that’s completely false. I can think of multiple storages in commercial property in both AZ and Ca. Campbell boat storage az premier storage in ca just to name two off hand. Both I have been in.

    We are in the process of doing storage in Pismo beach using a commercial zoned building.

  22. Bill Kean

    Sam Camarata what is your interest in this matter? are you a resident of parker, visitor? business owner? you seem to be spouting a lot of false info, but not responding to any question that has been directed your way.

  23. Sam Camarata

    sure ill be at the meeting, im a residence ,business owner ,boat storage owner i said wht i agree with it

  24. Sam Camarata

    campbell storages is behind the big commercial building, boat business and parts business

  25. Sam Camarata

    im really only against boat storages on the two main streets traveling thru parker

  26. Sam Camarata

    so how many of u live in the city limits, own property, not many

  27. Sam Camarata

    i think the residents of parker should vote on it, its our city, dont let outsiders control our city especialy realtors

  28. Outsiders? Both Bill and my family own property and you know our position.
    You have still to make any point as to why this change is needed. Remember the revenue of this town is from those that boat and RV, your argument just doesn’t follow. In addition, this change will effect commercial property values therefore hurting property owners. Putting new restrictions on property is tant amount to changing a property right without due process.

  29. Bill Kean

    Sam. I guess I’m a little confused, you state that you are a resident of Parker yet your Facebook profile states you live in Lake Havasu. I can think of numerous business owners within the city that would be negatively impacted by this. You also state your business owner? Are you a business owner in Parker?

    To further add to this discussion based on the map I saw it impacts a much greater area then the “two major streets through town”.

    Sam……you have yet to back up any of your statements with any sort of fact. Which will make others question your motives even more.

  30. Some of the storage’s in the town of Parker are also being used to live in, and to run business out of.

  31. Sam Camarata

    bill u missed a good meeting, the council had there mind all made up. they voted for no storages on C2 property

  32. Martha Marentes Hurtado

    And because of that they should be allowed to build these ugly tin buildings. Put them on the back streets. Some people that call Parker home don’t need this in their face.

  33. Martha Marentes Hurtado

    Build them out in Parker south they don’t need water in storage.

  34. Bill Kean

    You’re correct. Because the fry bread stand and the windshield repair guy, or the beautiful bbq cart are so visually appealing. Can’t leave out the empty dirt lots with the roving tweakers digging through garbage……I agree I would much rather have that then legitimate tax paying business that bring revenue into the town. And new buildings that improve the look of what is mostly a desert waste land, littered with deserted buildings of failed businesses. ????

  35. Tim C. Stevens-Welsh

    More boat storages ? If this is the only way to make revenue then build away… But I do think it would be an eye sore!

  36. no they are not a eye sore it saves rear and tear on the tires and also on the equment

  37. Sam,
    Cui Bono?

    In all my years living in Dan Field County, I’ve discovered you have to ask “What’s in it for THEM?”

  38. Come on Rothy boy, they only have the best interest of the good folks of Parker in mind. Never in the history of the town of Parker have the leaders thought about their own interests! How foolish of you. Obviously you must be thinking of Q town. Parker is the center of community minded thinking. Look at the beautiful parks. The rodeo grounds. Aaron Hill field! The council is only thinking about the folks. Why would a long time resident realtor even think about building more storages? You are acting as if he BOUGHT PROPERTY from a council member! Very foolish.

    Peeeeeece. And Merry Christmas. Even to you Rothy. HERETIC!

  39. I see what you did there!!!!

    Merry Christmas to you too.

    I’m going to spend mine burning at least 1/2 of that La Paz Kounty lump of coal. Livin life to the fullest!

  40. Merry Chrismas! Im not sure who has the other half. But I think they are in political office.

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