Candidates for County offices set for elections


A deadline for candidates turning in paperwork and signatures to La Paz County was reached late Wednesday, which means that we now know the full list of candidates running for local election this year.

The primary election in August is up first, with Republicans and Democrats voting for their nominees to the general election in November. But much will be decided in the primary, especially in the crowded District 2 Supervisor field, which has 5 Republican candidates vying for the nomination in the primary, one of whom will go up against the single independent candidate in the race. Contrast that with District 1 and District 3, where the primary will be largely insignificant and both two-candidate races will be decided in November.

So, without further ado, here is the full list of candidates who turned in paperwork and signatures by the deadline Wednesday.

Board of Supervisors District 1

Mesena Gilbert (Democrat)
D.L. Wilson (Republican)

Board of Supervisors District 2

Jay Clagg (Republican)
Dan Dickinson (Republican)
Lucas Marler (Independent)
Duce Minor (Republican)
George Nault (Republican)
Charlie Philpot (Republican)

Board of Supervisors District 3

Holly Irwin (Republican)
Gary Zakrajsek (Independent)

County Assessor

Ana Camacho (Republican)
Sharon Schuler (Republican)

County Attorney

Kathy Field (Republican)
Tony Rogers (Democrat)

County Recorder

Shelly Baker (Republican)

County School Superintendent

Armando Heredia (Democrat)
Jacque Price (Republican)

County Sheriff

John Drum (Republican)
William ‘Bill’ Risen (Republican)
Frank Vidrine (Democrat)
William Smith (Republican)

County Treasurer

Leah Castro (Republican)

The last day to register to vote in the primary election is August 1st. Early voting ballots will be sent out August 3rd. The election will be August 30th.


  1. 4 Democrats and 18 Republicans. Yep….fair and balanced.

  2. Jackie Flores

    Can you please correct Armando’s last name Heredia…thank you

  3. Teri Lindsay

    I don’t live in AZ… I’m on the CA side of the CO River…. but, La Paz County…. be sure to know where your country supervisors “stand” on water…. it’s use, whose using it, and who is buying up “the rights”….. protect your groundwater……..

  4. Thanks for the list and voting reminders.

  5. Candi Evans

    You’re so right it’s important to come to all or as many of the meet the candidates gatherings as you can. To hear their platform and what they want to bring to you the voters. Too many people vote for someone because they’ve known that person for years or had a few good contacts with them. Talk to your family or friends that work for La Paz County and inquire from them about what they feel would improve things for this county. Learn everything you about each candidate. If you know any candidates have them come over to Parker AZ Happenings and share their platform information.

  6. Candi Evans

    Come on out to Western Park this Saturday at noon, meet some of the candidates running for office here in La Paz County. Community BBQ Hot dogs, chips, drinks and 50/50 drawing for a 32 inch TV.

  7. Candi Evans

    Come on out TODAY Western Park NOON Community BBQ 50/50 drawing for a 32 in TV. Meet Bill Risen who is running for Sheriff. Time for a better change in La Paz County.

  8. William “Will” Smith for Sheriff. Since when did he change his nickname from “Wheelie” to “Will”. I’ve known this guy for over 25 years…back to when he was an Imperial Country deputy. There is no way in good conscience I could vote for this guy for Sheriff, even if he did drag a travel trailer to Qsite to satisfy residency requirements. He has absolutely no vested interest in Arizona or La Paz County. He owns a business (Wheelie’s) in Palo Verde, CA. Last I checked he owns a house in Blythe and has California plates on all his vehicles. On a professional level I didn’t trust him then, I certainly don’t trust him now. Being a Californian there is no way this usurper could legitimately represent the interests of La Paz County residents.

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