Officer involved shooting at 100 Homes, one dead

UPDATE 6/7: CRIT P.D. has added another detail for the record. According to CRIT Police Chief William Ponce, the knife-wielding subject in this story was advancing on the officer, moving toward him while ignoring repeated instructions to drop the knife. “The individual kept advancing on the officer, and the officer retreated until this individual continued to advance on the officer with the knife while ignoring instructions, and obviously at that point the officer sought to stop the threat,” Ponce said. The below article has been amended to add that detail.

An incident led to a fatality at 100 Homes Friday night, with an officer from the Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Department discharging his firearm at a man who was reportedly wielding a knife.

On June 3, 2016, at approximately 8:17pm, Colorado River Indian Tribes Dispatch received a call from a reporting party requesting an officer respond to 100 Homes because there was a man with a knife pointing it at people. The closest officer responded and arrived at the scene at approximately 8:20pm.

The officer made contact with the male subject who was still wielding the knife. The officer gave multiple commands to drop the knife, which CRIT P.D. says were not followed. After the subject began advancing toward the officer with the knife in his hand, the officer retreated until a point when he was ultimately concerned for his life and discharged his firearm.

Other CRIT units in the area were immediately dispatched, and first aid was administrated by CRIT PD until medical arrived. The male subject was later pronounced deceased at approximately 9pm.

Per CRIT procedure, the Federal Bureau of Investigations was notified, and is investigating this officer-involved shooting.

La Paz County Sheriff’s Department and Arizona Department of Public Safety assisted with securing the scene.

This is an ongoing investigation at this time and CRIT Law Enforcement Department says it is limited on what information can be released. CRITDVAT can be contacted at 928-669-2906 for anyone needing assistance with grief counseling.


  1. Sunny West

    Anyone know who it was?

  2. Corey Lynn Nash

    That’s sad…. Who was the victim?

  3. Stephany Hunter

    So sorry for all involved.

  4. Amesa Prieto

    Rip Hubert …damn why couldn’t he have tased u ! You will be missed bro

  5. Susanna Olguin

    This officer, i feel did not handle the situation correctly. He shouldve waited for back up or shpuldve tased him. NOT shoot him. It was only a knife not a gun. Why take training if you cant take someone down with back up?

  6. Miguel Ramirez

    But does it show any evidence where the victim was charging the officer with force? Did he attack the officer… Or was it just brutality from the officer? I still don’t understand why he would shoot the guy if he didn’t charge at the officer?

  7. Shawn Mcguire

    Tased or maybe wound the poor guy! But nah the officer had to end his life…sad shit r.i.p Hubert Burns Jr. “Bones”. U will be missed

  8. Janepher McBride

    Anything good happen in Parker today?

  9. We have to remember officer are here To protect and serve.If you are asked multiple times To do the right thing and you failed to do so Actions must be taken to protect others As well as yourself.

  10. Listentopolice

    Officer gives you a command, you follow. You don’t like it, get with his boss later. BTW, knives kill more than firearms. Knives go right though a bullet proof vest. Don’t listen in a lethal situation, you will lose. SAD for ALL.

  11. Patrick Kraut

    Only a knife – lol. Just a tomahawk? You’ve lost your mind

  12. Candi Evans

    Since you’re so qualified to decide what the officer should of done maybe you should apply for the job. Were you there? Did you see just what happened? How do you know he didn’t charge the officer with the knife or throw it? Seems to me if he would of dropped the knife like asked he’d still be alive. Plain and simple, when an officer tells you what to do you just do it. They’re trained their life or yours and until Arizona post changes the way they’re trained this is what happens when people choose to do senseless things.

  13. Candi Evans

    Prayers to the family, prayers to the officer who was doing his job making a split decision. None of know how far away back up was and what the circumstances were.

  14. Terry Kammerdiener

    We have some great Sheriff’s and Crit officers in this town I haven’t met a bad one yet.they put there lives on the line every day. I’m sure the officer did what he had to do. Maybe if this guy would have done what was asked of him he would still be here. Called choices

  15. Süd Schiller

    Candi Evans you’re a troll. Dismissing the fact revenue generating officers could be better trained at using non lethal tactics is asinine. When their lack of training directly affects you, you’ll sing a different tune.

  16. It not right he could have been tazed in stead of shoot am just so sad abt it cuz we were so close and he should not have b treated in Tha way..but may he RIP .he has a little girl who loves him very much. And am mom. Thx to everyone who thinks it for that officer to do him. Like I said his loved and will b missed by everyone.

  17. Genelle howard

    It not right. he could have been tazed in stead of shoot am just so sad abt it cuz we were so close and he should not have b treated in Tha way..but may he RIP .he has a little girl who loves him very much. And am mom. Thx to everyone who thinks it’s not right for that officer to do him. Like I said his loved and will b missed very much by everyone in his life.

  18. Rest in Peace Bonez. .
    Well candi Evans no he didn’t rush the cop he was intoxicated and staggering and how do you know that the cop just wasn’t trigger happy huh. My family was right there that cop shot and killed my cousin right in my aunties driveway. N front of my aunt’s mom his mom and dad and a lot d,little cousins thats how we know that Fn cop shot to kill come on now a knife and staggering he should of tased him or shot him in the leg to knock him down but no that Fn cop who was so scared for his life by a knife had to shoot my cousin three times In his chest.. o my gosh. And in front of my whole family.. idk why they even tried to revive my cousin when he was already gone when he was shot three times in the chest. . why to make it look good for the cop.. wtf. . I am so pist off that that Fn cop shot to kill.. should of taser or shot is leg for him to go down.. why the hell did he have to shoot him three times
    . Why why why.. my cousin would have still been today if that Fn cop tased him I want to know why couldn’t he have just shot his leg fir him to go down.. I want answers for my family ease of mind but they will never have that cause they all seen that cop shoot my cousin and my cousin is now gone. .

  19. This all happened in my aunt’s driveway.. and my little cousins were in the pool when that trigger happy cop shot my cousin three times in the chest.. one of those bullets could have went though him and out toward the pool.. wtf.

  20. Guys- Nobody knows all the facts at this point, so all of the above opinions are based on an incomplete record. From what it sounds like, there was a man with a weapon who refused police orders; the question of what a police officer does in such a circumstance will always be a matter of debate, but it sounds like there’s a plausible case to be made that the rules of engagement were followed in this case. Forming a valid opinion on that requires a complete record and investigation, which is what comes next and is done by the FBI.

  21. Candi Evans

    Süd Schiller sir troll head, I’m not dismissing anything. You have no idea what those officers go through out in the field and the decisions they have to make to be sure they go home to their families at end of their shift. I suppose if you were the officer you would of sat and played cards with someone pulling a knife on you. You don’t know the details, you don’t know how stressful their jobs are. Don’t even go there with me troll head.

  22. Candi Evans

    Dang right we have awesome officers here in Parker, too bad people make bad choices weather it’s drugs, booze or just plain ignorance. Maybe if parents spent more time teaching their children right from wrong things like this wouldn’t happen. You pull a weapon on a cop plain and simple it’s not going to turn out in your favor. Just like in the war. You pull a weapon on anyone of our troops and what do you think they’re going to do?

  23. Terry Kammerdiener

    Maybe the guy should not have used a knife. Good name calling there Süd Schiller. Proves your an adult we are entitled to our opinion just as you are. I don’t see Candi Evans being a troll except stating a FACT

  24. Terry Kammerdiener

    Susanna Olguin…since you know so much why don’t you go and get a job at the police dept.or Sheriff’s or critical. Do you ever thank them for there think you can do a better job prove it instead of trying to pass judgement on our officer’s who protect us everyday. Sorry the guy is dead but he shouldn’t have had a knife

  25. My condolences to the family what a terrible loss for any mother to bear I agree the situation wasn’t handled properly and how do I know my own children were witnesses to this awful crime no proper protocol was taken I hope this officer is punished to the full extent of the law this is bullshit

  26. A Perfect Angel, I'm sure...

    Do you really think a Taser would be effective? Have you been to Maya’s on a Friday night, cause they obviously don’t work that well… Big, drunk, motivated people laugh at Tasers. Big, drunk, motivated people don’t stop because they’ve been shot in an arm or leg (if you are lucky enough to hit them and not have your bullet miss and go flying into the kids playing outside).

    Here’s the thing, someone felt threatened enough to call the cops in the first place, so it apparently was not this mild, calm situation.. You need to build the community up. Put in some effort to get to know the cops who serve for our people, better yet, if you think you can do better, then prove it. Saddle up and fix what you think is broken from within. You won’t and that’s the problem. Scared to admit you might actually learn something or just lazy, which one is it?

  27. Update added at the top of the article.

  28. A tazer is a good weapon for subduing an unarmed, uncooperative or fighting individual. They are not worth a damn for a knife wielding, aggressive person. It is sad that the man died, but police are trained to shoot in the center of the chest to stop the threat. Shots to the legs to “wound” an individual is not a realistic option. I pray that the family can find comfort in their memories of the loved one as well as pray for the officer that had to make a split second decision to end a life. Additionally, I pray that the community heals as well.

  29. Jonna Esquerra

    Wow. Now the police are changing their story. What really happened?

  30. Jonna there’s no change; just an extra detail added.

  31. It was a pocket knife!!! He was NOT charging at the officer! He was drunk and staggering towards the officer. I want Parker Online to take this damn post down! It gives outsider a chance to JUDGE out people and the circumstances that happen within OUR reservation. These Tribal police officers are here for Tribal Members. Without Tribal Members that have no fuckin job!!! There were other alternatives in handling the situation, they were in a gated community where a birthday party was taking place. Police officers are trained to handle that kind of situation without using that kind of lethal force. This cousin is a member of our dying breed. I grew up with him and he was never a violent person. He might have been having some problems and choose to drink it out which resulted in his decision and his death. I as a family member know how he was shot and that I felt was NOT necessary. And until this tragedy happens within your own family you will not feel the true hurt and saddened this has brought to ours. So I ask that you do not first hand judge him of this actions because you did not know him as a person.

  32. And I say through this whole week of hearing all this bs from people who are just reading these put out by social media. It’s an on going investigation and NOTHING should be released until the investigation is complete. It pisses me off that CRIT pd released this to justify that cops actions. I look at our Police officers and think…if only this cop responed first he would still be alive. This mutherfucker was straight out of the academy trigger happy with the reputation of bullying our Tribal Members. Yes he was out in a bad situation at the starting of his career but they are trained to analyze these situations before making that split decision to and someone’s life. I have a sister that went to that same damn training. Cops want too much damn respect..but they need to respect the people and the community they choose to occupy themselves in. Especially Tribal Police because the laws are so different. Our Laws are there to protect our people and our way of life. Not that I expect you people on this site to understand. And non Tribal residents need to understand that..don’t like it then leave! Like it or not the town you love so dearly sits right in the boundries of the Colorado River Indian Tribes Reservation.

  33. Jonna Esquerra

    That was a very important detail to leave out of the original report/record. Adding this extra detail changes the officer’s account of what transpired that fateful evening.

    Condolences to the family having to deal with this traumatic loss.

  34. A knife is a deadly weapon. Someone called the cops in fear of there safety.

  35. Tim Stevens

    Is this an amended version ?

  36. Just stating facts, Not trying to twist the story. They say the FBI is investigating the incident. Sounds like one of CRIT’s witch hunts starting up again.

  37. To all those who think a knife cant kill are showing your total lack of knowledge of what a deadly weapon is and lack common sense. Id like to see what you would do if a man came at you with a knife, probably become a victim. You have no police training or knowledge of what the law says you can do even as a regular person against a person attacking you with a knife. Its one thing for people to think you are ignorant and its another to open your mouth and prove it. Tasers fail and are not used against a guy with a knife all you haters need to educate your selves before leaving a comment that shows your lack of common sense and lack of any training in law enforcement or knowledge of criminal law in Arizona. Its easy to Monday morning quarterback the cops but if you think you can do it better go apply and see how you do. The police do a hard and stressful job and have to wear a bullet proof vest because their job is dangerous. So to all you haters Put up or Shut up.

  38. To the cousin aka family member….sorry you lost a family member but you are the most ignorant person on this post everything you said is total b.s. always somebody elses fault right. Talking about jobs you should get one…100 Homes is not gated like some fancy rich community its a shit hole with chain link. The only truth to your post is that he was your cousin.

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