Sheriff Drum and Assessor Schuler ousted in primary

La Paz County is to get a new Sheriff and a new Assessor after local Republicans voted for change in the primary election Tuesday.

New final totals confirm Tuesday night’s results: Anna Camacho is to be the new County Assessor, and Bill Risen is the Republican pick in November’s election for Sheriff.

No incumbent ran in the race for District 2 Supervisor, and Duce Minor had a decisive victory over his rivals in the Republican primary for the seat, which included former Assessor George Nault (who came in a distant second).

Sheriff John Drum won the 2012 election after having been a County Supervisor previously. Sharon Schuler became Assessor when George Nault retired from the position after many years.


What next?

The General Election on November 8th will be the final hurdle for candidates seeking office in La Paz County this year. There are no non-Republican challengers for Assessor, but both Risen and Minor will face challengers in the Sheriff and Supervisor District 2 races. There will be contests in six County races in total.


Parker Live will cover the general election in November. Unlike the primary, all eligible voters can place votes on November 8th, whatever their party affiliation.

Full final unofficial primary election results are available HERE. Results will be formalized by canvass soon.


  1. Bruce Eden Malonzo Carlson

    I guess you can say he*s the new sheriff in town.haha

  2. Congratulations to Bill Risen, and good luc.

  3. We were assessd at a 100% increase on cabanas. $500 went to $1,000 a year. Everyone paid and later it was a zoning mistake on Assesment. Sorry no reimbursement per assessor.

    LOL Have fun in unemployment!

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