Timmy’s surprise: a new home!

Timmy Green has lived in his current trailer since 2002. It was purchased by his grandmother soon after he graduated from college. Timmy, who was born with cerebral palsy, lives on a fixed income and makes extra money in the summer months as a DJ at Roadrunner, where he has lived for 8 years.

Erica Jones, a bartender at the riverfront resort, started a secret fundraiser in March 2016 with her idea of surprising Timmy for his 40th birthday. Her goal was set for $3500. She managed to raise $6500.

“Erica found a nice park model in Quartzsite for the amount raised,” said Erin Monasmith, a friend of Timmy’s. “The owner Nancy Voohries and her husband, knowing about the fundraiser, gave Erica a killer deal on the trailer. With the remaining money they made improvements to it and after that there’s just enough to cover his February rent.”

The team of volunteers involved in the plot to replace Timmy’s trailer increased in number, and Timmy’s trip to Vegas for his birthday last weekend was targeted as the perfect date to pull it off. They arranged for the old trailer to be hauled out while Timmy was gone and the new one to arrive and be placed in its spot.

“Erica, her husband Kyle and friends near and far have worked day and night,” Erin added. “It’s also been one hell of a secret to hide for almost a year!”

Roadrunner owner Stephanie McCormack said it was a matter of a local business that has become family, a place that Timmy calls home along with people from all over who return repeatedly.

“Three men from California came in, tore it down, then it just busted out from there,” she said. “The Roadrunner family from near and far pulled this off: a big family from Canada, Alaska, the Netherlands and all over the United States.”

When Timmy showed up on Sunday evening, there were tears of joy in the faces of the huge crowd who were there to see the look on his face. He composed himself enough to cut the ribbon and enter his new home, courtesy of a wider Parker family that includes many comers and goers from all over.

“Just sitting back and watching the event unfold blew me away,” Stephanie said.

Timmy can be found most spring and summer weekends at the Roadrunner Tiki Bar DJ booth. Photos via Josh Savino.


  1. Sharon Champion

    Goes to show their is “A LOT” of good in people’s hearts this post gave me a smile thanks to all

  2. Lynn Karambellas Morales

    What a great story. I have never been to the roadrunner but I sure will now. ????????

  3. Kimberly Johnson Rowland

    That’s amazing story!! How thoughtful to do that!! ????

  4. Dawn Montabone Carter

    Bless his heart! Sweet wonderful story! ❤️

  5. Billy Johnson

    God is smiling down on this act of kindness.

  6. Nancy White

    We go to the roadrunner a couple of times a week during snowbird season. A nice fun place to go. Love this story!

  7. What a nice thing to do. God bless you.

  8. Doreen Hall

    This is sooooo cool. Congratulations Timmy.

  9. Tim Cooper

    Awesome story, great work guys! ????

  10. Awesome! Great job everyone. This is why I love Parker, AZ. Timmy ROCKS!!! You all rock!

  11. The ROADRUNNER and all of the FRIENDS of TIMMY and TIMMY himself are all AMAZING!! Erica you are the best!!

  12. Graduated with that guy! Many many party nights and days having with him… congrats Tim! What a great thing for a great guy.

  13. Sam Camarata

    What a great thing to do. I remember years ago when mike mack had timmy in his ski show

  14. Corey Lynn Nash

    That’s just awesome how the community came together and helped Timmy out! Heart felt Thank you to everyone involved!!

  15. Dava Stenberg

    This is why I love this community. Congrats Timmy on your new home.

  16. OMG!!!!!!! Bless all those who put together! WOW! I am in tears right now hearing about this!!! What a miracle this is for Tim!

  17. Lisa Conroy

    Congratulations Tim too bad I wasn’t there to see it you’re a great person keep on rockin Tim

  18. Melinda Tuba

    Hell yes! That was awesome watching him on his knee board. I was so proud of him out there, giving us quite the show.

  19. Melinda Tuba

    WTG Tim, so happy for you! 🙂

  20. Maria Pappas

    Let me tell ya,,, it was such a secret that even some people in the park didn’t know about this, including myself and I live right next door to him. I looked out my window and nothing was there and thought oh oh,, what happened to Timmy and his trailer. LOL

  21. Very, very cool! (:

  22. WTG Erica…very cool how you pulled that off! Kudos to the Cali boys who went above and beyond! I only wish I could have been a part of such a wonderful way to be there for Timmy! Truly a unique character! Feeling the love!

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