30 pounds of meth discovered in I-10 detail

A multi-agency interdiction detail has netted approximately 30 pounds of suspected methamphetamine on Interstate 10 in Quartzsite.

Last Wednesday the La Paz County Sheriff’s Department hosted an interdiction detail on Interstate 10. The agencies involved were the La Paz County Sheriff’s Department, Narcotics Task Force, Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Department, U.S. Border Patrol and the Quartzsite Police Department.

At approximately 6:30 pm, one of the officers made a traffic stop near Dome Rock Road in Quartzsite and utilized his certified narcotics canine to locate 30 pounds of suspected methamphetamine in the vehicle. According to the Task Force Detective, the value of his drug load was estimated at approximately $600,000 in U.S. currency.

The suspect, Luis Camerena-Figueroa, is currently in custody in the La Paz County Detention Facility with a bond amount of $75,000.

“This is another large quantity of drugs/currency that did not make it to its destination due to the cooperative effort between our local agencies,” said a statement from the Sheriff’s Department. “In an effort to establish ‘balance’, Sheriff Risen plans on continuing the interdiction efforts throughout La Paz County other than just on Interstate 10.”


  1. Craig Parrott

    You should get the death sentence if your caught with 30 pounds of Meth

  2. Michael Ramos

    It’s a Waste of tax payer money. He should be hanged right away.

  3. Just AWESOME guys!!! Put this P.O.S. away for along time. Another piece of scum off our streets.

  4. Guy probably glad he is locked up, someone doesn’t just forget about $600k!

  5. If it were up to me, I’d make the bond/bail a minimum of what the street value of the drugs was. $75,000 is a pittance and just a planned operating expense for the cartels. He’ll be bonded and out of the country in no time, never to be heard from again (under this name).

  6. Corey Lynn Nash

    Awesome, I’m glad to get that killer off the street’s!

  7. Great job task force

  8. Aaron Bond

    Now make him smoke it all.

  9. Marco Barrett

    Got 30 pounds off the street but 200 more pounds made it to the streets ????

  10. Marco Barrett

    Why should he get the death penalty for??

  11. Marco Barrett

    He is not a killer why do say he’s a killer ?

  12. Patty Cuadras Poindexter

    Excellent job!! LPCSO NARCOTICS TASK FORCE!! .. & Assisting agencies…

  13. That drug kills people and ruins lives/families that’s WHY he should get life & why he mise well be a killer! If you condone his doings your just as bad!!!

  14. Good Job to all involved in getting this criminal & drugs off the streets!! Hope more are caught soon!

  15. I agree with Alan Nelson. Set his bail amount to the same as value of the drugs. Great job guys!!!

  16. Luis Rafael Gonzalez

    F)/$ this motherf;/)#, poison our people huh

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