30-minute delays between Parker and Lake Havasu City

Crews are working on pavement preservation on a 14-mile section of SR 95 between Parker, AZ and Lake Havasu City. Drivers may see delays of “up to 30 minutes” according to ADOT while traffic is guided through the construction zone with a pilot car.

Work is scheduled between 6:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Monday, November 6th, and Tuesday, November 7th, beginning at Bill Williams Bridge (milepost 162) and continuing northeast through Sara Park (milepost 176).

“When driving through a construction zone, be patient, slow down and look out for construction crews and equipment,” said an ADOT press release.


  1. Matthew Lentz

    Crews need to work on a damn passing lane and pull outs before more people die. Hate that road

  2. Carolyn Hall

    Sure wish posted earlier…25 minutes so far just below Bill Williams bridge…nothing moving …just coming thru…long lines with pilot truck

  3. John Stephen Lane Sr.

    Terrific planning and time of year.

  4. Sabina Mohr

    Ya, not like there’s not tons of snowbirds on the road or anything

  5. David Davis

    Why not have a little compassion for the road crew? Or maybe you’d like them to work in 120 degree weather?

  6. John Stephen Lane Sr.

    Not really. They rebuilt the access for exit 17 this summer without any issues. After all, when one accepts a job in Arizona, one must accept the conditions, true? Took months. No problem.

  7. Emily Ann Beebe

    Craziness always ????????????

  8. They had signs up for the past few weeks, so its not like people traveling regularly on the road didn’t know and couldn’t have made accommodations for it.

  9. Scott Wensel

    I hope the snow birds enjoy it ….

  10. Randall Pearson

    Thank you brother. They’ve had electronic signs out for like 2 weeks now so I’ve been just waiting I left my house at 6 rather than 6:30 that way I can beat the morning traffic because they’re starting at 6:30 so I figured I start at 6 then and then I got to work at 6:30 and sat for an hour because I can’t start till 7:30 but unfortunately I can’t avoid it after work because they’re going till 7 and I get off at 4

  11. Shane Halajian


    Well atleast its only one way.

    What are they doing?
    Passing lane?

  12. Joe Sena

    Takes that long trying to pass the snow birds

  13. Matt Boswell

    the smart crews work at night when it’s hot.

  14. Alura Dannon Rapp

    Is the road going to be all jacked up on Thursday?

  15. A lot of road projects require a maximum temperature limit for the specific type of asphalt/pavement being laid. Projects in other parts of the state (ie Phoenix/I-17) may use a different compound that allows it to be laid in higher temperatures.

  16. Snowbird season isn’t quite here yet anyway, so this is a better time than December, January, February, March or April.

  17. Randall Pearson

    They call it asphalt preservation

  18. According to ADOT website project will end Tuesday November 7

  19. Dennis, yes the article above says the same.

  20. Fonzi Wayne

    People in yuma pick melons all day long in the heat and humidity.
    Nature of the beast, deal with it.

  21. Mary Papp-Abbey

    I was stuck in that this afternoon! ????

  22. In Phoenix they work at night when it’s cooler

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