Man arrested near school after standoff with cops

A man has been arrested in the town of Parker after a standoff with law enforcement officers from various area agencies.

The man, who was reportedly wanted for homicide, was barricaded inside an apartment near the intersection of 9th Street and Mohave Avenue in Parker on Monday afternoon. Agencies including La Paz County Sheriff’s Department, Parker Police Department, Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Department and River Medical were on scene for well over an hour.

Officers in full SWAT-style gear surrounded the house, and spoke to the suspect through a loudspeaker, demanding that he come out.

“Nobody has to get hurt,” one officer told him. “Come out with your hands up right now, or force will be used. Give yourself up.”

At one point, a stun grenade known as a flashbang was used, as well as loud noises from a siren. A police K-9 was also on scene. Blake Primary School was reportedly on lockdown while the arrest was being made.

After some time, the suspect was apparently apprehended and taken into custody by the Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Department.


  1. Austin Cucci

    Samantha this is what we saw

  2. Annie Liles

    So glad no one was injured and there was a positive outcome!

  3. Loretta Flaherty

    My husband was walking home from the library when this happened.

  4. Valvaryne Dawn Laffoon

    I was at the park with my baby girl and I was wondering what was going on but just went to the library after realize that the enforcement was walking around the block with there guns that’s when I was yikes bye

  5. Torres Torres

    Shrews Bury hopefully they won’t releases him again. Repeat violent offender. Our criminal justice system at its finest

  6. Torres Torres

    Why are we making headlines on him anyway! His been on the run for weeks and the public wasn’t notified! Just saying!

  7. Ricardo Rodriguez

    He’ll get OR’d tomorrow for his 10-38F on homicide lol

  8. Fabian Castro

    I guess
    I’ll ask again , WHO WAS IT THAT GOT ARRESTED?!

  9. Sarah Castanon

    “Kick in your doors, thats SWAT you thot”

  10. Wow, just like magic: put the words “near a school” and your story gets picked up by national news. Even though it has nothing to do with a school shooting. Are you guys really that much of a media whore?

  11. David: (1) I wasn’t aware that this story had been “picked up by national news.” Got a link? (2) The reason the headline and story contained reference to the school is that this happened less than a block from the school and it had to be placed on lockdown during the incident, which is information parents in the town of Parker want to know. (3) You’re right, it has absolutely nothing to do with a school shooting. Nobody said it did! (4) Who is the “you guys” you refer to when you ask if we’re media whores?

  12. Is there some kind of victims claim we can do that was our house someone was watching it we were in town now it cost us our house while we were in the hospital who do I contact what do I do no house insurance.

  13. Ambrose Buford

    “Breakin’ rocks in the hot sun, I fought the law and the law won, I fought the law and the law won, I needed money ’cause I had none, I fought the law and the law won, I fought the law and the law won.” – The Clash

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