Ground broken on new industrial facility

A new business is opening in Parker South, also known as Parker Annex. The Town of Parker and the La Paz Economic Development Corporation broke ground Friday on a new facility for a company called Environmental Waste Solutions.

Environmental Waste Solutions services California, Nevada and Arizona, and revolves around recycling of industrial liquids, industrial solids, and California regulated waste.

The company president and CEO Michael Kelly was present for the groundbreaking, saying he was happy to be opening a new facility in the area and expected to be able to contribute to the area economy and community.

La Paz EDC President Skip Becker said the groundbreaking showed that the Town of Parker is competing for and landing good projects.

“Environmental Waste Solutions will employ 20-plus full-time employees within 18 months,” he told the assembled crowd. “Those positions include administration, management, chemist, waste acceptance analysis, CDL drivers and environmental technicians. Environmental Waste Solutions will provide industry-specific training and they will offer a comprehensive benefits package.”

Kelly started in the industry in 1993. He currently has other businesses with locations in Long Beach and San Bernardino. According to Becker, the company plans on working with Arizona Western College on employee training and development programs, and will be working closely with Republic Services at the La Paz County Landfill.

Parker Mayor Dan Beaver said, “We’ve all waited for this day for a long time, for something to happen out here in Parker South. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have a lot of things we’re working on out here, there’ll be many more to follow and we thank you for your investment in Parker, Arizona and to Skip, this was a combined effort.”


  1. Dear Editor; I placed a question on the Bouse Bugle Facebook site; could you please take the time to read it and send me or post an answer

  2. Mike Rowe

    So this is going to be more pollution in Parker. Wow

  3. Terilyn Gary

    Ugh all that toxic waste being driven in over our roads and destroying our land and threatening our groundwater… This is definately not good news!!

  4. Mike Rowe

    Look up on the web a place called the BKK land fill in Cali they said the same thing oh will not be a problem with waste this was years ago but was bad.

  5. Candy Escorza

    One more step towards getting those that bought land out there to get their land developed

  6. Town of Parker can’t be that hard up. 20 jobs to poison all the residents of the town of Parker. That Carbon recycling plant on Shea Rd. should be shut down. I don’t know why the Indians let it continue on, It’s very Toxic materials there. There a lot of people here in Parker and in Lake Havasu City dying of Cancer.

  7. John Stephen Lane Sr.

    Odd, why would a company locate such a facility nowhere near I-10 which is a direct shot to San Berdu and California? This does not sound right to me. Call it a gut instinct that something isn’t right here. This on top of the of the scam La Paz county is trying to pull with Prop 401 and the (a coincidence?) Land grab they are trying to get away with member Gosar trying to get the Federal government to “sell” the county (against BLM’s advice) 8,000 acres so the county can make it available for a solar farm, money the county has no money to buy anyway. Oh wait, there is that $3 million from Prop 401 that is supposed to go for, gee, running the county because it’s broke.

  8. How do we stop it from happening .?

  9. It is interesting that I cannot fine any reference to an Environment Waste Solutions in AZ, NV, or CA on the net. No job postings, no news, no mention anywhere until they pop us in an remote part of a small town with limited truck access. Very odd.

  10. Dean Payte

    Good deal. If they can find people to pass a drug test

  11. It is probably ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. incorporated in CA and Nevada


    Registration Date: 02/15/2005
    Jurisdiction: NEVADA
    Entity Type: FOREIGN STOCK
    Status: ACTIVE
    Agent for Service of Process: MICHAEL J KELLY
    1456 S GAGE ST
    Entity Address: 1456 S GAGE ST
    Entity Mailing Address: 1456 S GAGE ST

  12. Ambrose Buford

    “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

  13. Did they do a inviromental study before approval

  14. Well first off the 20 plus employees may very well be true but, I’d be willing to bet that more then half if not all of those so call positions will be filled with them bringing in their own ppl. Just like the Bonzana Gold Mine and RoseArces Egg Farms did.

  15. Mona Reyna Duran

    Very true but there is a difference in teams. There is no “me” in team. The BOS and TOP need to stop being so obtuse in their decision making to bring in businesses to Parker that in the long run will hurt us and our environment.

  16. RichnApril Epps

    Disagree with your assessment of Prop 401 oh well to each his own.

  17. John Stephen Lane Sr.

    RichnApril Epps I read it, this is why I voted against it. It’s a blank check. There is no other way to read it.

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