Agencies partner up for Labor Day DUI detail

The Parker Police Department, La Paz County Sheriff’s Department and Quartzsite Police Department will be partnering up with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety to conduct a multi-agency Labor Day holiday weekend DUI saturation detail.

The goal of the enforcement detail will be to deter impaired drivers, according to a press release, using overtime funds to allow additional officers to patrol and be highly visible during the holiday weekend.

The statement cited the most recent DUI statistics to demonstrate the need for the detail:

“According to the Federal Highway Administration, as of 2015 (most current statistics) 10,965 people died in automobile accidents in which at least one driver was impaired. This accounts for nearly 30 percent of all traffic-related deaths in the country. In Arizona, approximately 30 percent of all fatal accidents were alcohol-related. Impaired driving costs the United States approximately $199 billion annually. Every day, 28 people are killed in the United States as a result of impaired driving.”

The agencies implored all drinkers to use a designated driver over the Labor Day weekend, and to enjoy the holiday.


  1. John Parlato

    Good ……. You drive impaired you need to go to jail.

  2. Your ego is showing

    Way lower than it was a decade ago.
    60/30 urban/rural
    Way to use the best stats to justify overtime lol.
    Policing is good, over-policing is obvious.

  3. Well “Your Ego is Showing”, you sound as is you have never had go tell a victim of a impaired driver that there loved one is not coming home because some selfish S.O.B. had decided to get waisted and then drive. You have not had to look them in the eyes and say that you do not have an answer as to why that IDIOT had gotten behind the wheel and KILLED their loved one and ripped their lives and family apart. Until you have had to make this type death notification, you have no place to talk about “over policing” or is there a more personal reason for you, such as a DUI arrest? Again until you have had a loved one killed by an intoxicated driver or had to make a death notification or even have enough guts to use your own name on this message board, just SHUT UP!

  4. Janice MacLean

    Glad to hear! Parker PD guys, be safe????

  5. Sean Callahan

    They can’t catch us in the razor in the middle of the desert

  6. Your ego is showing

    Quite the contrary Darrel Wilson. I merely used facts to make a spirited observation. It is your ignorance that leads you to believe that I turn a blind eye to the ravages of impaired driving. You are a fool to assume anything about me, not knowing one way or another what experience I may have. I laugh at your lack of intellectual prowess & take pity on your obvious anger issues.

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