La Paz County votes: unofficial results

La Paz County voted in Tuesday’s Arizona primary election, with races including Town of Parker Council, Town of Quartzsite Council, Justices of the Peace, Superior Court Judge and others with results on the ballot.

With approximately 400 countywide votes still to be counted – the so-called ‘late earlies’ (which exist when people request an early ballot but don’t return it until close to Election Day or on the day itself) – some races may be too close to call. But over 2,000 votes are counted, which means that the vast majority are included in the unofficial results released Tuesday night.

Superior Court Judge

Hobbs – 48.32% (617)
Terrell – 50.43% (644)

JP 6

Draper – 26% (215)
Dyer – 50.18% (415)
Epps – 23.34 (193)

JP 5

Shirley – 43.14% (110)
Slaughter – 56.86% (145)

Town of Parker Council

Bonds – 26.05% (280)
Duran – 14.23% (153)
Lucas – 18.79% (202)
Savino – 20.19% (217)
Shontz – 20.56% (221)

Town of Quartzsite Council

Goldberg – 29.73% (165)
Schue – 32.79% (182)
Warner – 29.91% (166)

The Town of Parker Council seats will go to the top 3 vote-getters in that race.

In the race for State Representative for District 5, Regina Cobb was in the lead for Republicans late Tuesday, with Mary Robinson unopposed for Democrats. Cobb was sitting at around 38 percent in the district overall, with Biasiucci at 24 percent, Mosley at 23 percent and Jones at 16 percent.

In addition, Republicans and Democrats in La Paz County joined the rest of the state of Arizona in voting on the races for Governor (Ducey and Garcia won), U.S. Senator (McSally and Sinema won), Secretary of State (Gaynor won, Hobbs unopposed) and others.

The final results, including all ballots, can be expected by Thursday.



  1. Congratulations Tiffany Dyer!! We love you!

  2. Lindee Woody

    Thank you Parker live!!!

  3. Congratulations to Dr. Ken MacFarland for winning his party nomination for Parker Justice Court.

  4. Oh, yea, because that was a tight race.

  5. Josh_From_Parker

    Congratulations to the winners and a thank you to all candidates for stepping forward and hoping to serve and represent the public.

  6. May I share a few observations with everyone. Thank you for your indulgence. Around the county I saw many signs for Ms. Karen Hobbs. It is quite flabbergasting that she seems to have lost the election to that unknown Dan Terrell. Mr. Terrell will have quite a test against Ms. Jessica Quickle who appears to be poised for a rugged election, but the motives of each of them are unknown at this time. Megan Spielman ran against no one this time. Tiffany Dyer against Mr. Ken MacFarland is easy. The obvious choice is Ms. Dyer because Ms. Dyer is of superior skill and intellect. Overall, the people have spoken so far loudly.

  7. Kenneth MacFarland

    Mr. Ambrose Buford, we have never met to my knowledge. In response to your comment about me. I have 10 years of experience in the court system vs. Ms. Dyer’s 6. I was a trainer for the Arizona Supreme Court Administrative Office of the Courts, a mediator for the Page Justice Court, and have a Doctorate in Criminal Psychology. I also wrote the initial policy and procedure for the La Paz County Veterans Court. I have no problems with Ms. Dyer, but I am much better qualified to be a judge.

  8. Kenneth MacFarland

    Randy Hartless,

    Libertarians typically use the write in option rather than go through the effort to get their name pre-printed on the ballot. 36.84% of Libertarians turned out to vote compared to only 33.19 of Republicans and I got 70% of the vote. Now we are off to the races.

  9. Mr. MacFarland,

    There were only 14 Libertarian ballots cast. You received 7 votes, so technically you only received 50% of the total Libertarian voter turnout. 3 votes were cast for a write-in and that means the other 4 Libertarian ballots didn’t even bother to vote for anyone.

  10. Isn’t a typical unopposed vote tally closer to 100%? McFarland didn’t have anybody running against him! I’d just focus on the general election, if I were him.

  11. Mr. MacFarland,

    You doth protest too much, methinks. Your apparent thin skin automatically disqualifies you from holding a judge position. I have met Ms Dyer and I believe she would beat you on an IQ test by at least 25 points (maybe even 27 points) and possibly more. I base my opinion on her communication skills such as speaking, writing and non-verbal signals. Instead of debating me please post your official IQ score online or in a compromise please post a substantive psychological evaluation you have taken within the last 24 months.

  12. Juan Segovia

    So were are the official results?

  13. Parker Live Updates

    We’re hoping to have the final tallies later today.

  14. Candi Evans-Alauria

    Why do those voters who never bother to vote even register to vote? Shame on those who didn’t feel it was important or were just too busy to bother. Don’t come complaining that things haven’t changed.

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