Sheriff approved for new patrol computers

The La Paz County Board of Supervisors has authorized the Sheriff’s Department to spend $265,000 on new computers for patrol vehicles that will bring the department’s hardware up-to-date.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, the existing machines are aging, approaching the end of their product life cycle by the end of the year and unable to perform many of the tasks of modern law enforcement I.T. The computers used by deputies need to run Spillman, software used for data management, record-keeping, dispatch, mapping and many other functions. The latest version of Spillman recommends Windows 10 Pro, which will be installed on the new machines.

The new Panasonic Toughbook 33 2-in-1 computers are built for work on the go, with configurations in the vehicles and out of them.  They are able to withstand drops from 4 to 5 feet onto the ground, dust, sand, altitude, freezing and thawing, high and low temperatures, temperature shock and the heat of direct sunlight.  They can operate in a mode which resembles a laptop, and in a mode which resembles a tablet.

The total for the upgrade comes to $265,114 and is funded entirely by an account containing Federal Asset Sharing Funds, money acquired from asset seizure. The assets come mostly from drug cases associated with the Narcotics Task Force.


  1. Robb Cozby

    I wonder why THIS isn’t considered distracted driving?

  2. Most law enforcement agencies have a strict policy against using MDC’s while vehicle is in motion

  3. Rob Thomason

    Because they are above the law. Lol

  4. Stacy Hale

    Maybe you should do a ride along to understand what they need the computers for before you sit there and make negative comments.

    You want officers out on the roads patrolling more to catch the bad guys… this allows them to do that so they aren’t stuck in the office typing up paperwork.

    Your welcome

  5. Jessica Shelton-Epps

    The article said nothing about them using them WHILE driving.

  6. Robb Cozby

    Jessica Shelton-Epps and you think that they won’t? Gimme a break… the computer will be on, that’s distraction enough.

  7. Robb Cozby

    Stacy Hale I know they need the computers… it’s still distracted driving… and also they’ll spend as much time in their cars with the engines on and AC on as they would in the office… so it’s not really saving much time.

  8. Stacy Hale

    Robb Cozby are you a police officer???

  9. Robb Cozby

    Stacy Hale why do I need to be a police officer to know distracted driving? Are you? My father was… much respect for what they do. I made no negative comment except to question whether it was distracted driving… please tell me how it’s not. Please explain how having an open computer (I’ve seen many times myself by the way) isn’t really distracting.

  10. Stacy Hale

    No I’m not but my husband is, is it against the law to text on your phone while driving??? No it’s not. They aren’t typing up reports while driving. But if they are stopped behind a car at a light. Yea they will be looking something up. But hey there are some officers that I’m sure type while driving but you can’t get a ticket for it just like you can’t get a ticket for texting and driving so what’s your argument I ask ????????‍♀️

  11. Juan Roberto Castañeda

    Theres policys and procedures on how the deputies use the computer. And having the computer open as you may have seen, allows the officers to see an upcoming call in real time to better the response time to whatever may be occurring like a theft, assault or impaired driver. Instead of the dispatchers having to constantly repeat all the information they can see it right then and there so its beneficial for the agency

  12. Robb Cozby

    Juan Roberto Castañeda I agree it’s a good idea, however as you stated, officers looking at the screen in real time is no different than texting or using the phone while driving… i.e. distracted. It will most assuredly help them and keep radio chatter at a minimum which is also good. It still doesn’t address the distraction aspect…

  13. Stacy Hale

    Juan Roberto Castañeda In for the save

  14. Robb Cozby

    Stacy Hale from MyImprov…

    “While there is no ban specifically making texting or driving illegal in the state of Arizona, it is important to note that the state does have distracted driving laws. … Texting and talking on the phone while you are driving puts you at higher risk for being involved in a car accident.”

    Now imagine being in high speed pursuit… just a thought. Didn’t mean to get anyone’s panties in a bunch.

  15. Stacy Hale

    Robb Cozby my panties are just fine you have a swell night

  16. Juan Roberto Castañeda

    I think its very different. Officers can just glance at the computer to see the address and then go to their call. While texting and driving is an overkill of trying to multitask. People who text and drive are/can be as dangerous as impaired drivers because they are constantly looking at their phones, pressing buttons, spell checking and trying to drive all at the same time.

  17. Candi Evans-Alauria

    Robb Cozby they don’t drive while typing. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. These computers simply allow the officers to finish a report without having to drive many miles to their substation and have it ready for the County Attorney, Court and public when requesting a copy. Which gives them if you stop and think about it a faster response time to the next call since they’re not driving from timbucktoo. Why would you thing they’re reading the screen while driving?

  18. Juan Roberto Castañeda

    Robb i just feel like youre trying to point out the negative out of all of this when theres so many more positives. I understand the world isnt perfect, we all know theres going to be flaws with everything

  19. Candi Evans-Alauria

    I don’t recall seeing stories on Police Officers causing accidents by typing or reading the computer while driving. And we all know if that was happening it would be on the news.

  20. Robb Cozby

    Candi Evans-Alauria before it makes the news isn’t a good argument. It’s still distracting to take your eyes off the roaf

  21. Jessica Shelton-Epps

    The deputies of La Paz County have had these computers in their units for a few years. I’m sure they are responsible and follow the polices set in place and if they don’t then there will be consequences.

  22. Candi Evans-Alauria

    Robb Cozby Negative, their offices are quite far away from some if not most of the locations of their calls. They’ll spend far less time in their vehicles driving from their sub stations to calls allowing them to get to calls even faster and get reports done much faster. Allow them to be on the road patrolling for speeding texting drivers.

  23. Robb Cozby

    Juan Roberto Castañeda not really… just asking a question. If I’m eating a cheeseburger while driving I could receive a ticket for distracted driving. If I’m texting or calling on my phone, same thing… while I admire and respect law enforcement, I don’t give them special treatment just because they wear a uniform. Laws should be applied across the board and equally or not at all. That’s my point. I see the benefits, and think on many levels it will be better for them and make it easier for everyone… that still doesn’t diminish the distracted driving aspect of it. Sorry…

  24. Katherine Wheatley

    Sometimes people thrive on the negative, even if it is at the expense of something great and helpful to our law enforcement (who work to keep us safe) and our community. Keep up the hard work and don’t let the negative people get you down! ????????

  25. Robb Cozby

    Candi Evans-Alauria I’ve seen with my own eyes, officers talking and texting while driving. Not just here but Havasu, Phoenix, Dallas etc. anytime anyone takes their eyes off their task of driving, it puts people at risk. I’ve trained people to drive. At 55 mph a car will travel 90 feet in one second. A lot can happen in that 90 feet and being distracted regardless of who you are is bad.

    I understand the time part, and that’s great. I still haven’t had anyone tell me it’s not distracting in any instance…

  26. Juan Roberto Castañeda

    Robb i feel like your ideology is flawed. Im just going to leave this conversation where it is, theres no sense in beating a dead horse. Youre obviously not going to change your mind no matter what i say. I just hope other people have a better understanding than you do

  27. Robb Cozby

    Juan Roberto Castañeda lol what is there to understand really? My ideology? WTF does that even mean? If you take your eyes off of the road, you’re distracted. Period. My only question is why THIS isn’t considered distracted driving and yet not ONE comment was aimed at explaining why it wasn’t!?!

    Blind defense of something just because of “x, y or z” is irrational and illogical. You don’t want to continue to discuss because you can’t defend it either…

  28. Melissa Rascon

    You’re right Rob. Glancing at the computer to get an address is distracted driving. Sorry officers. It’s just like texting and driving and talking and driving and changing the radio station and driving and fixing your mirror and driving and blinking and driving. All distractions! Arrest everyone!!!

  29. Robin Schilling

    Good news for the sheriffs dept.

  30. Annie Liles

    As long as they pull over and don’t use their computer and drive, that is fantastic!!

  31. Katherine Wheatley

    Melissa Rascon yeah, makes total sense. ????

  32. Let the citezens not get lost in mess and the guns are whats maters. Computrs is stupid

  33. Robb is right. Using the computer while driving is distracted driving. But having it there does not objectively make it distracted driving. Just like you don’t get in trouble for having your phone on you while driving as long as you’re not all up on it while driving. The keyword is ‘while’.
    According to Robb, taking your eyes off the road=distracted. So we should all wear goggles filled with saline so we don’t need to blink, because if we blink, we’re taking our eyes off the road. We should also take out all windows in a vehicle besides the front windshield because if something catches our eye from the side and we turn our head to see what it was, that’s distracted driving. This is why horses wear blinders. Humans should use the same thing, right Robb?

  34. John Wright

    I’m pretty sure it’s entirely legal to use a cellphone that’s attached to your car, while driving. It would be like turning dials on the car radio looking for a station. So no hypocrisy here, even IF the computers are used while driving.

  35. Candi Evans-Alauria

    I see Police Officers all over I10 in the Phoenix area, on the streets in Phoenix and all the other metro area with their computers on but they are not typing or reading the screen while driving. I have a few friends on different departments there. Their departments like ours have policy and procedures they must follow with the computers. The computers are for doing reports, looking up information on suspects and yes, getting real time crime locations. If the Officers can’t copy the traffic a dispatcher is asking them to copy on their computers they tell the dispatchers to go ahead with the traffic meaning over the radio.The only time they’ll be looking at the screen is while parked.

  36. Robb Cozby

    John Wright Thank you for being the only one to address my question specifically. I can’t understand how or why people made this out to be a slap at the Sheriffs or other law enforcement, so I appreciate your response.

  37. Josh Savino

    The technology sure has changed since my grandfather’s time. He had a 12 pound typewriter mounted on his patrol horse. It made for some poorly typed paperwork, but that’s how things were done back then.

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