Murder-suicide in Ehrenberg

A man allegedly shot his wife and then himself in Ehrenberg Wednesday night, according to law enforcement.

Santos left, Mejia right

“Upon arrival, we learned that Francisco Rodriguez Santos had allegedly shot his wife and then committed suicide by way of a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” said La Paz County Sheriff’s Captain Curt Bagby. “The victim was immediately transported to a local hospital where she later succumbed to her injuries. We don’t like to report suicides due to family privacy, however, we feel that we need to get this out because of all the misinformation that is already being circulated. We do not believe anyone else was involved in this matter and there aren’t any outstanding suspects that were involved. We would like to offer our sincerest condolences to the family.”

Late the same evening, local agencies were involved in a high-speed pursuit of an individual in a stolen vehicle, Bagby said.

“A La Paz County Deputy first spotted the vehicle south of Parker on Parker/Poston Road and alerted the Parker area Law Enforcement. A vehicle stop was initiated in the area of Airport Road and SR95, at which point the suspect evaded Law Enforcement and drove at a high rate of speed into the Up-River area(s). La Paz County Deputies later located the alleged suspect hiding at a local residence (Up-River), and took Damian Mejia into custody without further incident.”

Mejia is currently in the La Paz County Detention Facility awaiting his initial court appearance.


  1. Deniece Wooldridge

    This is too bad, my condolences to the families

  2. KrystalLaffoon N BobbyRobledo

    Prayers for the family and out of respect for the family this really doesn’t necessarily need to be posted, come on Parker Live. Smh ????

  3. Maria G Flores

    We new the couple and kids sad to say or think he would do this to his family our condolences to you kids ????????????????

  4. Debbie Orosco

    Wow I use to go too school there

  5. Linda Mendoza

    Wow I can’t believe this she was good teacher ????

  6. Gwen Gonzales

    KrystalLaffoon N BobbyRobledo agree

  7. Parker Live

    KrystalLaffoon We’re not going to avoid doing our job, reporting news to the community. Especially when the Sheriff’s office issued a press release on it

  8. KrystalLaffoon N BobbyRobledo

    Parker Live really like nobody is at risk smh, and yes it is a big deal, a big deal that is nobody’s business but the families. Of course it’s your duty as a reporter but it’s also your duty as a human being to have respect! Smh just a story and all fun and games until it happens to you. Right
    Shame on you! ????????‍♀️

  9. Parker Live

    KrystalLaffoon N BobbyRobledo They did do one on their own! In our piece we quote from it. There isn’t a single news outlet that would fail to report on a murder-suicide in the community.

  10. Lorena Delgado

    Tonisha Nightpipe ur mans video lol is the guy on the right I believe

  11. Tonisha Nightpipe

    Lorena Delgado omg I know Jorge was telling me that the other morning I was like wtf that’s scary . I can’t believe he took off so far too. Jorge said the guy was literally passing the casino sign before the cops all got back into their cars. ????????????

  12. Ambrose Buford

    maybe Perkerlive should write about hapy things only.

  13. Daphne Hill-Poolaw

    Parker Live, thanks for updating the community regarding the horrible tragedy. My CONDOLENCES to the immediate family, friends and relatives.

    As a small community, we never know what’s on-going within our neighborhood. Much Prayers for our community. II CHRONICLES 7:14-15????????????

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