La Paz County has been offered BLM land for solar development

La Paz County announced today that the Bureau of Land Management has provided an “Offer of Conveyance” for the County to purchase 5,889 acres of BLM land for solar development. Upon acceptance of the offer and payment at fair market value the County will receive a patent to the property located near Interstate 10 and Hovatter Road.

Calling it a “major success” in a press release, the County says it is the culmination of over four years of effort between the County and BLM. “It is a practical solution that will ensure the future economic vitality of La Paz County,” said the release.

With a much lower percentage of private, taxable land than most counties, La Paz has faced a revenue problem since its establishment in 1983, with a higher burden placed on a smaller number of taxpayers.

In addition to the economic opportunity, development of the site will also meet conservation and environmental objectives through the production of clean renewable energy. 

“This effort would not have been possible without the direct support of the Arizona Congressional delegation representing La Paz County, led by U.S. Representative Paul Gosar and Senators Krysten Sinema and Martha McSally,” according to the County.

The development will occur on land purchased from the Bureau of Land Management pursuant to federal legislation set forth in Sec. 1008 of the “John D. Dingell, Jr., Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act of 2019”. Proceeds from the sale of the land from BLM to the County will be deposited in a special account established under the Federal Land Transition Facilitation Act: (43 U. S. C. 2305 (a) to meet important public objectives in Arizona.

“We are grateful to the Arizona delegation and Congress for giving us the opportunity to acquire this land and ensure the future economic health and wellbeing of La Paz County,” said La Paz County Supervisor D.L. Wilson. 

On Monday, March 16th, the La Paz County Board of Supervisors will consider acceptance of the BLM “Offer of Conveyance” as well as authorizing staff to secure financing for the purchase subject to future Board approval.

At the March 16th meeting the Board will also consider entering into an Economic Development Agreement with a world-renowned solar development firm to construct a renewable energy facility on the site.


  1. Laurie Tomasino

    Lol the BLM selling AZ back it’s land. ????????‍♀️

  2. Michael McNees

    So is the Power staying in Arizona or being sent to another state ? Like it is in Mohave County ( White Hill’s Wind and Solar Development ) being sent Out of State !

  3. Tom Nelson

    9.2 square miles of “solar development”. What’s the part of the story that they’re not telling us?

  4. Joanie Haukos

    Michael McNees yes keep it in AZ!

  5. Parker Live

    Tom Nelson What are you talking about?

  6. Tom Nelson

    Parker Live: At 9.2 square miles, what are the plans for that large amount of land transfer? Is there a plan for the 6 – 8 square miles that will not be “solar farm”? This story falls way short of describing why there is a transfer of 5889 acres. Are there other types of development planned? Do you have more information?

  7. Michael Amescua

    Tom Nelson I see what you mean, they wouldn’t be giving up that much land unless there was an alternative motive

  8. Can people just shut up and be thankful for a good thing for the county for once every time something to help the county comes up(egg farms, aluminum smelter) everyone wants to complain. Just shut up for once

  9. Kelly Sarber

    Glad I could be a part of creating such a massive economic development project for LaPaz County! Solar power could stay in state if there are renewable customers like APS, SRP or other cities and corporations who have sustainability initiatives. There will be hundreds of jobs and a lot of multiplier benefits from this green energy locally. After almost 6 years of my hard work working on behalf of the Board of Supervisors , I am feeling proud to have made such a major and real contribution to La Paz County and it’s residents.

  10. Kelly Sarber

    Tom Nelson the project is meant only for solar (plus it may have some energy storage to store renewables when the sun doesn’t shine) with appropriate buffer lands and migration lanes for wildlife if needed. The project is meant to tie into a new line between AZ and CA with energy going both directions. No ulterior motives except creating new renewable energy sources. These large solar projects have been happening in Maricopa, Yuma and Nevada since 2008. La Paz just didn’t have any private land so that the local taxpayers could benefit so I helped identify synergistic BLM property that didn’t have a lot of environmental sensitivity yet had good access and solar resources and congressman Gosar, Senator Flake and the other AZ senators helped us pass legislation to convey the property so LaPaz County gets some financial benefits as opposed to the BLM collecting the revenues. This project took five years almost to get here today —- so it’s true that good things come to those who are resilient patient!

  11. Do both!! Please.
    E. coli is a killer, esp to Seniors

  12. Thanks for your post. I’ve been thinking about writing a very comparable post over the last couple of weeks I’ll probably keep it short and sweet and link to this instead if thats cool. Thanks.

  13. I am so grateful to the elected leadership of La Paz County working in tandem with me over so many years to make this project a success. The increased job growth, economic development spin off opportunities and other benefits will be far reaching and will help the County to diversify its revenue base.

    I have worked in partnership since 1990 with La Paz County and it has been a career highlight for me to generate so much revenues to help the residents. I am really proud that this project looks to be moving forward in such a positive way.

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