Superior Court to remain open but minimize in-person interaction

The La Paz County Superior Court is going to remain open to the public but will implement measures to minimize in-person interactions in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

The Clerk’s office will not be accepting cash for court-related payments, but rather money orders and credit card payments. No new passport applications will be processed and renewals may be processed via mail.

When possible, all court filings will be done electronically:

“The Clerk’s Office will be accepting emailed filings as originals; therefore, there is no need to mail the original document to the Clerk’s Office. If you need to file paperwork at the courthouse, please email . You may also utilize the exterior depository box or send documents for filing along with any required filing fee by means of U.S. mail. If you email your documents, someone from the Clerk’s Office will contact you for the appropriate payment. The Clerk’s Office will utilize email for distribution as much as possible.”

And court hearings which are scheduled may now be done telephonically and via video conference when requested and as permissible by existing rules.

“Members of the community who are symptomatic or feeling ill are asked to stay home. If you are ill and have an upcoming court proceeding, you are encouraged to contact the assigned Court to request to appear telephonically or have your matter continued. If you appear for a court proceeding and are exhibiting symptoms, the judge may ask you to leave.

The Superior Court is following the latest recommendation of the CDC that suggests we not gather in groups of more than 10 people which will be reserved for essential parties to the case such as, victims, defendants/respondents, plaintiffs/petitioners, court and clerk staff.  For anyone who is not a party in a case but wishes to attend court in support of a family member or friend, please reconsider coming unless your attendance is essential.

As we are open to the public, our commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment is and will continue to be a top priority.  To assist in the process of containing the spread of COVID-19, court employees are being urged to maintain a clean working environment and follow healthy practices as recommended by health officials.”

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