Roughly 33 people have been tested for COVID-19 in La Paz County to date

On the 9th day since news arrived of 2 confirmed cases of coronavirus in La Paz County, roughly 33 people have now been tested for the virus, state numbers show.

11 of those tested for COVID-19 are in the 20-44 years old age bracket. 9 of them are 55-64 years old. 6 of them are over 65 years old and 4 of them are aged 45-54 years old. One under the age of 20 and one with an unknown age designation have also been tested.

The real numbers may be slightly different than the reported ones, because private labs do not report all testing. But the La Paz County Health Department tells Parker Live that the County has sent tests in daily since the beginning. There are still tests pending.

Widespread testing problems have created a backlog, according to media reports. Labs are able to process testing for around 100,000 patients nationwide per day, but it’s not enough, experts say. Some patients are waiting longer than a week to find out the results of their tests in a crisis that changes by the hour.

In Arizona, 24,673 tests have been done, the vast majority of them in Maricopa County, which has also seen the highest number of cases as would be expected for its population size. Statewide, about 6 percent have been coming back positive, 1769 total cases causing 41 deaths in the state to date.

La Paz County currently has 9.7 cases per 100,000 people, according to data from the New York Times. Arizona has around 25 cases per 100,000. In some of the national hotspots for the virus, the rate is over 1,000 cases per 100,000 people.

Physical distancing from others remains the most effective tool to avoid a spike in cases that threaten to overwhelm the health system. In the past week, Arizona has enacted a “Stay home, stay healthy, stay connected” order and the Colorado River Indian Tribes has enacted its own stay-at-home resolution, closing access to its section of the river for recreation.

Some recreational hotspots like Sedona have now seen hiking trails and day site closures due to people congregating and a failure to follow social distancing guidelines.


  1. aRe you positive?

  2. Of the 33 how many were positive?

  3. Pedro Y Liz Larraga

    Ok they’ve been tested but we don’t know how many of those are positive correct?

  4. Maggie Alcaida Lee

    Pedro Y Liz Larraga that’s the important part. Thanks for asking

  5. If you look at the percentage detected, 6% of 33 is only 2. The same as what the La Paz County Health Department has reported on their website. We are lucky that it has not increased since. Let us all continue to heed the call for staying at home to prevent the spread of the disease.

  6. Omero D. Blake

    I believe we need accurate numbers? Why are we writing with a “possible”

  7. Trish Crossman

    And still yet people are coming out to the river I don’t get it! They should stay home

  8. Kat Burgoz

    Omero D. Blake exactly. Even though there has been all those tests you still have only the two confirmed cases

  9. Jason Ball

    Another good question is…
    How many ventilators are available in the local hospitals?

  10. Terilyn Gary

    glad only 6 ppl last week were determined to be possible covid19 positive and tested

  11. Parker Live

    These are state numbers, they tell us quite a bit, even though they’re just approximate. For example, they tell us that there aren’t hundreds of tests being done yet. They tell us an approximate ratio of cases to tests, and that LPC is typical for Arizona so far. They provide some reassurance.

  12. I think more can be done about the virus , it’s the people that have to take more responsibility by STAYING AT HOME!!! Maybe Parker needs to close the the bridge. They should have law enforcement turn people around if they dont live in parker or have any family in parker . When it comes to virus of spreading we can take better control of this .we can take advantage of our desert by putting the people that are sick and posting tent out in the desert haveing food and supplies brought to them and putting porta potties out there for them to go to the restroom. When two weeks come around have them tested to see if they are still sick. This way the virus wont keep would help contain the sick and keep the outsiders from bringing it in to parker .for the sake of our town we need to step up and do what ever we can to make this town safe for the people .There was one more thing .any one entering parker needs to be tested untill further notice . We are talking about our lives people face it parker dosent have the hospital equipment to take on this kind of problem. What we need is test so we can monitor the people .so we know who is and who isnt sick to help stop the spread.

  13. It would be helpful to tell us in what part of the county the positive cases where found. While we do takeprecautions anyway we would avoid necessary trips to the areas with positive cases and even be extra cautious
    This was helpful when reported for Mohave County

  14. Jack – We’ve asked. So far, La Paz County Health Department is not telling.

  15. I so agree that we need to be informed of the areas that have tested positive.Im so glad that the Bluewater was up front enough to tell would help some people say home.

  16. How are we suppose to get our results..i was never given a Code and i have tried Calling but the phone line is FULL AND CANT TAKE ANY CALLS. I need to know my results for my own health and Work.

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