3rd case of COVID-19 confirmed in La Paz County

UPDATE: Additional info. The third COVID-19 case in La Paz County was in the Quartzsite area, according to the Health Department. The person is in hospital outside the County. Close contacts have been advised to quarantine for 14 days.

A third individual has tested positive for COVID-19 in La Paz County. The case is currently under investigation by the La Paz County Health Department.

As part of the ongoing disease investigation, La Paz County Health Department says it will interview close contacts of the individual and recommend each person monitor for symptoms and quarantine themselves for 14 days, based on risk of exposure.

There are currently 2,269 cases in Arizona, 1,326 in Maricopa, 103 in Pinal, 372 in Pima, 195 in Navajo, 2 in Graham, 155 in Coconino, 4 in Santa Cruz, 45 in Yavapai, 13 in Yuma, 23 in Apache, 8 in Cochise, 16 in Mohave and 3 in La Paz County. Other tests have been completed and are pending in La Paz County.

Governor Doug Ducey has issued an executive order requiring hospitals to increase hospital bed capacity, optimize staffing and “maximize critical resources,” according to a statement from Ducey’s office. Hospitals are now required to re-route non-critical patients to other providers, increase bed capacity by 50% by April 24th, and put into place plans to optimize their staffing in preparation for a growing number of coronavirus cases.


  1. Danny Crayton

    Don’t forget get to post previous 2 cases have made a recovery.


  3. Robin Wilson

    Are they Parker residents???

  4. Danny Crayton

    Laurie Tomasino I heard it on a post on a post. Local media please do your jobs. Find the info about the infected and update there recovery and post that. Stop post just sad stuff.

  5. Connie Tucker Sommerville

    2 (of the 3) people have been cleared by the health department.

  6. Laurie Tomasino

    Danny Crayton I also ‘heard’ (don’t know for sure, lots of rumor out there) they were in Las Vegas before they were diagnosed not from California like everyone keeps screaming.

  7. Danny Crayton

    Laurie Tomasino so many rumors. One new case, since two people were quarantined. I believe there is a virus and it kills, but not like it says. Something fishy is going on, in the world today.

  8. Mike Lindberg

    Connie Tucker Sommerville thanks for posting good news

  9. Parker Live

    Danny – No state department of health posts ‘recovered’ status, because people aren’t consistently tracked beyond their illness enough to do so. That’s also why we don’t get press releases about people “cleared” – they’re not officially cleared, they’re usually just left alone to let the illness take its course. However you can easily surmise that if there are 2 cases reported 3 weeks ago and nobody died, then they’re recovering just fine.

  10. Danny Crayton

    Parker Live word of mouth research the source and make a story.

  11. Dave Diaz

    Danny Crayton yes, because “word of mouth” is an accurate way to spread information https://youtu.be/QIduL2QY7AA

  12. Danny Crayton

    Dave Diaz word of mouth is better than the media. How did I found they recovered? Word of mouth from a few good friends. I don’t know who you have for friends, I got some really good people around me.

  13. Tineke Runkle

    Lake Havasu Residents, the virus is already in your city and surrounding areas. YES, shut down the lake and entire city if you want to blunt the curve. If you don’t, look at the TV and that will be your future. I pray that next year, we all can enjoy the beautiful lake again.

  14. John Stephen Lane Sr.

    Patient Zero in DC recovered, but it did stop the infestation. Who would have thought a Catholic priest would be patient zero? The point is, this thing is very dangerous and you could be asymptomatic and still kill others.

  15. John Wright

    Danny I don’t know what you want us to do. If nobody will talk about their cases on the record, what do you want us to report? The grapevine?

  16. Ray Cornelius

    Why can we know where this is? How would we know where to avoid

  17. Ray Benjamin

    The rules are not to avoid individuals they state stay 6ft away, sanitize often, wear a mask is advised no where do the rules state is to break the patient’s privacy rights.Really?

  18. Terilyn Gary

    it is believed the spread on the navajo reservation was started at an evangelical rally

  19. Sammy Fernandez

    it take weeks to get your test results for the virus and only mins after you die.?

  20. Jessica Shontz

    Why in the heck is everyone asking when and where and who is it coming from? There are HIPAA laws to abide by. Just stay home and shut up.

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