Man exposed to mystery substance near courthouse

Avoid the Parker Justice Court, law enforcement say

4:57pm- “At approximately 1400 hours, officers from the Parker Police Department responded to a call of possible exposure to a suspicious substance. The subject was transported by medical to La Paz Regional Hospital as a precaution. Due to the nature and circumstances regarding the incident, Arizona Avenue is closed from Kofa Avenue and the alley towards Laguna Avenue. We are currently working with state and federal authorities as we investigate this incident.” – Michael Bailey, Parker Police Chief. “Just as an FYI, there were reports of a package exploding but it was determined that was not the case. We’re not sure where that information came from.”

3:45pm- “Arizona Avenue is closed between Kofa Avenue and the alley towards Laguna due to a suspicious powder substance call. Please avoid the area.” – Parker Police Department

3:28pm- A mystery substance has reportedly exploded on a man near the Parker Justice Court. Little is known at this time what the substance was, or how the man acquired it. Law enforcement is busy handling the situation so we don’t have an official word yet on the incident, but multiple sources tell Parker Live the man had to be hosed off and was taken to hospital. The La Paz County Sheriff’s Department says the area may be contaminated and people should avoid it for the time being.

This article will update with more information when available


  1. Jason Ball

    Probably just a Lithium battery in his pocket with a set of keys. Quite a show if you’ve never seen it before.

  2. reeemarkible

  3. Douglas Cindie

    Soooo, Still no update? We dont know who this is, what the substances was or if he is ok?

  4. Is it white like bread flour?

    The Hash House Harriors just finished a three day convocation in Parker.

    One of their “signitures” are plops of flour to mark a trail the pack will follow.

    It is mega international.

    SORRY – Wrong Month – they left last weekend.

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