Arrests made for child endangerment in Big River

A Big River couple were arrested Tuesday for endangerment and cruelty of a special needs child after an investigation by Child Protective Services.

On Tuesday at around 4 p.m., deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s Colorado River Station conducted a Child Protective Services investigation at a residence in Big River. Upon arrival at the residence, deputies say they discovered unhealthy living conditions with approximately 15 to 20 dogs living inside of the residence, insect activity, and rooms of the home in “severe disrepair.”

Through interviews, it was revealed that a 12-year-old victim with special needs had been subjected to severe punishment on numerous occasions.

As a result of the investigation, Norman Misaique and Ann Jorgensen were arrested for PC 273 a (a) – Child Endangerment/Cruelty. Both suspects were booked into the Department’s Colorado River Station jail, where they are being held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

The 12-year-old victim and two other children in the home were removed and placed into the care of Children and Family Services.


  1. glad these kids were saved ♥️

  2. ???? for these kids! ????

  3. If they hurt or did anything wrong to those children put them in prison for the rest of their life that’s what they deserve then but let the courts figure it out and see if they’re guilty if they are guilty put them in prison for the rest of their lives

  4. Sickening that parents subject their children to such trauma ????

  5. If you look up her facebook, you can just tell they are disgusting people. My heart goes out to the kids. No child deserves this shit, ever!

  6. Sad very very Sad! Makes me sick!

  7. This is really sad. Feel for the kids. Does anyone know where all the animals where taken

  8. Wow that’s fucked up people

  9. It’s very sad how fast people can judge someone and don’t even know the facts.

  10. It’s very sad how people can judge others and don’t even know what’s going on. And as of her fab page all you can see is a family trying to live their life.

  11. Quote me if I’m wrong is there two laws to follow one is the state and other is mission of the church people’s rights who bought it splitting police officers to serve and protect.
    1. One signature from Congress.
    2 signature from the mission attorneys.
    3 signatures from the residents
    4 signature from the four tribes.

  12. No what’s f**** up is how they treated those kids . And put them though. Not only is there video evidence against them. They also sent it to there friends . And made the child sleep out side in a tent and when he was sleeping they would put fireworks in his tent . Only feeding what the dogs would not eat. Putting a dog shock collar on a boy and using it to make him listen is just fucking wrong and if you thing it’s ok then something wrong with you

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