UPDATES: Lost Lake Fire burns, forces evacuations

TUE 11am- 5,856 acres, 50 percent contained. Personnel down to 123 from around 150. “Key management objectives have been met, allowing a transfer of command back to the Colorado River Agency Wednesday evening. In preparation for this transition, the Incident Management Team is releasing unnecessary resources. The remaining fire resources will finish containing the fire while keeping it inside the Colorado River basin, away from communities areas, specifically north of Agnes Wilson Road. When containment is reached, dozer lines will be repaired to reduce erosion and long-term impacts to the landscape.” This will be the last update to this article by Parker Live.

MON 8am- 5,727 acres, 47 percent contained. Six large helicopters are supporting firefighters on the ground who are using heavy equipment, a fire boat, and engines.

“A burning operation occurred overnight allowing firefighters to improve containment lines along the eastern flank of the fire on the California side of the Colorado River. Containment improved 13 percent overall from May 29. The power to Hidden Valley Resort is on. Residents living in 15 homes along 15th Avenue returned to their home May 29. As containment improves, firefighters are being released to support other area fires. … Firefighters are breaking apart large machine piles along 15th ave. to allow the piles to cool and be extinguished by firefighters. … Firefighters are coordinating with resource advisors to identify and protect cultural, archeological, and other sensitive sites while they work to contain the fire.”

SUN 11:30am- 5,564 acres, 34 percent contained. Now burning on both sides of the Colorado River after a “wind event” pushed the fire eastward. Lost Lake residents were allowed to return to their homes Saturday night (which now have power too), but 15 other homes along 15th Avenue remain under evacuation order.

“Firefighters are working to stop the fire’s northern progression by using six large helicopters that are supporting firefighters on the ground who are using heavy equipment, a fire boat, and engines to contain the fire’s spread. … Key incident objectives include keeping the fire inside the river basin, away from communities areas, specifically north of Agnes Wilson Road, safely protecting structures along 15th Avenue, and restoring power to the residential community of Hidden Valley Resort. Firefighters are coordinating with resource advisors to identify and protect cultural, archeological, and other sensitive sites while they work to contain the fire.”

“A fire boat will support firefighters with providing water crews extinguish thick brush and salt cedar that grows within the river basin. Firefighters are patrolling the southern flanks of the fire area to ensure there is no remaining heat.”

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Colorado River Indian Tribes, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, Riverside County Fire and others are working together.

SAT 11am-5,900 acres, 44 percent contained. US-95, between 2nd Avenue (MM 6) and Vidal Junction (MM 46), has now been reopened. There are no other road closures in effect.

“The fire is most active on the northeast flank. Firefighters are using heavy equipment, aircraft and engines to keep the fire from the Agnes / Wilson Road and to protect the communities of Lost Lake and Hidden Valley Resorts.

“BIA Colorado River Electrical Services is working to restore power. The company should have power restored by this weekend to Lost Lake Community; however, due to damage on power lines BIA Power continues to work on restoration to Hidden Valley we hope to have that restored by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. The health and safety of firefighters and the public are always our first priority. Please stay away from the Lost Lake Fire area to allow fire personnel to safely work.”


FRI 9pm- Firefighters started to get a handle on the Lost Lake by Fire Friday evening as they were able to slow the burn significantly throughout the day and contain it by 30 percent from zero just 12 hours before. One of the main objectives of fire crews – to keep the fire from jumping the river into Arizona – has so far been met. The blaze has consumed about 4900 acres of desert vegetation on the California side of the Colorado River about 14 miles south of Parker.

Photo: Mary Hamilton

FRI 2:30pm- Estimate changes to 4,758 acres “due more accurate mapping.”

FRI 10:45am- BIA estimates the fire at 1500 acres as of Friday morning, with 150 personnel working it with engines and aircraft. “Winds and dry fuels contributed to the increase in the acreage burned.” Blaze is still zero percent contained.

Other details: “Fire personnel will work today to keep it from spreading to Arizona. … Fire personnel will work to secure a perimeter around the fire and the communities of Lost Lake and Hidden Valley Resorts. The Central West Type 3 Management Team has been ordered and planning will take place for the team to assume command later this evening.”

FRI 8:30am- Agency heads awoke today to an even more pressing situation. At well over 1000 acres, the Lost Lake Fire is California’s second biggest of 2022. Using data from NASA’s Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS), which uses satellite imagery to estimate wildfires in real time, the fire may be up to 8,000 acres across several miles. FIRMS data can be used for approximations only, but if the data is accurate, the fire could well exceed the most recent estimates by fire departments on the ground.

Largely, the Lost Lake Fire is burning desert vegetation on the California side of the Colorado River, which means most agricultural areas of the CRIT Valley have been spared so far. But the blaze is clearly an emerging situation, with agencies still at the beginning of their multi-day efforts to contain it.

Red Cross Arizona and Red Cross Southern California are operating the evacuation center at Parker Senior Center in accordance with a mutual aid agreement. It is not known what residents of Lost Lake, a riverside RV and mobile home park, will be going back to.

Air quality may be bad in the vicinity of the fire. Exposure to air pollutants in wildfire smoke can irritate the lungs, cause inflammation, alter immune function, and increase susceptibility to respiratory infections. If you have any symptoms: Turn on a portable air filter indoors if you have one. Use ‘recirculate’ mode in your car. Keep pets indoors.

Photo: Facebook


A blaze raging along the Colorado River north of Blythe has forced the evacuation of the community of Lost Lake and sent a plume of smoke for many miles in a mostly northerly direction.

About 500 homes have been impacted by the evacuation. The Lost Lake Fire, burning around 28 miles north of Blythe, has charred at least 250 acres of wildland and vegetation since early this morning.

U.S. Route 95 is closed from Agnes Wilson Road to Second Street, with California Highway Patrol enforcing. Multiple fire departments have been responding including Colorado River Indian Tribes Fire and Riverside County Fire. ‘Super Scoopers’ have been assigned and have been air-dropping river water on the blaze. Southern California Edison also responded to the scene for downed power lines.

As of 6pm this evening, the fire was zero percent contained, according to Riverside County Fire Department. A reception and care site has been site up at Parker Community & Senior Center at 1115 12th Street and another at BlueWater Resort & Casino. No structures are believed to currently be in danger.


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  4. It looks like no structures are in danger as of 6 pm so hopefully it stays that way. They probably evacuated them because of the horrible air quality

  5. Yikes. What is this close to?

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  8. Katrina Marie Conversano no we were evacuated because it came within feet of our homes like 100 feet

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  11. God willing it will be contained soon.

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  14. Smoke covered all of Havasu

  15. My friends David and Paula live there any info ?

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    Kelly Ferm South of Parker along the Cali side of the river (north of Blythe).

  17. Kelly Ferm it’s on the Calif side of the River between Vidal Jct and Blythe. Hwy 95

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  22. Katrina Marie Conversano the whole park is in danger we live in shoeboxes and it’s a wild land fire with loads of fuel and no water from rain to vegetate so it all dead and brittle it’s heartbreaking having to leave your life’s possessions behind and get out with what you can.

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  27. Big River, California, is over 40 miles from Blythe, is part of the CRIT reservation, and is in San Bernardino County. The fire has raged all night. As the sun rises and heats the sand humidity will drop to below 10% again and winds will increase. The fire crews here need support as soon as daylight allows. There is no evacuation plan, radio news, or TV coverage of this fire. Many people in Big River don’t have reliable internet or cell signal, and the nearest cell tower may be compromised. Per the 2019 census data available, well over 40% of Big River residents are retirees. If this fire moves into the tamarisks, creosotes, and sage brush on the dunes it will move very fast. Paint on homes blisters and ignites quickly in the ultra-low humidity and searing heat of the fires. If we don’t get adequate air support and fire retardant, the crews already here will not be able to even slow it down. We who subscribed to text alerts have received only one message at 6:25pm yesterday with no definition of the evacuated areas. It doesn’t rain here. These roofs are very dry tinder. The tamarisks in the washes will burn like fuses up through the neighborhoods. Please send help to the fire crews.

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    All firefighting personnel who worked the Lost Lake fire did a fantastic job keeping people and our homes safe. We appreciate every one of you and what you do for our communities here. It means so much to us to know that out here where we are so few in population, we may be “LOST” but not forgotten. Thank You, Guys!

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