Sheriff joins kids anti-crime group

This month, La Paz Sheriff William Ponce became a member of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, an anti-crime organization of over 5,000 law enforcement leaders, including more than 50 chiefs of police, sheriffs, and prosecutors in Arizona. For over 25 years, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids members have spoken out in support of strategies proven to reduce crime by preparing kids for successful lives.

“As a lifelong resident of La Paz County, I want to see this community thrive for years to come,” said Sheriff Ponce. “One way to do so is by investing in evidence-based programs that give kids a path to success, like early education or youth mentoring programs.”

Founded in 1996, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids promotes smart, bipartisan state and federal solutions to reduce crime, such as evidence-based voluntary parent coaching programs for new parents that prevent child abuse and neglect; high-quality early childhood education that increases educational success and graduation rates; stronger K-12 education goals and after-school programs that give kids a clear path toward productive futures and away from crime; and proven coaching programs that strengthen families and get troubled kids back on track.

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  1. Can’t support his deputies or make decisions to protect the community but jumps at the chance to hand out popsicles #poncesucks

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