The Sheriff Recall Issue

A recall effort organized by Parker resident Joyce Hiatt-Curren targeting La Paz County Sheriff Don Lowery became more vocal within the past week as the organizers emailed Parker Live with a list of reasons to recall Lowery, and Lowery responded to the recall in the Parker Pioneer.

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An email, signed “Disappointed in LPCSO”, states:

Sheriff Don Lowery does not have the experience and/or knowledge to carry out the position he has been elected for. Lowery has no managerial skills or knowledge of management or budget preparation.

Sheriff Lowery has shown his unwillingness to work with the La Paz County Board of Supervisors, the County Manager and the Finance Department on key issues pertaining to the agency.

Lowery has consistently shown a failure in maintaining direction within the department and an inability to resolve key issues.

Sheriff Lowery appointed an undersheriff, Rick Paterson, who does not have the managerial skills, fiscal understanding or ability to communicate with key figures within the county government. The undersheriff has micro-managed the department personnel to the point that the moral of the agency is at its lowest levels.

Sheriff Lowery has shown an inability to make command decisions because of his lack of knowledge of the position and what it stands for. Lowery has consistently been “unavailable” or “out of the office” when key decisions need to be made or when there are issues that need to be resolved. Lowery has moved or kept personnel in key positions that do not deserve or otherwise belong.

Sheriff Lowery has filed a frivolous law suit against the La Paz County Board of Supervisors over an unpaid bill for attorney fees that was his responsibility because he and his undersheriff did not follow the proper procedures in obtaining the legal counsel. This is a flagrant misappropriation of funds and use of the taxpayers money. The decision to obtain the legal counsel was pushed through by his undersheriff, Rick Paterson, but was ultimately the decision of Sheriff Lowery. Another example of not knowing the position he holds.

Failing to follow county policy and procedures. Sheriff Lowery continues to allow members of his agency to drive their county assigned vehicles to Lake Havasu City on a daily basis which is a flagrant violation of county policy and a waste of taxpayers money.

In addition to date, Major Rick Patterson has been placed on PAID Administrative Leave pending his Termination in 30 days. Do you know anyone else that has been given a PAID 30 days notice prior to Termination? Let’s be real, it is a paid vacation, at the taxpayers expense! Wake Up La Paz County!!

As quoted in last week’s Parker Pioneer, Sheriff Don Lowery responds.

The statement I do not have the necessary skills to carry out the duties of this office. As all are aware, I took over this office just as we entered the deepest economic downturn in memory. The economic crisis faced by us all, coupled with a long history of work force related problems inherited by me as I took office, would test the skills of any manager, however, I have risen to this challenge and found outside funding resources-as money is not available at the board level.

The statement I do not work well with the Board of Supervisors is true in some ways. Remember, I am not a politician and personally maintain high moral standards. I refuse to get drawn into pointless infighting.

The statement I promoted Undersheriff Paterson who allegedly lacked management skills and micromanaged cannot be farther from the truth. Mr. Paterson served La Paz County Sheriff’s Office with distinction for years prior to my taking office.

[Lowery told the Pioneer that Maj. Rick Paterson stepped down because he didn’t want to cause harm to the Sheriff’s Office.]

The statement that my ability to make command decisions is in question; anyone in life who steps up to the plate and makes decisions is subject to question. I make myself available to the public 24/7, I care about your concerns and I ensure that our efforts are focused on those issues that make the most difference in the realm of public safety. Monday morning quarterbacking is much easier when writing a misguided recall from a perspective that includes limited (if any) law enforcement background. My record stands for itself and I am proud of my accomplishments.

The statement I have made personnel changes or have not made them to show favoritism toward those loyal to me. I don’t want anyone to by loyal to me, but to the office to which I have been provided the honor of holding. Personnel changes made by me have been based purely upon job performance.

The falsehood-I filed a “frivolous” lawsuit against the Board of Supervisors. The lawsuit is true; the frivolous part is false. I believe in this cause and have made repeated attempts to work with the board to address the issues underlying this unfortunate state of events to no avail.

And the final falsehood I continuously allow agency staff to travel to and from Lake Havasu City in county vehicles, against county policy and at taxpayer expense. I have two deputies who are joint Narcotic Task Force members who use task force-not county-vehicles to drive at no expense to the county. I have one on-call investigator who takes his vehicle to Havasu-he works 24/7.

I will refuse to bow down to political pressure to meet pointless agendas.

This recall is the latest in a series of attempts to recall elected officials for various reasons.


  1. Ms. Curren I will address your reasons for this recall in the order you presented;

    (1) Sheriff Lowery does not have the experience, management skills, or budget preparation to carry out this position.

    Fact: Sheriff Lowery served his country in the Navy and retired as a Navy Corpsman after 20 years of faithful service to his country. He worked as a deputy sheriff where he worked his way up to the rank of Sergeant before retiring after 15 years of dedicated service to the citizens of La Paz County. Although he may not have had administrative experience he was respected by fellow officers throughout the county. He worked for CRIT Police Department as Emergency Services/ Homeland Security Director before deciding to run for the position that he now holds as Sheriff.

    I would agree that Sheriff Lowery may not have had extensive administrative experience when he was voted into office but then again neither did former Sheriff’s Rayburn Evans, Marvin Hare, and Hal Collett when they held the very same position. These were men who worked there way up through the ranks while they worked for the county. All made mistakes throughout their careers as Sheriff’s of this county as they had no administrative experience when they were elected into office so I am struggling to understand why you would now expect Sheriff Lowery to be more knowledgeable than his predecessors. The fact of the matter is that all these men performed their jobs to the best of their abilities for the people of this county. Each of these men had different managerial styles and each made mistakes during their respective terms as Sheriff. One has to wonder why you are being so critical of Sheriff Lowery when he has a shown a genuine commitment and concern to protect the citizens of this county? Is it because you were selected to be the mouth piece for a special interest group that is unwilling to accept the new change in the administration that was voted into office? Sheriff Lowery took office having to deal with the budget that that his predecessor had already set for the department.

    (2) Lowery has shown unwillingness to work with the Board, County Manager and Finance Department.

    Fact: Your issue is meritless as I have never seen you ever attend a board of supervisor’s meeting so I have to question how you could even suggest that you have such knowledge of operational issues within the Sheriff’s office. I have personally seen Sheriff Lowery make numerous attempts to work with the board only to be turned down every step of the way by Supervisors Drum and Irwin under the basis that there is no money. The board of supervisors has repeatedly asked Sheriff Lowery to slash his budget time and time again to the point that public safety and the lives of our law enforcement officers and detention officers has been compromised and stretched to critical limits. I would have to ask if you even attended the last board meeting when Supervisors Drum and Irwin voted to create the new temporary full time positions with no benefits whatsoever. Is it fair to endanger the lives of those who serve by ordering no over time and no training such as academy training for those who have sworn to protect the citizens of this County? Are the citizens of La Paz County willing to accept the risk and liability of having untrained uncertified officers when dealing with dangerous violent offenders in our communities and jails? La Paz County is mandated by law to provide public safety to the citizens of this county and it must never be cut to the point that it puts the very lives of its officers in jeopardy simply because of Supervisors Drum and Irwin’s refusal to work with Sheriff Lowery. How many times must Sheriff Lowery stand before the Board of Supervisors in open meetings to voice his willingness to work with the board for the betterment community? How many times must he submit agenda items before the board only to be rejected because of their arrogant refusal to work with him?

    Under the jail’s rent a bed program with the U.S Marshall’s service the Sheriff’s department turns over approximately $560,000.00 in profits to the county only to have the money returned to the general fund to fund other programs and entities throughout the county so one would have to question why the current board of supervisors would jeopardize this profitable enterprise knowing that the counties contract with the U.S Marshall’s service requires that a percentage of detention staff must be academy trained certified officers? Why is the Sheriff’s office repeatedly being asked to make critical budget cuts when they are the only county entity making money for the county? Why is the sheriff not given some of these profits to provide enhanced law enforcement services in this county instead of providing minimal service as things have been since we were Northern Yuma County? Isn’t this why the citizens of this county voted to break away from Yuma County because they were tired be receiving minimal services and county residents wanted more?

    Was it not John Drum and Holly Irwin who campaigned on a platform that they would hire additional officers to improve public safety for all us? Perhaps the citizens of this county should question why the board can find no money to hire additional officers yet they are able to find money to fund and create an unbudgeted certified park ranger position at a total cost of $70000.00 per year for Supervisor Irwin’s husband? Why was a new County law enforcement agency created in a time of fiscal crisis? Why are there plans to create additional unbudgeted certified park ranger positions when it is the board’s position that they must be fiscally responsible? How can Supervisor Drum suggest that the county pick up the same salary amount to pay for the Director of the Parker Library? Why was an Emergency Services Director position created for the outgoing undersheriff when the new administration took office when the new undersheriff could have simply assumed the same responsibilities the previous undersheriff held that being Major/Emergency Services Director? Why were budgeted monies for this position taken from the Sheriff’s budget to create a new department?

    (3) Lowery appointed Under Sheriff Paterson, with compromised managerial skills, fiscal understanding or ability to communicate with key figures in county government. Paterson has micro-managed personnel to the point that morale is at its lowest.

    What gives you the right to question their managerial skills when you have no personal knowledge other than a perceived opinion based on your own family member’s refusal to accept change within the very office where they are currently employed? It is true that there are still those die hard Collett supporters within the sheriff’s office that refuse to accept the fact that the former sheriff is no longer in charge.

    (4) Lowery has shown an inability to make command decisions because of his lack of knowledge of the position and what it stands for. Continuously “unavailable” for key decisions and issues needing to be resolved.

    Where does this come from? How do you know the sheriff’s schedule and activities throughout the County? Sheriff Lowery has worked diligently to travel throughout the county to address a variety of issues and concerns with the very constituents that voted him into office, quite often he is seen on weekends traveling throughout the county when most elected officials have chosen to rest and enjoy their weekends off.

    (5) Lowery moved or kept personnel in key positions that do not deserve or belong.

    Sheriff Lowery was entrusted by the voters of this county to run the Sheriff’s Department as he sees fit. The sheer audacity that you would sit in judgment of a man who was elected by the voters to make these decisions to protect the citizens of this county is absurd. What gives you the right to question the Sheriff’s authority to place promoted experienced seasoned officers into the positions they now hold?

    Since taking office Sheriff Lowery has expanded the K-9 Program as a result the county now has (4) police service dogs that are available to respond anywhere throughout the county as needed. The expense of expanding this program came at no additional expense to the county tax payers as it is being funded and paid for by Anti Racketeering funds. (RICO) In plain terms money seized from drug traffickers is being used to fund this very program.

    The sheriff office has applied for and is in the process of receiving federal homeland security grants “Stone Garden” funding to enhance law enforcement services in this county at no additional cost to the tax payers of this county.

    He has facilitated “Active Shooter” training to law enforcement officers from all agencies throughout the county as well as Lake Havasu Police Department. All paid for by grant monies at no additional expense to county tax payers. As a result officers are better trained to tactically respond to any potential active shooting situations that may arise on our school campuses or any potential active shooter situation throughout the county.

    Additionally since taking office our local Narcotics Task Force has aggressively sought out and investigated high level narcotics traffickers throughout the county resulting in numerous arrests and convictions thus making our communities safer for our children.

    The Sheriff has implemented an official web site to better inform the public. He has purchased equipment such as cameras to replace outdated equipment that the previous administration had neglected for many years. All this paid for through the special fund at no cost to county tax payers.

    (6) Lowery filed a frivolous lawsuit against the Board. Paterson did not follow proper procedures in obtaining legal counsel resulting in unpaid attorney fees. This is a flagrant misappropriation of funds and taxpayers’ money. Decisions to obtain legal counsel were pushed through by Paterson, but were ultimately Lowery’s decision.

    Fact: Sheriff Lowery made numerous attempts to obtain information as to why the Board of Supervisors was refusing to accept the promotion of a female employee. The employee was promoted by the previous administration and Sheriff Lowery was left with the task of presenting the promotion to the board of supervisors when he took office. County manager Field and the board of supervisors denied the agenda item without explanation even after Sheriff Lowery repeatedly asked for an explanation from the board of supervisors and county manager Field to no avail. This resulted in Sheriff Lowery seeking advice from outside legal counsel. Although he did not seek formal approval from the board of supervisors before hiring outside counsel this was simply a technical error. The fees for hiring outside legal counsel would have been paid from a professional fund that was available to the sheriff however the board refused to authorize the release of these funds based on the premise that Dan Field had instructed the board of supervisors not to pay the bill and allow legal counsel to file a law suit against the county..

    One has to question the Board of Supervisors refusal to pay a legal bill that the Sheriff incurred in his official capacity? Why would the board agree to spend money to hire outside legal counsel to prevent this legal bill from being paid when the Sheriff already had professional funds available to pay these legal fees? It is apparent that the board of supervisors wanted Sheriff Lowery to be sued to cause him embarrassment because of a technical error. Had the Sheriff approached the Board of Supervisors formally as was required then they would have had to grant his request.

    (7) Continuously allowing agency staff to drive county-assigned vehicles to Havasu daily. This is a flagrant violation of county policy and procedure and a waste of taxpayer’s money

    Fact: Currently there are (3) employees authorized take home vehicles one employee is on call and must be available for call outs at any time of the day or night including weekends and holidays. The (2) remaining employees are narcotics investigators who must be available to respond for call outs at all times. The cost of having these narcotics investigators including expenditures such as their salaries, benefits, fuel, maintenance of vehicles etc., is fully funded by RICO and ACJC funding at no additional cost to county tax payers. The board of supervisors created county policy to prevent deputies from parking departmental vehicles in a secure fenced and video monitored facility at no cost at the Central Arizona Pumping station. (CAP) Sheriff Lowery by statute has the legal authority to authorize the use of these vehicles as a matter of public safety so one has to question why the Board of Supervisors has continually chosen to micro manage a department that he was elected by the people to run.

    The notion that you don’t want to cost the county tax payer’s money to pay for a recall election is laughable at best. The deadline for the committee to turn in signatures is November 26, 2010 therefore a special election would not be held until 2011. It is public knowledge that a special election cost the county tax payers approximately $25000.00 to hold such an election so one has to question whether or not you have taken this expense to the tax payer under consideration. One also has to call in question the true intentions of your recall committee. The citizens of this county have the right to know the questionable background of the committee’s treasurer. It is public knowledge that Ms. Forbis has had numerous contacts with local law enforcement and the judicial system. This information is available through the Arizona Supreme Court Public Access web site at;


    J-1506-CV-970391 DANIELLE MARIE FORBIS DEFENDANT 02/1974 Parker Justice

    J-1506-CR-200000278 DANIELLE MARIE FORBIS DEFENDANT 02/1974 PARKER, AZ 85344 Parker Justice

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    J-1506-CV-970069 DANIELLE MARIE FORBIS DEFENDANT 02/1974 Parker Justice

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    J-1506-CR-20100025 DANIELLE MARIE FORBIS DEFENDANT 02/1974 Parker Justice

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    J-0804-FR-201000130 DANIELLE MARIE FORBIS DEFENDANT 02/1974 PARKER, AZ 85344 Lake Havasu City Justice

    The fact of the matter is that Ms. Curren and Ms. Forbis are manipulating the electoral system to suit there own personal agendas and vendettas without regard to the county taxpayer. For many throughout La Paz County it is crystal clear who has shown a willingness to work with the board and it sure hasn’t been this board of supervisors.

  2. Are you kidding me? Justthefacts! You attack someone expressing his or her rights? There is way more to this than broken promises. Under the same website you posted there are at least two officers who have things on them. Robert brady for an order of protection, and Theodore Lamacki had his license suspended. All covered up by the sheriff department. There is more here too. How about an officer assaulting two kids at the school (on file at the board office)? All covered up by the sheriff department. How about [an officer] borrowing money from an old couple? All covered up by the sheriff department. What really happened to the under sheriff? I am sure it will be, all covered up by the sheriff department. Stop by the board office and ask if you can see or get copies of everything that is going on over there. They can not cover that up. Justthefacts, get them straight and keep your own agendas to yourself.

  3. Justthefacts, it’s obvious that you are part of the very administration that is ruining so many lives. Your post is lengthy in an attempt to keep the rest of us from having our say. It is our Constitutional Right to express our freedom of speech. Although you and the bully Sheriff are trying to keep us from saying what we want. We won’t stop until we are all treated equally.

  4. its seems to me that freedomfighter is freedom fairy, trying to portray [———-] as a lawbreaker. there are many more public access records that you can post about people in parker. i am sure your included. you can’t control the media, and your longwinded diatribe puts us all in a coma. recall the sheriff he deserves it, turning a blindeye is not acceptable

  5. Guess what everyone? You won’t believe who’s been showing up lately! Yep the same man who was against the Sheriff as soon as a few weeks back. Mr. Clapperton himself. The same King clapperton who can’t get along with anyone! The man who writes to editor on a monthly basis slamming evryone from the tribes to the B.O.S. Oh and even the Sheriff. Of course you probably won’t hear much against the Sheriff right now because as with others he’s been promissed a Administrative job with the Sheriff’s Department. Another hit man for us to deal with at the Sheriff”s Department. He (the Sheriff) is going to keep putting people in place to come after us until we are all gone! Be careful what you say while at work the Sheriff is on a mission and none of us are safe!!!!

  6. A few points here. First for justthefacts, despite your name you didn’t post “just the facts.” There are a lot of opinions in there. That being said, there ARE a lot of facts in your lengthy post, and many viable and sound points.

    The Pro Recall people, and the Recall petition itself, is about 90% opinions as well. A lawsuit being frivolous is an opinion. Managers not being qualified for their positions? Opinions. Very few actual facts have been presented by them, pointing more and more to the Recall being a baseless vendetta.

    The only “facts” from the Pro Recall side are the vehicles to havasu issue and Paterson’s paid leave (which was post recall petition anyway.) The vehicle situation has been adequately explained (NTF officers and others on 24 hour on Call Status have taken their vehicles to havasu for years, even under Collett. No complaints then.) And an Administrator being placed on paid leave before Resignation and/or Termination is actually a very common and regular practice. Not just at this county, but in government agencies all over the country.

    The Supervisors refusing to accept any proposal by Lowery due to “lack of money,” but then creating a useless unbudgeted Certified Park Ranger position for one Supervisor’s husband is the biggest clue as to who’s at fault for “not working with anyone.” This took the creating of an ENTIRELY NEW Police Department. For one man? What is the County getting for that $70,000 a year? (Salary + Benefits) The Sheriff’s Office is still taking calls in the parks. Do the other regular park rangers get to take their vehicles home? Has anyone seen the certified park ranger? Has he taken any reports? Cited anyone? Arrested anyone? Where was he on Memorial Day weekend, the busiest weekend for the Park? Field cited “Attorney Generals Investigations” and “Whistleblowing” as the reason for this position. Well, where is the Attorney General, its been almost a year. What did he whistleblow? No answers. Just a job without a purpose, a take home car, and 50,000 a year in Supervisor Irwin’s pocket. Our Certified Park Ranger certainly got all his UNbudgeted benefits, yet new Officers at the Sheriff’s are not being given their BUDGETED benefits?

    WHAAATT. If you can easily get information on all the “cover ups” at the Sheriff’s Office from the BoS, then they weren’t “cover ups” now were they? And Freedomfighter, how is just the facts an attempt to stop your freedom of speech? Did he hack your computer and prevent you from posting? Justthefacts expressed his freedom of speech, and you expressed yours by responding to it.

    The bottom line is this. And before you accuse me of being on the Lowery side, I voted for Collett. But Lowery won, he is the Sheriff whether you like him or not. He has done good things and he has done bad things. Just like Collett and Hare before him. Whether you agree with him or not, he was elected by the people of this county and deserves his 4 years. Nothing he has done is grounds for Recall. If you want him out in 2012, then go to then vote him out then. This recall will end up being a waste of time and money, like EVERY recall before it.

  7. Straightshooter I’m on your side, I think you need to read my post again. lol.

  8. CommonSense, you can’t vote in our County when you live in Havasu!! We know who you are. Nice try though ” I voted for Collett” you guys! lol.

  9. Freedomfighter: Rather than address my points, you try to call out who I am? Funny. Although I do not, and have never lived in Havasu, so you’re obviously very wrong.

    Its really sad how this has descended into a battle of “You’re either on the Lowery side or the Collett side” Its almost like two small political parties have formed. The Lowerycrats and the Colletticans. Believe it or not, there are some people out there who make independent judgments, and don’t just go with their preferred bandwagon.

    I voted for Collett 3 times. Will I vote for Lowery in 2012? (because this Recall WILL fail. This county has never had one successful recall.) I don’t know, maybe. Depends on who runs against him. I have not, and will not, say whether I think Lowery is doing a good job. What i AM saying is that, whether you like the job hes doing or not, he deserves the 4 years he was elected to. Give him his term, and in 2012 the people of this county will decide if he stays or goes. That’s democracy.

  10. Ok CommonSense, I will adress your “points” not that it will do any good, it’s obvious you have an agenda. First, Paterson was fired (terminated) this can be verified through puiblic information access. And it is not common practice to terminate someone and give them a month Administrative leave. In the Sheriff’s own words he said he wanted “Rick” to have time to look for a job. No one else was given that consideration. Second the cars, once again, nice try! There were several people driving their patrol cars home. Believe it or not there are honest Deputys who work for the Department who were angry about these people driving there patrol cars home on tax payers dollars. Deputys not “on call”. Third I am not going to even get into the Park Ranger thing I don’t know enough about it, although it comes up everytime you guys get in trouble and has nothing to do with this post. The supervisors are not recalling Don Lowery. Fourth, cover ups, I don’t think the B.O.S. has any of the investigations WHAAATT reffers to. Why would they? However everyone knows about them. We are not stupid. Do you think a Police Officer should be able to committ a felony? Never mind you will just think of some creative way to defend your buddy! Finally it is not a battle between Lowery and Collett, that’s a creative way for you to mask the obvious.As far as your deep concern for voters rights and rights in general. The people have the right to recall, but of course that dosen’t fit with your argument. Oh I almost forgot, the lawsuit, I spoke in depth with People who know about the lawsuit. Fact, Don Lowery tried to promote a secretary to Assistant Jail Commander this carried a rank equal to Lieutenant and a 12,000 dollar per year pay increase. When this was proposed there were many phone calls and people going to the board members complaining about this obvious honeymoon promotion. Fact Don Lowery didn’t get his way (votes) “Democracy” so he decided to spend money for a personal attorney for this favored employee.Hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

  11. “Whaat” Can you please explain how I have attempted to prevent you from expressing your rights? I attack [——–] because she has chosen to represent that she knows how the Sheriff should be running his office yet she has a problem staying out of trouble with the law

    As for “Watch your Back” i’m tryingto understand why you would attack King Clapperton for attending a public meeting. The man served his country in military and honorably retired after giving 20 plus years of his life to the Sheriff’s office and La Paz County so he’s earned the right to express himself just as much as anyone in this country.

    And by the way just for the record I do know one other employee that was given one month paid administrative leave, that employee was [————-] who voluntarily resigned from the department after his wife posted his private personal life on “FACEBOOK” for all the world to see. Had it not been for that he would still be working there. I for one was sad to see him leave because he was a good employee and supervisor. And yet somehow she has turned her actions on the Sheriff and now blames him for the chain of events that she set in motion.

  12. please forgive me freedomfighter, it was commonsense who i was referring to, he made me drowsy from reading his nonesense and i was mistaken. I am sorry. he needs to stop wasting his time in this cause he can only vote in Mohave County now.

  13. Freedomfighter, stop saying “you guys.” You obviously continue to assume I’m someone I’m not. I’m not in a clique, or part of some little sub political group in the county. I look at this independently, and decide for myself, not just based of what people tell me.

    First off, the promotion of the “Secretary” to Assistant Jail commander was approved by the Board in 2008 while Collett while still Sheriff. One fact you need to get straight. It wasn’t until Lowery and the new Board took office that it became a problem.

    Second, if regular patrol Deputies are taking their cars to havasu, do you have vehicle numbers? Have complaints been filed? Their supervisors contacted? I’m willing to bet no.

    What “Public Information Access? can show the status of Paterson’s exit? Have you actually seen this, or are you just assuming? I’m willing to bet on the later.

    The Park Ranger thing is the most obvious example that it isn’t Lowery who is to blame for the lack of cooperation. It shows the BoS can find money for their pet projects, but not for anything the Sheriff’s Office proposes. This is mentioned because one of the “reasons” for the Recall is lack of cooperation with the BoS. If you lead a horse to water but can’t make it drink, you shouldn’t be recalled because the horse died of thirst.

    And saying “Everyone knows” doesn’t show the facts of any case. There is only one legitimate gripe in the supposed “cover ups.” I know only rumor and no actual facts about it. But if there was any legitimacy to the accusations, why not bring it to POST’s attention, rather try to use it as ammunition. There’s always a possibility that the rumors and accusations are false. But I don’t know enough facts to pass that judgment. This also wasn’t mentioned on the recall petition, so it couldn’t be that big of an issue.

    Yes, the people have a “right” to recall. Just like Muslims have a “right” to build a Mosque at Ground Zero. Just because someone has the right to do something, doesn’t make it the right thing to do.

  14. CommonSense, I don’t even know how, or where your information comes from? You don’t have a clue! It was never approved and many of us have verified that fact. Try and use a little energy walk over to the B.O.S. and ask for the documentation and you will find the answer. Of course, you already klnow the answer. If she were approved there wouldn’t be a problem, good god! you guys are something else! And by the way you and I both know the difference between termination and “volutarily resigned”. Believe me people are seeing right through your post.As far as the cars! Contact there Supervisors, why would they, they went to the Sheriff himself. Look, there is no need to even continue you have to twist things, otherwise there is no way out. By the way I say “you guys” because that’s what it is. the three Musketeers, the offices have changed but the people and motives have not! So with that, L.K. C.B. J.E. and M.S. have a nice day!

  15. Hmm, CS, TH, MG, LG, Freedomfighter, come on, have a better argument to recall the Sheriff then vehicle travel, is that the best you can do. If vehicle travel is so important to you why don’t you complain about the 290 miles a day a BOS member and her husband drive in two seperate cars back and forth from Cibola to Parker.

    I will tell you why you don’t complain about that, Because it’s all personal to you, you have “NO” basis for a recall so you “nitpick” ,

    Have a good day…

  16. dont know who all these initials are but lets get to the FACTS sir/mmadam. When we talk about vehicles: we are referring to the past statement from the recall reasonings. That statement that the deputies are taking cars out of county and home to havasu. this has been documented by DPS and brought to the attention of authorities on 2 separate occasions. Law enforcement has contacted the BOS and the Sheriff’s department in regards to officers IN COUNTY VEHICLES passing unsafely crossing double lines (because they are above the law) and driving at reckless speed of 95+ . these complaints were made through DPS. What did the department do to these individuals? Sir I don’t know where you get your facts but maybe you better do some homework. It is all public record. You might even hear the conversations going on in the department. oh and by the way those of you in the department that are blogging all day long waste of tax payer dollars.

  17. It seems to me that this conversation could use many references (links, etc.) to substantiate the points being made. Can any of you provide the documents here to support these claims?

  18. John is very correct. Lots of mentions of official complaints saying “look it up.” Also plenty of references to go to the Board of Supervisors, when there is a obvious political divide between the BoS and the Sheriff. Not exactly an impartial source. If there is documentation proving the claims made, instead of saying “go get them” why doesn’t the recall people get them and start handing out copies, or publish them on a website or in the newspaper? Its easy to SAY things, but proving them is another story.

    I’m not twisting anything. I’m laying down what facts I know, and not making assumptions or inferences from rumors.

    Why would you go to the Supervisors of the Deputy if they are violating policy? Ever heard of something called chain of command? File an official written complaint. But again, I’m sure that was never done.

    The biggest twist of facts is your technique to try and characterize me as being someone I’m not, or being part of some clique. “Don’t listen to him, he has THESE initials.” And it couldn’t be further from the truth.

    As I said, I’m not here trying to say that Lowery is good or bad. He has done good AND bad things, just like EVERY Sheriff has in the past. What I am saying is nothing presented as factual is a basis for a Recall. If its a basis not to vote for him in 2012, then that’s every voters opinion. But wasting time, resources, and 10s of thousands of taxpayer dollars needs more of an argument than “I don’t agree with what hes done.”

  19. yeah I’ve heard of chain of command. I’ve also heard of an open door policy, neither apply at the sheriff’s department. That is the cause of the employees walking on egg shells thinking their neck is next on the chopping block. It only takes one time for me to walk into the sheriffs office and tell him a concern that I have. Then when he does nothing about it, I will never go back in there again. PERIOD so open door yes, open ind NO! Everyone has tried in good faith to walk in and talk openly to the sheriff. HE DEOESN’T WANT TO HEAR IT. Someone really needs to sit down with the employees and get their side. As you know Joyce Curren has been telling the Sheriff for 8 months that he needs to take a good look at what he has done with the department or she will recall him. So we are!

  20. commonsense, why do you bore us all with nonsense. where is your links and references for your rebuttal. your agreeing with john wright’s post but not producing goods yourself. we know who you are…and none of us care. so why did the under-sherriff leave? i want to know.

  21. Common TRUST who is Joyce Curren to be telling the sheriff how he should be running his department? The woman has no law enforcement experience whatsoever. Being a volunteer with the sheriff’s office many years ago under Sheriff Rayburn Evans hardly qualifies her as being an expert.

  22. Quit, taunting these people your bringing more people in against the Sheriff. Your talking about the B.O.S. and many others. these peole have a large following (voters) don’t give this recall steam by bringing these people into it. If these people feel that they are being threatened they will come together and help with the signatures. Think!

  23. As a past community member and growing up in Parker and an employee of the sheriffs office for the past 5 years, this recall has become a complete disaster and has brought out the worst in people that Ive known for many years. I dont understand how simply not agreeing with the way someone runs thier office can create a total mess. I am not on here to choose sides of any party because as a christian, I do not involve myself in the nasty politics that have gotten the best of you all, however, I am here to say that if you feel so strongly about your opinion, why dont you say who you really are instead of all these code names and nasty grams back and forth?

    We are all adults I’m sure and should be able to debate on a professional level.

    Ive personally known Don Lowery for many years as he has worked with my father and served as our county’s DARE officer when I was younger. I have always known Don on a personal level to be a very humble and loyal person and a dedicated person to this county. As far as being qualified for the position he was elected, I am not qualified to judge that. I dont understand how anyone can say hes not qualified because there are NO QUALIFICATIONS for his job!!! He’s an elected person and there’s no certain job requirements for that. It’s his office now and we need to respect that. There may be many issues within the department that many may not agree with and I commend those of you who are speaking your opinions, however assumptions and bad mouthing people is only a test to your own character rather than the Sheriffs.

    I have also known Joyce Curren for many years and know her to be a VERY GIVING and humble person as well. She has always been a pleasant lady in our community. I am not here to test her allegations because everyone is entitled to thier own opinion.

    I am just here to say I wish our community wasnt so hostile toward each other. The ugly side of politics is getting the best of you and I would hope you all see that soon because your breaking down your own characters by writing such hatred back and forth.

    Heres a quote for you all to enjoy:
    “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”

    Its obvious our sheriff isnt pleasing everyone, so maybe hes doing something right 🙂

    Heres another food for thought:
    “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.”

  24. It is interesting to me how a small town has such chaos. Kids all over the county look up to law enforcement and trust in them to protect them. I have observed Don Lowery on many occasions go out of his way to help anyone. He is a NICE guy. There are not many NICE people in this county anymore.

    Everyone has so much to say about situations they are not involved in, and with those sharp tongues they ruin peoples lives. Careers end, families are destroyed, no chances are given, no circumstances considered. It is sad that NICE people that mind their own lives and treat others as they wish others to treat them, have to worry about having a job, home, or family. It is SAD that people are so quick to judge without any proof of the allegations at all. They seem to forget that everyone is hiding something and everyone has the ability and right to make poor or unwise decisions and learn from the consequences of them. It is SAD that some […] can accuse anyone of anything after the choices made in their lives. [….] Maybe they should recall someone like Don Lowery and vote someone in with more “admin” experience. Who cares if they are law abiding, honest, and respected. How many kids have been saved by Don Lowery over the years, how many lives have those he works saved from abusive, drug addicted, and purposeless futures? Leave the man alone unless you could do better!

    Where do you people get the time to think up your opinions? Don’t any of you know how to shut gossip down instead of passing it on wrong or right. Can you use some of the time to think about the ways the rumors and lies you fail to even validate before spreading like a germ. Its a joke that it really doesnt matter what potential or passion you have here in Parker, to succeed in this town you have to kiss everyones ___ and recluse at your home until you are safely retired. Otherwise you may be risking your job and your family by making the wrong person uncomfortable or intimidated. Personally I have seen people shunned like Lowery based on others OPINIONS of them. Just another example of the justice and leadership this place offers our youth. Great Job!

  25. Justthefacts, it is clear you have some agenda. Your long posts are well thought out and justnotthefact but wrong. The sheriff has been led by guys who have their own agendas. No one in the sheriff department thinks about the citizens of the county, just what can be done for different people. The only thing the sheriff has done right is get rid of Patterson. Oh, did he get rid of him, or did he step down. The sheriff has said around town that he fired him (what for). But in the paper he stepped down. Yea what ever. There are bigger problems here. Sheriff Hal started something that festered. The COVERUP. It magnified under this sheriff. Sheriff don does not know what he is doing. He is led and influenced by people who have their own agendas. Not to make the county better but life for themselves. People have asked for the papers to prove what is going on. It is coming. Common sense, you and justthefacts should talk over lunch or in the office about the cover ups. It will be just like ole times for you two. You want to blame everyone (the public) for your shortcomings (running the sheriffs department). Most people see on this you are all part of the sheriff department. There is a process that allows people to recall an elected person. If it is valid (in this case it is) they can go forward with it. To retaliate against it can be a issue in the future. I see some are complaining about the 25,000 to put on a recall election, but no one sees the sheriff cost the county 15,000+ on lawyer bills to move up a secretary. I know her […..]. The sheriff ran on holding people he ran accountable. But you guys want to blame the board for holding him accountable?

  26. Breezy, you talk about your dislike of gossip yet that’s what your doing spreading more gossip! I wish you people could see yourselfs. I grew up here and have seen Sheriff’s come and go. I have known Don for many years. I must say, I liked Don alot more before he became Sheriff! I never thought he would be a good Sheriff. I remeber him as the guy who would make the hot dogs and get the soda. He would have been a much better cub scout troop leader or someone who makes different animals out of baloons. Never a Sheriff! Now with that being said he was elected by the people. Maybe with some better influences he can fix what he has broke? Don learn from this, get rid of the bad people, stand up to those you work with and you will be a more affective leader. I watched your rant at the board meeting on Monday and if you could channel that and look those bad influences in the eye and do the same thing, I think you would have a chance. Good luck Don! You have a tough road ahead of you.

  27. Just a simple question to “trust”… If your so against the way he runs his office, why do you still chose to work there? Why does this whole recall thing have to get so ugly?

    I guess I’m still confused as to why people are so full of hatred against the man, yet they still walk in HIS office everyday and work 8-5. To me, thats hypocrital, but im not here to judge anyone.

  28. Rayeann, there are many people who have been here for several years. They have vested retirement and don’t like that being placed into jepordy! I would caution you to read your post before you submit them. You say you do not want to judge anyone yet you call them hypocrits. That my dear is judgemental and hypocritical. I am glad you are favored, however some of us are not so lucky!

  29. I apologize if it sounded like I was judging anyone. It was simply an opinion. However, let me re state my opinion as a general statement, I think it is hypocritical to publicly bad mouth supervisors and yet still choose to work for them. In a way that is agreeing with the sheriff and his actions.

    I understand retirement can be an issue, but if your morals are being tested, that should be more of a priority than money value….
    I wouldnt consider myself “favored” by any means. I just go to work and go home. I get no special privledges nor have I ever requested them. Im sorry you feel differently.

    I also apologize if you took my blogs personally whoever you are. That was not my point. I do not want involved in this disaster, I was just noticing the evil that the people on this site have involved themselves with and couldnt help but encourage people to keep thier debates professional instead of all these ridiculous code name nasty grams back and forth.

    I commend those of you who are speaking out for yourselves and for what you believe in but you will have better success and build more character if you leave the personal attacks out of this recall issue.
    Thats all.
    With the upmost respect,
    RAYEANN.. 🙂

  30. Its common knowledge in every work place that you are not always going to like your boss. Yet if it is your career and you have time invested into your stick it out and wait for it to pass. I suppose you will learn that as you will have many employers ahead of you. You will hear the saying again in your young life: “You don’t have to like him, but you do have to work for him” meaning you will do the duties you are assigned and go on about your business.

    If you truly wanted to know what is going on with the recall you can run on over to the board and request the paperwork and see for yourself. Sit down with some of the board members and get yourself an education.

    Sometimes when you don’t know all that is entailed you make yourself look bad. I know that you are trying to do what you feel right and we all have that right. Just do some research for yourself before you make yourself look bad.

  31. There should be public meeting,where Lowery will honestly answer questions of the citizens who attend. Then we can all get educated of the goings-on. Lowery can also have a chance to give the people the answers straight from his mouth. I would definitely attend that meeting. How about it?

  32. I am with you Margie, but I would ask that he come alone. I think everyone would be amazed at the answers you would get! I’m sorry but I have tried to ask him questions, he can’t answer them. The poor guy is in way over his head! Some of us made a bad choice, I for one voted for him. I don’t dislike him, although I must confess I don’t care for him like I used to!

  33. I’d like to say that recall is needed for so many reasons. People wanted to see proof and Look N See has it.Take a few minutes and stop by to read the PROOF. It will make you so mad that you will want to sign the recall petition.

  34. To the person calling him or herself county employee. Can you not spell. 1st CS,MG and LG have nothing to do with this recall but TH does and because your to chicken to spell it let me do it for you its […]. If you need facts or more reason as to why the recall was started maybe you need to get out of your office or patrol car and visit with Joyce Curren she has alot of facts on so many people. Maybe even you!!!!!!!!!! If your going to post trash back it up. LEARN THE FACTS we have….

  35. Mr. Wright you are on the radio, the host of this site, and part of the media. You really need to stop by Look and See and see what is there. I see the paper in this town is very one sided. I think it has been given some of the same documents, but has neglected to report. Stop by and look. Don’t be like the P.P.

  36. You asked for the documents, they have arrived. Go look.

  37. County Employee. Juststhefacts, they live in county. Lets try to be loyal to those who live in this county. It is a remote area and they should be commended for showing that they are loyal. All who live the rual areas of this county and work for La Paz…… THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SERVICE!

  38. I just have to say something. Since when is TH anything other than a good hard working person. I have been with the Sheriff’s Office longer than most people who are posting on this site. I will tell you right now, that women has excelled at every position she has ever been at. When she went into her current position it was a mess. That girl caught everything up and continues to perform. I guess what I am trying to say, if TH is involved in this recall, it’s for good reason! Don, what have you done? We all put our faith in you and you have let us down. I knew when I kept seeing who you were protecting we were in trouble!

  39. Trust, I have had many supervisors in my lifetime and not all that I agree with. Please dont use my age as a sign of my ignorance. I am fully aware that I will not agree with all my supervisors in the future and I have experienced not agreeing with them in the past and in that case, I came to work and went home and didnt get myself involved with that person other than work related issues and I waited it out. But in your post you said yourself,
    “You don’t have to like him, but you do have to work for him” meaning you will do the duties you are assigned and go on about your business.”

    It doesnt seem to be like anyone is “going about thier business”. Thats exactly what I recommended people do in my first post. Bad mouthing and creating an ugly situation is not “going about thier business”.

    In my opinion, going about thier business would be going to work, doing thier job and going home… waiting until election year and and allowing La Paz County to speak from themselves. If they are not pleased with Sheriffs actions, they will vote him out instead of wasting tax dollars for a recall.

  40. I’d like to commend Rayeann for using her real name here. I understand the reasons someone might like to be anonymous occasionally, but the more people using real names the better (and she happens to be very reasonable too)!

    And I encourage our other commenters to do the same if they feel they can, and, if not, to use the Login form on the right to create a unique identity for yourself. (Eventually, this registration may be required to comment, so best to get in on it now.)


  41. Big mistake to ask, or force people to reveal themselves. Politicians have a nasty habit of destroying truth tellers, and this shuts us all off to information as people will stop commenting. Ever hear of Wikileaks?

  42. Come on folks lets be honest. Most everybody has an agenda. That is just the human condition. Some simply want their man for the top spot in the Sheriff’s Department. If it is not the current sheriff they will work to get him out and their man in. Others have political or personal grudges. Then there are those who want the authority but don’t have it. Throw in the employees who feel like they didn’t move up fast enough or don’t have the Sheriff’s ear.

    Let’s not forget about the relative/friends agenda. Those folks simply love, adore or really like Mr. Lowrey. Nothing that is said will change that. No document ever written will sway them.

    Lastly there are the confused citizens who listen to this stuff and try to form a thoughtful decision as to what is the truth.

    In the end the voters knew Mr. Lowrey before they went into the voting booth. They knew his strengths and weaknesses. In the end they voted him in and Mr. Hal out, just like Rayburn and Marvin before that.

    I ask you all this question. If the recall is successful what enlightened, intelligent, caring, politically savy savior will you vote in that resides in La Paz County at the present time?

  43. Ok pondering I will throw out a name. Mendoza for Sheriff!

  44. Yes smarterthenmost, because Mendoza has done such a wonderful job of making Parker PD an active, professional, and hard working department. /sarcasm
    Worst thing to happen to Parker PD in the last 10 years was Coffee Urns stopping their 24 hour service.

    Even if they get the signatures, this recall will fail. Just like EVERY recall this county has done before it. 3 or 4 people will run against Lowery, splitting the anti-Lowery vote. So Lowery will still win with 30 to 40 percent, because the other 60 to 70 percent was split up among 3 or 4 people.

    There’s really two people who could fill Lowery’s shoes on the insignificant chance this thing works. Collett wouldn’t, it would look bad if he ran in the recall. I highly doubt one of the 2 qualified people run, it’d be risky on the chance Lowery won the Recall and he lost. And the other…..well the county would need a new emergency management coordinator.


  46. Well now that I have ran over to look and see and seen for myself!!! OMG what a corrupt department we have! I am sickened by the things that have been swept under the carpet! WOW!!! I wish I could upload copies of those documents! Lets start with the letter to Finance that says Rick Paterson was TERMINATED and then lets look at the paper that says he resigned. So which is it? Did he get fired or did he quit? We can just start there! Just the beginning of the Lies that come out of the Sheriff’s Department.

  47. John it would be nice if we could post our names. Ms. Solano is in good graces with the sheriff. It is easier for her. The sheriff already stood up in open forum and wanted only loyalty for him. I think there are mostly people not working there who are posting and are afraid. Cant hold that against them. WOW! Have you gone over to Look and See and looked over the papers they have. As a reporter you would think you have done that. Like everything in this county, people complain about coverups. Some cause they don’t know, some cause they don’t care, some cause they are scared, and the other are doing it. Go look and see at Look and See. Solano has nothing to loose. Many others do.

  48. Wow, just look at these awesome super bowl tickets I have. They’re awesome, you guys should come over to my business and check um out. Buy something while your here.

    You know, its takes only a few minutes to scan documents to PDF, upload them to a website, and make them easily available to everyone.

    I guess they call it “Look N See” for a reason. Wouldn’t want to lose what extra foot traffic into your business by making the documents readily available online to anyone.

  49. Common sense would tell anyone who thinks for one moment! If you go and look at the documents, you can sign the recall. CommonSense, you might want to think of another name lol.

  50. So trust, let me get this straight. Don Lowery told the newspaper Paterson resigned? Yet you saw a copy from the Finance Department stating otherwise. In other words Don Lowery lied again. Just another cover up! Obviously Don Lowery doesn’t want anyone to know what Paterson did. Why? I will tell you why, because, even against just about everybodys advice, Don Lowery chose Paterson as his second in charge. Can’t wait for his next choice! Well if he is not a cover up artist, Don won’t pick him. He has to pick someone who will play ball with he and his investigators. God forbid he get someone who would stand up to the bad ones and fire them if they committed a crime or something. Oh well, maybe someday the good ol boy crap will be gone!

  51. Having known Don for many years as well as all of his predecessors I have to say he is and was the best candidate that we had running for the sheriffs office. Having been married to Marvin Hare and knowing Lowery, Collette, Evans, for all of these years I have to say on a personal level that he is as honest as they come. And very sincere. His enemies do not know him very well. He has a lot of strengths. If we are honest we all have weaknesses. We just don”‘t have everyone digging to find them even if they are not there. Personally I would vote for Lowrey or Hare again and again. Please really get to know your Sheriff. Sometimes honesty can be a little hard to take. But I want honesty which you will get from Lowery.

  52. I have known Don Lowery as long as anyone in this town. I will tell you, one thing Don has never been is honest. Don can spin a tale with the best of them. My brother and I used to talk with Don and he would tell us three different stories on three different occasions. When Don would leave we would chuckle and compare stories. I like Don, but I would never count on him. And yes there are alot of us that know him.

  53. Helllo it’sashame I must comment on what you wrote. You described Mr. Lowrey perfectly. I find him to be a nice guy but being honest wouldn’t ever be my description of him. He tells many tales and many do not match. Not a knock I hope to all his family and friends but if you know him you know that being a straight shooter is not his best attribute.

  54. With all that is said what happened to him being a christian? What would God have to say about all the sinfull things […] that he has know another to have done and didnt make it right? I just think if he is going to through around his lies God should be aware.

  55. I am sure God knows. We have all been bamboozled.

  56. If you want the facts these 2 sites have it you need to go to joyce currens facebook recall Sheriff Don Lowery or go to NoMoreSheriffLowery’s facebook site. Look for the video and post this is real fokes. When will this man stop. Can you say Sheriff Don Lowery Broke the law. How can anyone from the Sheriff’s office feel safe in voicing there opinion? How many of you are worried of signing and retaliation happening? TAKE A STAND…..

  57. Its strange how, if there were so many reasons for this Recall before it was started, why the Recall committee is focusing so much of their attention on things that happened AFTER the petition was taken out. Based on the comments on the two facebook pages, they also have little understanding on what they are talking about.

    The Sheriff did not break the law by firing the VIP. VIPs are “AT WILL” positions. They can be terminated for any reason the Sheriff (or Mayor, or any other leader in the government) wants. Its the same reason that Towns can Hire and Fire Police Chiefs so easily, they are all At Will. Whether you agree with the firing or not, he had the legal power to do it.

    Wasn’t Paterson being Undersheriff one of the reasons for the Recall? Now that Paterson is gone, the Recall committee is complaining THAT he is gone? Shouldn’t they be happy if he was fired, or resigned, or whichever it was? Administrators spending time on Admin Leave prior to termination is common and happens everywhere in the country. Its just more proof this is a personal vendetta against the Sheriff. Nothing he can say or do will make the Recall committee happy. Will make it so much more satisfying when the Recall fails, either by lack of signatures or when Lowery wins the Recall election itself.

    With so much “proof” and “documentation” why not just scan them as a PDF and put them up on the web? Rather than saying “Come into my store!” or “Go to the Board of Supervisors” Only the people who already dislike Lowery are going to take time out of their days (during business hours no less, when most people work) to do that. You must not want him out THAT badly if you are telling people to do their own research and legwork, when it would only take a couple hours for you get get the docs and put them on the web.

    If you really want to change minds and win people over, make these documents easily accessible on the net. Its not difficult to do in the year 2010.

    Should you get the signatures, I hope you have ONE good candidate lined up to run against him. Because if 3 or 4 people run, like in every past Recall this county ever had, the Anti-Lowery vote will be split and the Sheriff will win easily.

    I shouldn’t be giving you guys advice on how to succeed, but I’m fairly confident that egos and “I wanna be Sheriff” attitudes will get in the way of any winning Recall Strategy.

  58. […] has only done this recall to please her daughter in law. Lets be honest

  59. To rivergal maybe people would respect YOU if you used your real name [….]. Lets see when you were talking about […] and the recall to other Town of Parker employees did you break policy like they said […] did. Just so you have your facts straight this recall was started by Joyce Curren it wasnt until after it got going that Tammy jumped in and she shows her support she isnt hidding anything at all. Maybe you should get your facts straight before you start trash talking and I think that maybe we should file a complaint that you on tax payers dime are trash talking a Town of Parker employees wife.

  60. Better days are ahead indeed when we pull our heads ouf of the hole in the sand! Who’s Tammy and Daniel Hiatt?

  61. CommonnonSense, it’s obvious your completely out of touch. First, Paterson was told he was fired and given thirty days to find a job. I have worked for three Law Enforcement Agencies and I can tell you from experience, that’s not the way it’s done. This termination was obviously something Lowery didn’t want to do. So what does he do to save face? He puts the burden on the taxpayers. I could almost see how he did it. “I’m sorry Rick, but I can’t get you out of this one, but what I can do is give you thirty days to find a job”. Patersons monthly pay was approximately 6,700 per month, so once again we are paying for Lowery to retain his friendships with these [..] cops. Oh and by the way, lets not forget Lowery hand picked Paterson. Hmmmmmm birds of a feather, flock together. […] Maybe we can all go back to work. For those of you that are feeling the way I am, we only have two more years. Lowery won’t get reelected! Juat hand in there and don’t give them any reason to fire you. Lowery has made it quite clear it’s about him and not the Department. If you don’t like him, don’t let anyone know. Keep your thoughts to yourself, do your work, don’t say anything to any cop who works in Admin. If they are in Admin they were put there for a reason. Whatever you do don’t say anything to the Detectives, I have learned to stay quiet even when I see they are doing things wrong. Remember, the three Detectives [..] they have nothing to lose. Don’t think for one minute they won’t come after you!

  62. These detectives must have so much power to scare everybody at the Sheriiff’s Office. Man they must be out of control. Why cant the Sheriff do anything about them?

  63. The sheriff can’t and won’t do anything because he is a […]. A [..] of the worst kind. Anyone who would throw their number one under the bus because a few people threaten him with a recall is really thin skinned

    And in case you guys haven’t figured it out, Dan Field, John Drum and Holly Irwin are the ones orchestrating this recall. It’s not the christian lady at the book store. She is being used.

  64. I’d have to say that “just the facts” is Joe E[..]! You know way too much about Lowery. Putting words into his mouth because he sure doesn’t know what to answer. Why don’t you concentrate of the fact that you were investigated about your [..] with [….]. [………] What about those facts? Stop being so righteous and let people really know all your dirty secrets. Why you hiding out now? Lowery needs you to help him with this recall!

  65. No one in the sheriff department thinks about the citizens of the county, just what can be done for different people.

    I have been an employee of this county for approximately 5 yrs. I have been a dispatcher for 3 1/2 of those years. I am DEEPLY offended that you are now talking badly on every employee of the Sheriff’s Dept saying no one who works here thinks of the citizens. The ONLY thank you’s me & my fellow co-workers get are from each other and believe it or not the same Sheriff you feel so strongly against! We come in here and do our job as scheduled and we think of the citizens FIRST and foremost. I dont come in here to make sure the Sheriff or his Admin like me or invite me to family BBQ’s. No, I come to work and do my job and it to the best of my capabilities. I pride myself on making sure our citizens & officers get the care, protection, and safety they deserve and have rights to. These officers put there lives at risk every day they put on a uniform that intemdiate those who break the law. They take a risk (no matter how small or high the precentage maybe) of not coming home to their families every night they check on for duty. So while you guys are bashing on our boss make sure you leave this staff that helps protect your county and has done nothing to you out of your slanders. WE do THINK and CARE about the citizens of this county no matter how they feel about us, why? Because its our job and we have pride in it.

    And yes I put my name because I feel if you feel strongly enough about something then why hide it? All these nicknames are ridiculous. Im not saying Im against the recall or for it and if I did I know all the Pro Recallers will just scream “it doesnt matter your a Mohave resident now” So, what I am saying…dont say us Sheriff Department employees dont think about the citizens, because we do and if someone here doesnt then that one person doesnt mean we all don’t.

  66. Your a little late John, deleting the names concerning “Really” just the facts!. (post) I believe you and this site are bordering on Slander and Defamation.

    •Attacks on a person’s professional character or standing;
    •Allegations that an unmarried person is unchaste;
    •Allegations that a person is infected with a sexually transmitted disease;
    •Allegations that the person has committed a crime of moral turpitude;

    You seem like a bright person, and if you haven’t realized that these people are posting not because they have valid points to recall Sheriff Lowery but their dislike for certain persons within the Sheriff’s office.

    Your site concerning the recall in general is a good thing but attacks on peoples character is unjust. What I find funny is that these people that are making comments about peoples character, which they blame Sheriff Lowery for, are employees that have worked for all the Sheriff’s since the inception of the this county. I guess they were good enough to work for the past sheriff’s but not Sheriff Lowery.

    Let people make valid points about Sheriff Lowery, and why they want him gone. But to use this site to promote their “hatred” is just wrong.

  67. County Employee, I couldn’t agree with you more that to use this site for hatred is wrong. We catch these things as soon as we can. Meantime it’s up to people who are being libeled to tell us so we can remove the posting, and as long as we do when they ask, we meet our legal obligations.

    You seem to be suggesting I do more than that. Have you any suggestions on how to run this site better?

  68. I suggest that post are approved before being posted. You cannot take back what was already written and observed this morning. The damage was done to both parties. I know you caught it and deleted it but thats like saying I will “shame” you but just for an 40 minutes then i will stop. That does not fix it. I would recommend if you can to review the post first then post. I believe other papers do that, it only makes sense.

    Thanks for your quick response and i hope this site continues to grow.

    I believe you have my email address if you would like to talk let me know…

  69. Thanks for the suggestion. Such an action may be necessary, despite the rarity of these issues, even though it tends to have an impact on the quality of the conversation (we may not have time to review comments very quickly). Still under consideration. Thanks again

  70. I think if people are posting then they should have the proof to back it up. We have tons of proof on the way to a town near you. Parker, Bouse, Salome, Wenden, Quartzsite, Cibola, Ehrenberg, Valley, Up River and any other area that I didnt remember, we have people in your area that will host meetings and if you wish to attend we are doing our best to get the true facts out there. Those of you that question the recall I challange you to attend I bet we can show you the real truth. We just want the lies and bad cops gone. We have the right to be protected and told the truth.

  71. Better days ahead,
    Name the time and the place and we will be there, But be careful about the truth, most people hate it and will turn on you for telling them the truth!

  72. The facts will speak for themself and I will keep this site updated with the dates and times we will be in your area. Hang in there for those of you that want the truth and for those of you affraid. Be very afraid!!!!!

  73. County Employee,

    An absolute defense to your libel or slander rant is the “truth”, there is no libel unless you can find defamation. There is no defamation in these postings. Bloggers can write truth all day. I believe that you are really suggesting that John Wright try to filter the information on the posts to more of your liking to protect only your peeps.

  74. I’ve posted this before and I’ll post it again. Rather than say “come to out meetings at a date, time, and location yet to be determined,” why not just make all this “proof” accessible online.

    Scan the documents to a PDF file, post them on a website (there are PLENTY of cheap or free website hosting services out there.) BOOM, with a few hours work they are instantly available to everyone who doesn’t believe you. Its a simple, easy, and fast way to put your money where your mouth is. If the “proof” is so convincing, wouldn’t you want it immediately available to everyone? Yet, this hasn’t been done. Its all “you’ll see” or “we’re going to do this.”

    Something tells me this “proof” will say nothing without a recall committeeman there to twist and spin the documents and their meaning. Its a good reason why they won’t make it available unless its at a Recall Station or meeting. Speculation, yes, but IMO a viable one.

    Viable points mixed in with slander and some flat out lies. Accusations based on rumors, not proven facts. You can’t supplement viable arguments with rumors,half truths, and misrepresentation of facts. Even if its to serve what you believe to be the greater good.

    If you pour dirt into a tasty cake mix, the final cooked cake will still taste like dirt (no matter how delicious the original mix was.)

  75. To be clear, anything that is potentially libelous will be removed (just because we have no way of knowing and we consider it prudent to be proactive). But our only legal obligation is to remove libel on request; we actually do more than that and censor ahead. Basically, a good rule of thumb is be respectful of others’ feelings no matter what you think they’ve done, and keep names/personalities out of it… then we’ll be all good!

  76. Smiles nailed it! And John will go along with County Employee because that goes along with what all media does in this county, FEEL GOOD FLUFF! Don’t want to say anything controversial because someone might get their feelings hurt! OR, controversy might disrupt the powers that be, God forbid that ever happens. We all know the powers that be have our best interest in mind, right? Removing stuff that is potentially libelous is another way of saying we aren’t going to work too hard at finding the truth around here.

  77. Wow, recall them all is one angry person.Sad though, this person doesn’t have a clue! He or she goes off on rants that make no sense. I guess the best we can do for this person is say a prayer and hope he or she forgives the person who wronged them in the past.

  78. Angry, yes! Sad no! I have already forgiven the misguided souls who know not the right things to do in this life, but I WILL NEVER FORGET. Say a prayer for yourself because you are going to need it!