Water rights facts

Today’s Economist has an article of interest about the allocations of Colorado River water. Most people know that the Law of the River decided several decades ago who gets the water rights. Things you may not know:

  • Lake Mead is only 40 percent full.
  • Nobody knows if the drought is temporary or permanent.
  • The Law of the River apportions more water than there is in the river.
  • Because of the falling water level in Lake Mead, Las Vegas is cutting a third intake through the rock below the water line that will be ready in 2014.
  • In theory, seniority rules mean that the taps to Las Vegas would be shut completely before a single lettuce-grower in California’s Imperial County lost a drop.

Read the article here.


  1. “Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting over!”
    – Mark Twain

  2. WHAT?? The County has had a large portion of it’s money seized by Writs of Garnishment and we are talking about WATER? Um lets see here, county employees may be paid in IOU’s Thursday or talk about water. hmmmm. I know that you and Keith like to defer the focus of actual local news on the radio to “News you can’t use” but “come on man!”. Anyone that lives along the river knows about the importance of water. How about a story on Thursday about “dust the cause of Valley Fever”? And now we are on the cusp of Yakima seizing (seized) LPC $$$ and hard working honest folks possibly not getting paid on time due to foolish and personal decisions of the past and current Board of Supervisors.

  3. The question here is, Lost, did this ACTUALLY happen; or is this one of those hypothetical “I am sure it will happen” scenarios like Mr. Roth and his friends use. The “When chief gilbert gets indicted by the grand jury, blah blah blah”‘ predictions.

    More importantly in this town, WHERE did you hear it? Information is only as reliable as its source.

    IF this is true, I also would like to know why there’s been no local media coverage. Nothing in the pioneer, nothing here or on KLPZ. Its a HUGE story IF its true. John, any comments?

  4. EVERYONE in this County has had the chance to meet and talk with Mr. Willett. He has had numerous town meetings and he has a phone number. Has anyone called him? Common Sense? He has made it available in the past. I guess if you question the validity of my post I guess Thursday will tell. Let us hope I am wrong.

  5. Lost, are you talking about this?



  6. Lost in La Paz:

    EVERYONE in this County has had the chance to meet and talk with Mr. Willett. He has had numerous town meetings and he has a phone number. Has anyone called him? Common Sense? He has made it available in the past. I guess if you question the validity of my post I guess Thursday will tell. Let us hope I am wrong.

    Well, being that in your previous post you “has had a large portion of its money seized.” That’s the past tense, meaning it already happened. Based on your reply to my question, that is not true. I’m guessing the “County Employees may be paid with IOUs” is something you also pulled out of your rear. As much validity as the Quartzsite crazies talk of “Quartzsite may be disincorperated” or “the chief will be indicted by a federal grad jury.” All fantasies based on nothing but the opinions of those saying it.

    Now anything is possible. A meteor may strike Parker dam in the near future and wash us all away. But there is as much evidence of that as there is of the claims people in this county make because they’re angry.

    Look, I’m as angry about Yakima and the BoS as anyone else. There’s a LOT more going on with the BoS than the county public knows, and the media ignores it. Yes, I’m furious. But that does not justify making things up, spreading unsubstantiated rumors, or outright lying.

    One thing I will say positive about Mr. Roth and his cronies. Right or wrong, at least they are taking action against the politicians who they believe are corrupt. The County SHOULD be trying to recall this BoS, and not the Sheriff. But instead, we focus on a recall based on 10 years worth of water cooler talk, and ignore whats happening as we speak with the BoS.

  7. Roth has already been exposed. If Roth says it you need to check it.

  8. According to my moles, rats, snitches, spies, bank insiders, paid off politicians, snakes, eyes in the sky, crooked government employees, old timers, intercepted electronic intel, ghosts, disgruntled ex employees and a vast conglomeration of other sources, a large amount of the Counties money HAS BEEN garnished. Just call the BOS office to confirm.

  9. Once again, Lost In La Paz has the most common sense rant. Why doesn’t the Parker Pioneer cover the Yakima story, and KLPZ for that matter? There IS a reason for it. It’s the same reason you never hear about Dan Fields antics at the BOS meetings. And it has nothing to do with a conspiracy, as the lazy unthinking like to pin on me.

    Billy Wayne, my long time sources in Salome say they never heard of you. You say I have been exposed (prove it) I say you have been revealed!

    Thanks for the shout out Common Sense. All I am trying to do is rout out the evil that has overtaken my community and I have taken the brunt of the criticism for it. The past few years have been like removing a tick from a dog that doesn’t like to be touched. (And by the way I never said Gilbert will be indicted by a grand jury blah blah blah, you’ve confused me with someone else. We don’t sit around a table here and discuss what people post on various blogs. Others may have said it who are defending me, but it doesn’t mean I said or believe it. I think the system is so corrupt here that Jeff Gilbert will probably get a promotion when his time is up in Quartzsite)

    If only 50 to 100 more people in the county acted like my fellow patriots are in Quartzsite maybe La Paz County wouldn’t in the hole it is in.

    If you guys pull the recall papers on the BOS (And Sam Vederman and George Nault) I will have 100 signatures within a week, and 500 signatures within a month. It would be up to you guys to take care of the rest of the County.

    Let’s not wait for the elections, let’s get rid of these parasites NOW! You guys down with this or do you just like to talk?

    Be prepared to be harrased harangued, laughed at, mocked, bullied, maybe arrested and tried, or ignored, and possibly pummeled if you decide to do the right thing in this County.

  10. Seriously? This is a very interesting article about water and a chance to talk about resources and weather trends. Do we really have to talk about Yakima and county politics?

  11. It’s better we stick our head in the sand.

  12. Updates will be coming on the Yakima issue, on a separate thread.

  13. Well, it looks like I owe Lost In La Paz an apology. I’d love to know who he is and how he found out a week before everyone got blindsided. Because hes apparently more in the know than we think, or knows someone who is.

    Katie, giving what happened today, we SHOULD be talking about Yakima.

    John, its time ya guys got on this. This is big and its BAD. Really should be front page news.

  14. Common Sense – Andy Jones, Sassy Jones and I tried to tell everyone this was coming in 2006, during a recall attempt of Fisher and Edey. The term recall became spun to mean a “bad thing” in the county because we were trying to stop these public “heroes” from driving this county into insolvency, through a lawsuit the county initiated, but did not have anything to gain. Check with the Pioneer, it’s all documented. KLPZ, and others of course resorted to name calling and epithets towards me and the Jones’. We are not heretics, we loved this County and were appalled at the events the Board was taking – in effect taking the County we grew up in and turning it into something much different than what what it was, or could be. Our biggest export is our children and our money – which means were are exporting our future, as we said in 2006.

    Recalls are not bad things, they may be uncomfortable because the recall advocates might be telling the truth. And you don’t want to hear the truth, or even critically think for a minute, as evidence of your callous and quick dismissal of Lost and others in this thread.

    As far as I’m concerned, nobody was blindsided. This very website has many discussion threads foretelling of this possible outcome. The 2006 recall was all about trying to stop this. During the 2008 election, every candidate spoke to this issue, and this inevitable day. Sometimes you just gotta pull your head out of your backside, and LISTEN and THINK.


  15. CS- We were as surprised to learn of this as anybody else. Frankly, as conspiratorial as people can be, it’s difficult to know what is based on fact and what isn’t. Unfortunately this turns out to have some validity, which we explore in an article just posted.

  16. Frankly John, The County Supervisors had the facts, but the press didn’t, or wouldn’t, or couldn’t. The Court also has a copy of the facts, again, the press didn’t.

  17. We don’t have the resources for investigative reporting Jerry. Thus we rely on being informed a lot of the time. We reported this as soon as it was confirmed news, and that was this morning.

  18. Well, I was skeptical too, because of all the conspiracy theories that go on. Its difficult to tell who is making things up and who knows whats going on, especially when those who know whats going on can’t use their real names out of fear of “getting in trouble.” IE county employees.

    I am glad that you guys got the story up fast, which was the goal of talking about it here. Hopefully the Pioneer follows suit. I’m betting department heads knew about this for awhile, but the line employees just found out when it happened.

    In reference to my first post in this thread, I guess I should start watching the skies for that meteor hitting Parker Dam. Off to MCs Market to buy a life jacket now.

  19. Common Sense – I assume you are not using your real name either, did you pick this identity because it seems ironic, or oxymoronic to your posts?

    Really, you can track meteors and compute the likelihood of one hitting earth. Here’s a link: http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/

    With regard to Yakima, you can read the posts on this website, go to meetings, and read court docs online. It isn’t much of a stretch to predict that Yakima would collect on its money, after several judges ruled Yakima was due that money. Why would Yakima fight for it, and spend money on attorneys to get it if they didn’t intend to collect? They wouldn’t. Even a local amateur news club could figure this easy enough, if they wanted to.

  20. So, you guys down for a good old fashioned RECALL?

  21. No Jerry, this obviously isnt my real name. Which is why I made the statement that I did. You’re not to good at picking up inferences and innuendo, are ya? Could it be possible that I, too, am one of those people who CAN”T use their real name out of fear of getting in trouble, as I stated above?

    The reason that Recall is a dirty word is because its been used as a tool of personal and petty politics. The recent CRIT Recalls and the Sheriff’s Recall were nothing more than personal vendettas. Maybe thats what the board wanted with the Sheriff’s Recall, to get people sick and tired of Recalls so they don’t use it against them when the hammer falls.

    I think Recalls should only be used in extreme circumstances. And folks, this IS an extreme circumstance. So yes Mr. Roth, its time to send the supes packing.

  22. Pull the papers on them. You can’t hide all your life!

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