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Hello. I used to come to this site multiple times a day, as it seemed like a great place to come for things that were happening in Parker. Now it seems like the only thing you are covering are Quartzsite. What happen to covering other things before the Pioneer did? – Anonymous

Take a look at the Pioneer this past week; it’s dominated by Quartzsite news too. This is due to a combination of factors: the newsworthiness of what’s happening in the town of Quartzsite this month; the relative quiet in Parker; the slow news month of August. Things generally begin to pick up in September. Don’t worry, nothing has changed! If you think there’s any news missing, please pass it on.

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  1. I am with the reader on Quartzite News. But, it is a part of La Paz County and they don’t have their own newspaper. Would be a grand idea if someone started one out there!

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