County Recorder on Foster recall

La Paz County Recorder Shelly Baker stopped by the studios of KLPZ 1380am to talk with me about yesterday’s recall election which unseated Mayor Ed Foster in the town of Quartzsite. Watch below (click the small play button to stay on this page; requires Flash).


  1. Those damned rigged early ballots. Fact is, the town’s side was better organized for this one.

    Ed was counting on the massive publicity to save him, but YouTube didn’t get to vote in this election.

    We’ve got to be able to have elections when most of the voters are here. MOST people who live here in the winter are gone during the summer, and MOST of them aren’t happy with this guvermint!

    They won, we lost, NEXT…

  2. Aren’t the “most” you are referring to “residents” of another locale who choose to vacation in Quartzsite? If “most” of those people are not happy with the government in Quartzsite then… well, who cares? That’s akin to my saying I don’t like the government in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I don’t live there so I have no standing in what goes on there. Same for “most” of the people who are in Quartzsite in the winter. If “them” people are not happy with Quartzsite there are plenty of other winter destinations across our great country…

  3. No. These people own property here, and only get out for the summer. Or, they don’t own property here but still spend the majority of the year here. I’m not talking about snowbirds who just come here for a few months.

    What part of “when most of the VOTERS are here” don’t you understand?

    And what’re you saying, someone who IS a resident of another area can’t get involved in local politics? As long as they aren’t breaking any laws why would you have a problem with someone who wants to see their favorite winter destination cleaned up of the corruption?

    Your argument is similar to the current Council, “If you don’t like the way we do things around here, LEAVE!” Yeah, that’s going to help the local economy!!!

    Let me guess, you are all for raising taxes on the visitors because the politicians lied about settling the Yakima judgement. And if they don’t like the higher taxes, they can just spend their money someplace else. Good luck with that way of thinking!

  4. Here’s something you all might not be aware of:

    Many, many people have told me they don’t want to deal with the “campaigning” that now takes place at the polling center (Quartzsite Senior Center), so they voted either by mail or at the Satellite voting two weeks ago.

    After reading comments online about how some feel it was a fixed election, one person said to me, “what? Are they saying my vote doesn’t count, all because I don’t want to deal with their crap at the Senior Center?”

    I know of at least 20 people who are changing their voting habits due to the “campaigning” taking place at the Senior Center- mostly elderly voters.

    I would caution people about making assumptions.

    I know for myself, coming from Oregon, it was a huge shock to even see signs still posted on election day, let alone having people shout and “campaign” as you enter the polling center. I was used to campaigning being over on election day, allowing for a peaceful voting experience. I personally prefer that.

  5. Oh Please, that’s a stretch! More people are pissed off about the heavy police presence at the polling station and at town hall than they are about Ed Foster setting up a table across from the Senior Ctr. (which is legal BTW)

    If Ed or his supporters were harassing people walking in to vote, Chief Stormtrooper would’ve been Johnny on the Spot with his loyal Brown Shirts!

    If anything you said was true, where’s the video? And why would it be a shock to see election signs up on election day? (In spite of Jeff Gilbert’s attempt to take down signs on Moon Mtn. road the day of the election)

    Go back to Oregon and spread your “truth” there!!!

  6. The Desert Messenger statement is a emphatic lie.

    When I voted the Chief of Police Drove by, if what you say was going on I am sure he would have stopped.

    Nothing bothered me and I am over 80 .

    Why don’t you try sticking to the truth once .

    I seen no one break the law , at one time in my life I was in law enforcement.Your paper is very slanted you have lost your creditability.

    My wife received a ballot via mail ,with out asking ? must be a reason,I intend to find out why.

    ole frog

  7. “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
    ~John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902

  8. Thanks olefrog! I think what is going on here is Ed Foster is hitting a nerve. If what he is saying is true, and I tend to agree with him on this one (and we don’t agree on much) they might be running scared because they might just get caught with their rigged election this time. This has been happening for some time now. The red flag to me is Desert Messenger is doing damage control on this blog and they, to the best of my knowledge, have never posted here! Thanks for chiming in!!!

    Here’s the article that has them scurrying…

  9. As I listen to the comments, it becomes clear that anyone who offers a different opinion is going to be attacked. I take offense to my statement being termed, “an emphatic lie”!

    People may not like it, but my statement is based on my personal experience!

    I posted here because no one had suggested that some people voted early due to their choice of voting early.

    I have personal experience with many voters telling me why they voted early. PERIOD!

    BTW, Desert Messenger is owned and operated by me, Shanana Rain Golden-Bear, not “they”, just one person, me! Yup, I do it all, however many people submit articles, photos and events. So all the talk about them and they is incorrect.

    Voters made their decisions to VOTE EARLY before election day on Tuesday, including Jade! In order to vote EARLY, many made their decisions EARLY based upon their previous experiences at the polls.

    To suggest something is not true just because there is no video is downright silly!

    I already explained why it was a shock to witness signs on election day. Don’t need to reiterate. I will ad that I have many years of experience working in daily newspapers in Oregon and California. At that time the laws in both states were very similar about NO advertising/signs on the day of elections. That’s just the way it was!

  10. You have all of this exerience with newspapers, is that why you never accept letters to the editor from the other side? Were you an employee of The Parker Pioneer too?

    You always videotape everything else, (then heavily edit out the other side) why not on election day???

  11. Heres what Quartzsite is looking forward too.

    But in this case the “F”s on the shirt stand for Foster!

  12. In war, battles are won ,battles are lost.

    The war is not over when you loose one battle .

    Just like ole yogi said it ain’t over till it’s over.

    Look for more law suits ,civil rights violations law suits haven’t started yet ,not a good day for anyone to cheer nor a good day to feel sad .This will all come out in the wash.

    Will this all go away ? I don’t think so, the spear has been driven in to deep for the wound to heal so fast.

    PS I have read newspapers from all over the world having worked for an international airline for 30 years.

    I read four or five papers every day online. I reads yours ole frog knows newspapers ,I also know canal water and yours sucks canal water.

    ole frog

    Quartzsite, Arizona

  13. Local real estate agent and political activist Doug Gilford was arrested today… for allegedly daring to ask his masters at Town Hall questions, and videotaping it. God forbid we ever try and record our interactions with our enslaver’s!

    Hey Doug, the real estate market might suck, but the market for lawsuits against Quartzsite Town Hall and their minions sure look bright!

    Here’s Doug’s blog…

  14. anotherdayinparadise

    Experience working in a daily news paper? Sure, maybe on the paper route. Good luck on your damage control, but its a little to late. People see how fake you are. The crap coming out in your wanna be paper is worthless. It’s ok for you and the other bullies to get in everyones personal space and in their face with your camera but when someone speaks out against you, you say its an attack.

    The citisn

  15. anotherdayinparadise

    The citizens of Quartzsite are tired of the lies and they are pushing back now. The crap in the messenger is as much of a joke as your fake name [……].

  16. You better be careful anotherdayinparadise, they will call you a radical and extremist, or a terrorist, and maybe even compare you to Jared Laughner. Or they’ll say you are aligned with Jade, Ed and Richard Oldham and your words will be “warning signs” that El Jeffy will use to put you on a special FBI Watch List. Or better yet they will say you only want to destroy the town for daring to speak truth to power. We need more “citisn’s” like you!!!!!!

    Watch your back…

    “Truth is Treason In The Empire of Lies”
    – Ron Paul

  17. anotherdayinparadise

    Oh man I was censored I’m sorry I didn’t realize I couldn’t talk about [….]. My bad.

    You will not be allowed to insult people. It’s not polite. I know you can make your point without resorting to insults. -JW

  18. It’s not me John, but I like anotherdayinparadise already!!!

  19. Of course you do. 🙂

  20. Once you ban him or her, that’s when they earn major street cred points! 🙂

    The resistance will be monitoring….

  21. That’s right… It’s initiation!

  22. I heard about Doug being arrested, someone heard on the scanner something about trespassing? What you can’t even walk into town hall these days and ask a question? Now how is that trespassing? If this man had never been arrested till now and because of town hall’s not so smart rules has a police record that is just wrong.

  23. anotherdayinparadise

    Was I banned? My entire post was deleted. I’m sure I got my point across still though. MR don’t encourage JW to ban me because I am not being mean I am just expressing my dislikes. But JW you know you read my post and you know it made you smile.

  24. anotherdayinparadise

    Yes Doug was arrested and I’d bet money on it that it truly had nothing to do with trespassing. Knowing how the ball rolls…. He was arrested because he went against their grain!! Doug is a nice and gentle person and we have all seen the evilness of the dirty laundry gang.

  25. anotherdayinparadise

    MR you didn’t answer my question. Did it get deleted before you could see it? I asked if you ever found out who C.T. was??

  26. I only saw the ones that were edited. John can be a little anal retentive sometimes, but he’s mostly ok. What did you say about CT? Try it again with a different twist and see if John let’s it roll….

    Do you live here in Qtown? The resistance is ALWAYS recruiting! And don’t worry about being banned, it’s all part of becoming a truth teller!

  27. getoverit, it was wrong when I got arrested too, I had never been arrested before, but I guess I went about it wrong when I stood up to the nazi scum! Maybe it’s just the price for being first!

    I hope EVERYONE who was wronged by these nazi control freaks sues the living daylights out of all involved and maybe we can BANKRUPT this town and their sycophants out of existence. If they won’t let you speak at town hall, SHUT ‘EM DOWN!!!

  28. anotherdayinparadise

    No two different things. I was asking you if you ever checked out C.T. however that’s not what I was edited on. I was edited because I was saying how silly I thought some certain tattoos looked. I tried to word it different ways but it was a no go.

  29. CT seems like my kind of guy but I’ve never watched the show so I’m only going by what the studio printed about him…

  30. One never has to guess who side the Desert Messenger with its two owners are on. How come Rain and Golden-Bear have complete unrestricted access to town hall and video as they please? However, if you are not on the chosen list of Chief Jeff Gilbert’s friends list you get arrested!

    Chief Jeff Gilbert doesn’t believe in the law if he doesn’t like it. Case in point, take a look at these two links below. One tells of an Appellate Courts ruling that states that YOU DO HAVE THE RIGHT to record not only police in their duties but government officials as well. The second is Chief Jeff Gilbert in his own words stating that town rules over ride federal law!

    Article 1:
    Article 2:
    Article 3:

    Chief Jeff Gilbert Video:–AbAjuS4

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