County Attorney declines to prosecute Jennifer Jones

Reportedly County Attorney Sam Vederman will not be prosecuting Quartzsite newspaper publisher and activist Jennifer Jones for the charge of Tampering with a Witness.

Last Friday, Jones was arrested by controversial Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert at the town’s post office.

Jones says she will take action against Gilbert for what she sees as the latest example of harassment, part of the ongoing political drama in the town. She also blamed Justice Karen Slaughter for setting her bail so high on Friday, forcing her friends in the community to come up with $10,000.


  1. Jeff Gilbert is not controversial, he’s a criminal!

    If the good people of Dist. 3 re-elects Slaughter, they deserve the government they’ll get, which they won’t like!

    She took my guns away because of the wack-job politician below, and she REFUSED me my legal fees. ### #####!

    This election, DON’T RE-ELECT ANYONE!!!

  2. Typical La Paz County politics. Where do we start? Larry Irwin is the PARK RANGER cuz he sent a 17 page threat letter to La Paz County about suing them and so the Board of Supervisors give him a new position out of the sheriffs office. Then they hire Linc Gilbert as his assistant that resigned from the sheriffs office under strange cicrcumstances (that seem to have involved female co-workers). Oh, and Larry Irwins wife is a Supervisor. So them Drum gets a couple relatives hired by the County and who knows what Sandy gets. This has to be one of the most corrupt couties in the USA. At this point I am convinced that there is NO HOPE for the future of La Paz County. None. Leave. Get out. This place has become a vacuum of intellect. I think that folks that enter Low Pay County at the Colorado River crossing at I-10 are actually DUMBER by the time they hit the border with Maricopa County. Maybe we should install a “Gene Fisher” toll booth on I-10 to help pay for this Yakima lawsuit.

  3. anotheronebitesit

    controversial definition
    1.of, subject to, or stirring up controversy; debatable
    2.Rare liking to take part in controversy; disputatious

    Definition of DISPUTATIOUS
    1a : inclined to dispute b : marked by disputation
    2: provoking debate : controversial

    Oh I think this fits Jeff to a T!

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