California suspect has not committed crime in Parker area

Statement from Sheriff’s Lieutenant Alan Nelson


The upriver community is awash with rumors regarding a suspect that escaped and fled from California authorities last week. Although it is true that he was seen in the area, rumors about his breaking into a home and/or committing a sexual assault in our area are not true.

The suspect was befriended and given a ride to Parker by a local resident. This resident notified the Sheriff’s Office about the suspect when he started acting “strange” and requested that he leave his home. At that time the suspect, wanted in California, left the home and presumably the area.

Although the warrant for this suspect existed in California, it was not extraditable from Arizona. That means that if Law Enforcement had located him, there was no legal authority to detain him on the California charges or warrant. Even so, Officers from the Sheriff’s Office, Parker and CRIT PD conducted a search of the area and were unable to locate the suspect, while they tried to obtain authority to hold him for California authorities.

Again, no assault, break-in, rape or other crime was committed in the local area. While the suspect has most likely left the area, anyone sighting unfamiliar or suspicious persons are encouraged to contact local Law Enforcement.


  1. Ok, so this guy flees from California cops (unlawful flight 28-622.01) into AZ (felony fugitive 13-3842) in a stolen car (theft of means of transportation 13-1814) and we can’t come up with any charges on him? Wow. I came up with three felonies all committed in AZ without even thinking about it much. Way to go S.O. We all feel so much safer knowing there is a sex maniac running loose in the area.

  2. JB- As far as I’m aware there was no stolen vehicle. And the press release states that various agencies searched for him, so the extradition problem didn’t stop the police from pursuing him while the legalities were being worked out. I don’t know what more the agencies could have done to protect citizens.

  3. You’re correct John. Check out the “rest of the story” on the front page of It’s the same guy, they just choose not to mention it in the press release.

  4. Also notice in the article that Blythe P.D. describes they guy as “dangerous” and needing “to be arrested before he has a chance to hurt another person.” I think they could do more such as putting a couple of more deputies in the area. Don’t get me wrong, I think they do the best they can with what they have, but this situation seems to demand a greater response then they appear to be willing to give.

  5. Thanks for the link. Anyone wanting the earlier story from Blythe should CLICK HERE.

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