Americans for Prosperity to hold presentation tomorrow


  1. tick tick tick tick tick tick TICK…..

  2. Here is…a group that puts corporations and business above people. A group that promotes making money over helping the helpless. A group that will make sure there is no world left unpolluted for our grandchildren. A group that intends to put the balance of power even more towards the rich and the corporations, while the workers are left with nothing. A group that wants to take away cigarette taxes so Phillip Morris execs can put even more $$ into their bonuses while our loved ones get cancer and die. A group that wants to take away smoking bans, and this, coupled with their hatred of health care, show that they value money over people.
    A group that was started by an oil baron…do you really think he has your best interests at heart?
    Side with them and you sell your souls for a few coin. Is it worth it, Parker? Really?

  3. Some facts…

    Real lasting positive change is best accomplished when it’s from the bottom up, not from the top down. There wouldn’t be groups like the above if the sheeple weren’t so damned lazy about fighting for their liberties.

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