Peter Pocklington responds

Canadian entrepreneur and former Edmonton Oilers owner Peter Pocklington has written Parker Live to “emphatically deny” the allegations we reported a few days ago were filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission against him.

Pocklington, who resides in Palm Desert, CA, says he is “stunned” that officials are questioning his La Paz County mine’s gold potential:

“The geologists who conducted and reviewed the tests on those sites boast impeccable reputations and have been conscientious and thorough in their testing. We do not tell our investors anything their data is not telling us. These respected geologists — Craig Parkinson, a professional geologist with more than 30 years’ experience; Dr. John Guy-Bray, a Canadian geologist with extensive international mining experience; and Dr. Joseph Balser, one of the most prominent mineralogists and metallurgists in America — stand by their work.”

Court documents allege that Pocklington’s mine could not possibly produce the claimed gold, calling the analysis of his geologists ‘flawed’.

Pocklington went on to defend his associate John McNeill, who was accused of having misled a potential investor, saying:

“He and I have both worked diligently, candidly and honestly with all of the company’s investors and have been conscientious in guiding the company through the necessary regulatory frameworks. We are committed to raising capital in accordance with existing rules and regulations.

I will stand before anyone anywhere and say this: We are not doing anything wrong. Any errors made in the past were born of inexperience and naivete, not malice or avarice, and they were quickly rectified a long time ago. We have nothing to hide and remain confident this, too, will be resolved.”

Pocklington’s attorneys have requested hearings in the case.

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