What would you do with the Alewine property?

Reader question:

What is the plan for the Alewine property on Riverside Drive? Is it going to be turned into something?

Parker Live spoke with Jimmy Alewine this morning, asking him this common question. The property, which was razed after a series of fires, is on a prominent stretch of the main drag in Parker, AZ and so it’s not surprising people have an interest in it.

The property takes up 11 city lots in total, most of which are zoned for either industrial or commercial. The Riverside Drive lots are commercial, as well as those opposite Western Park on Desert Avenue. A developer could apply to rezone other lots if need be.

The property is currently for sale for $1.1 million and, contrary to reports, has not been sold already.

This raises the question: what kind of development would suit this property best? What kind of developer could get the most out of it?

If you have an opinion on this, leave a comment below. I’ll get it started.