This is the End

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Best adult comedy of the year.

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Now playing in Parker: This is the End. Here’s Movie Man Keith Moses’s review of the film.


KEITH: Best comedy of the year so far! Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg’s comedic take on the apocalypse is such an original idea (which are hard to come by lately).

Rogan gathers together his friends and they each play (hopefully) exaggerated versions of themselves. Starting slowly, it builds up to a virtual non-stop barrage of jokes, especially during the party scenes. Michael Cera has a cameo in the movie, which is hilarious, but it’s Danny McBride who steals the show as the guy that no one quite likes…

There are some gross moments I could have done without, but they are so short and move right into something else you forget them quickly! This is not a movie for younger kids (hence the R rating) but adults will enjoy it.

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