To The Editor: Reward offered for finding Toby


A letter about a missing dog:

Hi John,

While camping at Big River RV Park last Saturday night (August 3rd) our dog Toby managed to escape out of our trailer window. We searched until late Sunday night but had to return back home to Long Beach for work. We are heading back to Big River Friday to Sunday to scour the area.

He is a male smooth hair terrier breed 14 lbs, primarily tan but has white markings between his eyes, on his chest and front legs, his belly is light and he has white at the tip of his tale. He resembles a fox. He is wearing a heavy duty brown leather collar with tags and he has a chip in his back.

Our numbers are: Paul (310) 963-6752, and Teri (562) 225-7449. We are offering a reward as well. The number to Big River RV park is (760) 665-9359 if you cannot reach us. I am attaching a picture of the flyer that has been posted around town.

Teri and Paul

Perhaps some kind locals want to help look? Or maybe someone has seen Toby and wants to report it? You can also call me at KLPZ 1380am: (928) 669-9274. Let’s try to get this dog reunited with his family.

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  1. Paul & Teri wish to express their deepest gratitude for everyone’s help in finding Toby. Toby was found but unfortunately, not alive.

    “Seems that everywhere we went we could always find someone that already knew and was looking for him. Especially Joe (don’t know his last name but he lives close to the fire station where Toby was found in Big River) for taking the time to call us and break the sad news. He didn’t want us to see Toby, so he offered to pick him up and bury him for us, he wouldn’t take anything in return for his good deed. Although the outcome is not what we wanted, at least we have closure.”


    Paul & Teri

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