Motion to fire Field fails

A motion to dismiss County Administrator Dan Field failed today in front of a boardroom packed with members of the public.


The motion was apparently created by Supervisor D.L. Wilson, who cited “fundamental differences of opinion” with Field as a primary reason for firing him, but neither of the other two supervisors would second the motion.

Supervisor Holly Irwin chaired the well-attended meeting, at the beginning of which she gave Field the opportunity to have the discussion in public instead of in private executive session as planned, since it related to him and his employment.

“Not knowing what this is about,” Field replied, “I’d say let’s do it in executive session.”

The supervisors and Field then retired to a private room for the session while the public waited in the main boardroom for well over an hour. A hush came over the room as the party came back in around 12:15 a.m. and Irwin reconvened the meeting a couple of minutes later.

Wilson started by reading from prepared remarks explaining his reasons for taking the action, saying that he was concerned about the future of the county.

“I’m not one to advocate change for change’s sake,” he said. “And even after our discussion I still feel that.”

He said that he and Field have “fundamental differences of opinion” about the direction of the county and in which direction it should go, adding, “I have not requested consideration of this change without great thought. It is my opinion that the path we are on will not lead us to where we need to be.”

Wilson then made a motion to dismiss Field immediately. Supervisor King Clapperton said he would like to speak too, but as he was getting started Wilson raised a point of order, saying that there can be no discussion unless there is a second to the motion. Irwin then moved as chairperson, saying, “As there is no second, the motion has failed,” which was followed by applause in the room.

As is customary for public meetings, the last item on the agenda was Call to the Public, during which members of the public can get up and speak. Former County Assessor George Nault was first to get up, and said that he believes Field has too many job responsibilities, being not only County Administrator but also Interim Finance Director, Clerk of the Board and Librarian.

“This is an old trick of supervisors, overloading you and then you fail,” Nault said. He added that he feels everything Field has been doing is authorized by the Board who hired him, and told the supervisors if Field deserves to be fired, then they should resign too.

Sheriff’s Lieutenant Richard Epps spoke in defense of Field along with a local business owner identifying as ‘Tow Truck Mark’. “Losing him would be a bad thing for the country,” Epps said. “The Fields are honorable people who care about this community,” Mark added.

A volunteer at the Parker Animal Shelter, Rhonda Welch, spoke emotionally about a dog that had died at the animal shelter after the staff acting under Field allegedly neglected to give it veterinary care. She called the situation “hideous” and pointedly attacked Field for allowing it to happen before leaving the podium.

The director of the Parker-area nonprofit PAACE, Duce Minor, also came up to speak, saying that he had been aware of issues involving the county Finance Department for some time and had tried to address them numerous times with Wilson, Clapperton and Field without resolution.

Minor cited “just these three specific examples within my family” and said that promises to resolve the issues have not been kept. “Nothing has happened.”

Referring to Wilson’s attempt to fire Field at the meeting, Minor said, “I appreciate what you tried to do D.L.” and added that he was disappointed at Clapperton. Minor continued to level accusations of wrongdoing at Field, after which Field responded by saying Minor had made erroneous statements and accused Minor of “selling the county out”.

Irwin wrapped up the meeting by saying she had not been aware until today of “certain issues”, presumably raised in the executive session with Field, and that the Board would be addressing them.


  1. I for one am so relieved he didn’t get fired. With all that he has to do, he is doing a fine job. The lady at the shelter, I understand her being upset, but seriously, should they have called him about that? NO! Should Justine be reprimanded for that ABSOLUTELY!!! Being a county employee, who has worked with Dan, I have never had a problem being able to go talk to him about anything..I have worked here for 21 years. Have seen CM’s come and go. I’ve seen board members come and go too.
    I love my job….Thank you for Dan staying…

  2. #####, Mary!

    ##### Dan Field ######?

    And way to go Pawn Clappperton. Gerrymandered District 2 Thanks You for your failure to testosterone, I mean be a stand up man! What a disaster this place is. And George Nault, Quartzsite collectively says go to Hell!

  3. Thanks for the edits John

    Shows your true colors

    You and JJ should start a paper. You could call it the Daily Fish Wrap, or Birdcage Liner Unlimited. Or, Truth Not Allowed To Be Spoken Here

    And for all who think Dan Field should be respected and keep his job, Wake Up!

    Look around, do you see a prosperous and free County? Dan Field has been here for umpteen years, what’s he accomplished other than lining his pockets and that of his friends like Holly and Larry Irwin.


  4. Nah you just broke the site rules. That simple.

  5. Which rule? The one that says being brutally honest is not tolerated around here? Ok, I’ll work on my wimpiness.

    You know if Political Correctness wasn’t placed on a higher pedestal than free and unfettered speech maybe this Kounty would’nt have had to swallow the 20 freaking million dollars in debt that was called Yakima.

    Thanks for the insane taxes in this Kounty, but at least nobody got their feelings hurt!

  6. CoCoCoCoCoCoCoCo

  7. Roth I don’t understand the heat between you and Larry Irwin. I’ve had the opportunity to meet him a couple times and he seems like a nice guy. Never met Holly but she seems to be doing a great job as a Supervisor. I understand why you may have animosity towards her since she worked you over in an election. As far as King Clapperton, I met him several times and he’s pretty straight forward. Again, just because someone does not agree with your views does not make them wrong. Free speech and people have different opinions. We all can’t be conspiracy theorist. There needs to be some rational people out there. John you do a great job and service for people in La Paz County. Keep keeping us informed.

  8. Cisco,
    You’re such a freaking liar! But it’s in your blood to lie. In fact, you’re trained to lie. When you’re willing to come out from your fake handle here, and everyone sees you for the order follower you are, then we can have a real intellectual discussion about the police state we are living in.

    For the good people of La Paz….

    And good luck getting Irwin elected Sheriff. This county has no standards, which is obvious by you still being here.

    And John, you do a pretty good job. Don’t take my ribbing personally, I’m just waiting for your nuts to drop!

  9. Am I the only one who goes straight to the comments sections to see what sort of conspiracy theory the misonyst Michael Roth comes up with?

  10. Michael Roth is comical. Thanks for the entertainment.

  11. David Page Sr.

    So what connection is there between Irwin & field? So now that Irwin is aware of some of fields wrong doings let’s see how she deals with them.

  12. You’re welcome Jessica,

    It’s either laugh or cry, I choose the former because this Kounty is a freaking joke managed by the worst of the worst. I know, I suffered under Dan Field Rule for YEARS! La Paz Kounty is the new Quartzsite! Look around, open your eye’s, stop breathing sand.

    Ask yourself, how has Dan Field impacted this Kounty for the better?

    I could give you hundreds of reasons how he’s been bad!!! Plausable Deniability Dan ####################### Or, how about this one , “La Paz County, we do apathy and ignorance best!” Don’t let it become true!!!

    Google “kakistocracy”, that’s what you’ve got folks, unless you resist!

  13. #####################################################

  14. David Page,
    Dan Field made the Irwins, Holly will do what she always does, she will be Dans good little girl.

    With 3 Supes, 2 of which are loyal to the machine, it’s going to be same old same old unless wholesale changes are made, and NOW!

  15. Being relatively new to La Paz County, what is Administrator Fields accused of doing or not doing? Why was he under the gun to be fired? “Fundamental differences of opinion” hardly seems to be enough. It seems like “side taking” is the only point of the story. Better reporting needed so the people of the county can be better informed with what this was all about in the first place. More credible information would be great instead of all the finger pointing.

  16. Rock on Micheal Roth! Don’t quite agree with your approach but I do agree with a lot of your views and I am not a fan of Holy Irwin.

    And David Page you ask what is the connection between Dan Field and the Irwins????? Lets start with the fact that he created a job and a big one for her husband when she became a supervisor!!!! Give me a break!!!! She won’t do a thing. NOTHING!!!!

    OMG wake up La Paz County!!!! Get rid of them all.

  17. Jim Reaves,
    You’ll not get better reporting. You’ll have to do it yourself. John and I have gone around and around on this in the past. Seems he’s afraid to ruffle any feathers. And forget about Parker Pioneer too. Everyone is buddy buddy around here. If any of the “news sources” were to start asking serious questions, they’ll get the “Quartzsite Experience.”

    To get the truth out in this Kounty you have to go to jail! Not many people are willing to venture that far down the rabbit hole.

  18. Thanks Kayla,
    Any action is better than no action! No matter what I or anyone else does to change the criminals ruining this Kounty we’re going to be laughed at, scorned, harassed, probably ticketed and even jailed. So my attitude is screw the approach just do something. I’m wondering what kind of creative harassment LPCSO will dole out next. I’m so sick of the effers violating, or attempting to violate my rights. Just remember deputy the next time you follow your illegal order you too can be the next Jeff Gilbert! Want to be a YouTube star? Do you want to see millions of views next to your ignorant face? Just do what your superiors tell you to do like they taught you at the academy, and you too can be hung out to dry just like the idiots we used to have here in Quartzsite, but are now working for Plausible Deniability Dan Field in Parker!

    We have the Bill of Rights and Jury Nullification for a reason! Learn your rights and use them or you don’t have any!!!

  19. Michael- It’s actually much less of a conspiracy theory, and much less about censorship or freedom of speech, than your conspiratorial mind suggests.

    The simple truth is this: when you leave comments on this site, you typically aren’t content to make reasonable, level-headed points that express your political beliefs. Instead you insist on insulting others, name-calling, making attacks and other ad hominem remarks that break our house rules, lead other people to feel that they don’t want to join the conversation, and prompt complaints to me from our readers who don’t want to see your abuse.

    I’ve always told you that your comments are welcome when they are civil and respectful to those with whom you disagree, but when they’re not, they’ll be edited, and if they continue, you just won’t be welcome at all. Think of it like this: yes, there’s freedom of speech, but you’re at our dinner table. If you can’t be nice to the other guests you need to go home.

  20. John,
    You completely deleted the least offensive thing I’ve ever written here.

    I understand it’s your house and all that but can’t you see people are starving for filling content and you’re feeding everyone pablum. Yum yum that boot leather sure tastes good!

    Have you noticed the threads where I am active are some of the most participated threads on your site, so spare me the I chase people away crap.

    C’mon good people of Dan Field Kounty, put some heat on Pawn Clapperton, get him to man up and fire the terrible tyrant!

  21. And one more thing John, your ad hominem attacks on me fall flat. When you accuse me of being conspiratorial you only embarrass yourself. If it’s true, is it a conspiracy still?

  22. Roth,

    You can accuse and throw around your attacks at me, but you still did not answer the question. What has Larry Irwin ever done to you? You have had a bad experience in Quartzsite with Jeff Gilbert, what did the Sheriff’s Office do to you? I didn’t care for the potential illegal activity Gilbert did as Chief. I knew a couple of the Officers fired, known them since we were kids. It was a crazy time in Quartzsite back then. But for you to attack the Sheriff’s Office for what a rouge Chief did is absurd. I think our Sheriff’s Office is doing a good job. I have lived in multiple towns throughout this county and see the positive changes in the Sheriff’s Department. There is a younger and more respectable group of officers. That all starts at the top of any organization or department. You are a small few who feel this way so you have to bark the loudest to even be noticed. The old saying “Your bark not as strong as your bite.” Most people know this and do tune in just for entertainment. I would rate it as a comedy.

  23. Mary, I never mentioned any names including Justines, just setting the record straight. Dan Field, under his job description, has the responsibility of ensuring that the Animal Shelter has compentant staff and all the other necessary needs of the shelter are met on a day to day basis. He is ultimately responsible and should be ashamed that these hideous things have happened to poor, defenesless, innocent animals under his watch. You don’t even know half of what goes on and the fact that he never even shows up to ensure all the animals needs are being met, well let’s jest say I think that is reason enough for him to be replaced! People like you who want to pass the buck and not see the reality, that he is not responsible when he is responsible for the shelter, which I might add is paid to do the job, well that’s just pathetic!

    Rhonda Welch????

  24. Go Rhonda, the shelter has 1 full time employee.. She can not possibly do all the kennel work, office work and handle patrol calls 24-7.. it does not work. I have a shelter management back ground and I know Justine personally.. Good luck La Paz County, Dan has no interest in making things better..

  25. Crisco,
    You’re right. You and your gang are doing a bang up job! Keep Up The Great Work!

    And I’m wrong about Dan Field. He’s a real mensch!

  26. Rhonda I believe you. Dan Field did the same thing to the animal shelters here in Quartzsite! He is over paid and under qualified for every position he’s ever held in this County. Why didn’t Clapperton vote to fire him? That’s the question I’d like an answer to. Does anyone here know?

  27. I am shocked that when an event in the county takes place such as what happened on Monday, that there is not better in depth reporting of the subject. I could find nothing on the Parker Pioneer web site as well. This site is the only source of information I can find, and the commenting has turned into a three ringed circus. While I find Mr. Roth’s comments somewhat questionable at times, his conspiracy theories may not be that may from fiction. It appears that no one wants to be forthright in providing the facts about this event. The fact of the matter is that it has will continue to be problematic for the county and its administrator, and the citizens of La Paz do have a right to know the truth and depth of the problems and reasons why Mr. Field was almost fired. If Parker Live is unable to to report the facts and probe for the truth, then why even report it in the first place. I will find it hard to refer to this site in the future for anything more than the entertainment value of some of the comments. Very disappointed Mr. Wright.

  28. Can I get an Amen for Mr. Reaves?

    Lord knows I’ll never get one….

  29. Hallelujah, Mr. Roth!

    Not sure what your plights were Mr. Roth, but they have obviously left a deep scar. Mr. Wright, in looking back at your analogy to Mr. Roth I must say this. You referred to it as “our dinner table”. Who is included in “our”? The people who you share a view with? Is seems that your reporting of this event was somewhat sided by not reporting more. Assuming that you consider this site a media for reporting important news, then please report the full story. By publishing this site you are inviting all of us, yes even Mr. Roth. So when you serve us dinner, please serve the full course meal and not just the appetizer.

  30. Once again – WOW!

  31. Jim- It was a simple analogy about civility. In other words: everyone is welcome, if they’re civil instead of rude, insulting or abusive. That isn’t even close to being too much to ask.

  32. John,
    Do you know what is more rude, insulting or abusive?

    How about the insane taxes we’re forced to pay in Dan Field Kounty?

    How about being jailed and harassed (to this day) just for exercising your God given rights?

    How about seeing every criminal scumbag getting chased out your town (by yours truly and a few others) only to see them all get promoted to fat cushy overpaying jobs at the Kounty? And when trying to do something about it again hear things like “How’d that work out for you last time?” And the ding dong who thinks he’s insulting you does absolutely nothing.

    What you fail to clearly see is YOU have this wonderful opportunity to force our worthless politicians to do the right thing or to at the very least be exposed. But you won’t. So hardasses like me are left to fight the good fight alone all while you get to bask in the glory of living here, while really just being lazy, or unmotivated to improve your community.

    There’s more to life than reporting on the weather and the good times on the river, or the scores of the local teams, etc..

  33. Yes you are Crisco!

    A real joke!!!

  34. If all you folks had been treated by the powers that be like Roth has been treated I think you might be on his side. He has been arrested multiple times for unconstitutional reasons. This county has the highest tax rates in the state and yet our politicians tell us to “shop local” so we can pay off the Yakima lawsuit brought about thanks to Fisher, Edey and Mary Scott. $20 MILLION!!!!!! STUPID!! And who helped facilitate that? Dan Field! I suggest that you folks open your eyes to the severe corruption in this county. Why did our last Finance Director leave?? Why don’t we have a new one? What did she find that lead to her leaving? Hmmm
    I would love to see some hard journalism in this county. What would parkerliveonline discover if they went to the county and asked to see the last 6 years budget to actual information? What if they pressed to know about the way the state lawmakers made a proposition that allowed ONLY La Paz County to enact a NON VOTER APPROVED BOND SALE AND TAX HIKE? Yeah, this county in doomed. Doomed. I am afraid that the in-bread politicians will be in power forever and this county will end up being the hazardous waste disposal capitol of the world. Open your eyes folks.

  35. Wedostupidright,
    Be careful what you say around here, or John will call you a conspiracy theorist and tag teammate Crisco will come and attack you.

    But seriously, you don’t really expect to see real reporting do you? After all it takes lots of money and manpower to ask tough questions (according to John)

    Pawn Clapperton has to know about the corruption, why do you think he didn’t fire Dan? Does Dan have some compromising photo’s of Clapperton? Did Clapperton join in on the plunder and he can no longer do the right thing because he’s in over his head?

    And why aren’t the people publicly protesting? Is this how people act in Parker? You know Quartzsite gets a bad rep for the way it’s politicians act, and deservedly so, but we at least do something about it. Why aren’t there pitchforks and torches at Dan Fields house, and Clappertons too.

    At the height of our recent problems in Quartzsite I used to publicly shame the scumbag politicians. And guess what, they’re all gone now. ( new crop of scumbags are being worked on right now) but it seems like Parker is a sanctuary city for corrupt politicians. What’s it going to take to get people off their ass and DO SOMETHING?

    Do the people of La Paz like living in a dying economy? Are you so in love with taxes that you’re too comfortable to try to change things? What is it about Parker that nobody ever protests the criminals in charge? I wish someone would explain to me why year after year after year, the only changes coming from Parker and the Board of Supervisors and the Sheriff’s office are for the worst!

    Why? Can ANYONE tell me why this is? Is there too much fluoride in your water? Why is Dan Field still there when he has a proven track record of failure? (Just like our Mayor Failure Foster, but he’s not going to be in office
    for much longer)

    And always remember wedostupidright, in the words of the great American philosopher Ice T, you have freedom of speech here, just watch what you say!

  36. Are the videos supposed to make folks think that Roth is a kook? A heretic? Looks like a guy just trying to look out for his community from the curruption surrounding him. Was Roth right about the former chief of police. YES! SO if you are against Roth then you the videos proving him right ain’t working. And Mr. Roth yes, in Parker we LOVE to pay higher taxes! Don’t you? We love and hug corruption cuz that’s all we have. Don’t cha get it? If the folks are all kissing cousins how would you expect our policians not going to be? Parker, like many small towns, has the Law of Family Association. What’s that you ask? It is the philosophy that you obtain a higher standing determined on how many years your family has lived here! (unless of course you are Mohave) It’s that simple. If your new here and have a 170 IQ you are still a low life. Unless you are willing to serve in the interests of the Parker Peep’s then you are shunned. Simple. Although a person with a 170 IQ wouldn’t be seen in La Paz county in the first place. Yes we love curruption and taxes. It’s really more of a county wide thing tho. Our county is the only county in AZ with a “Stupid Politician” tax. Or you could call it a Edey-Fisher-Scott tax. Or a Drum-Irwin-Pierce tax. Yup a 1 percent tax on our county’s collective stupidity. And it will be there until the county pays of around $20 million in bonds. Extimated to be around 2099. Buy local!!! Support your local elected idiots! And Flouride? Oh hell yea! We got tons of flouride. So much in fact that the water in Parker South is undrinkable without treatment! That’s why we put in reverse osmosis out there! And a county maintenance facility. And fairground.

    ‘head smack’


  37. 170 IQ wouldn’t be seen in La Paz county in the first place? REALLY!? I lmao
    This a a joke!
    Carry on!

  38. Do you know someone with a 170 IQ?? REALLY?? DO tell. I tend to agree with Roth on this. The silent majority runs deep in our county.

  39. Yes.
    My brother.
    and I am done.
    have a nice night- chow

  40. 1 person in 652,598 has a IQ of 170 or more. This means that they are smarter than 99.9998467663% of all humans on earth. If your brother posesses that kind of intellect and he lives in La Paz county he needs to be County Manager. Congrats! Have a nice night as well!

  41. WeSo I was speaking to him this evening. I was wrong and his IQ Score is 160. He is a smart man and always has been sense we were children.
    And No he does not live here in La Paz County. Or Az.
    Anyways, have a good evening – g/n.

  42. I meant to say Wedo – Not WeSo
    my bad.

  43. Thanks to whoever posted The Roth Report,

    It’s interesting to note that the POS cops who arrested me lost their jobs and the town paid me cold hard cash for those arrests. Keep posting, you prove my point.

    By the way, that arrest was because former Quartzsite Kop and former Kounty undersheriff Ric Patterson instructed a citizen to steal a vehicle owned by Dana Stadler, and you fools are now paying for Ric’s lavish retirement. His main squeeze is former fired Quartzsite town manager Alex Taft, now gainfully employed by Dan Field as a grant writer. You can’t make this shit up!

    This Kounty plays like a bad Mel Brooks movie!

    Thanks for the laughs Dan Field!!! The only thing not funny is you are getting paid to destroy our county. Look to the North and look to the South of LaPaz County and you will see actual industry, jobs that pay. But here in Dan Field Kounty NOTHING but lawsuits and corruption. Ever wonder why La Paz always loses lawsuits? Because losers lose!!!

    Thanks again for nothing Pawn Clapperton! Enjoy your retirement, but your legacy will always be one of failure. I was at the Board of Supervisors meeting when you gave your “Your Fired” speech. And when the rubber met the road you were AWOL!

    Someone get to Clapperton and have him vote to fire Field before this place descends ( yes, it can always get worse) into hell.

    So call me crazy, call me a conspiracy theorist, ####### sign me all you want, but I’ve been telling you the truth, not selling you out like most politicians.

    There is no freedom or Liberty without courage folks, the courage to look at the reality of our situation and to deal with it. Keeping Dan Field around is not smart, it’s avoidance of the obvious, and we will all be poorer for it.

  44. One thing about Roth is that he tells the truth. Maybe in a manner that most low land folks find disturbing, but the truth non the less. He was right about Gilbert, “Machinegun Joe”, Taft and the rest of them. He wades into the waters that the founders would appreciate. Not the folks that call him a hereitic. It will all come back to haunt this foul place. Willette i.e. “Yakima” was just a taste of this counties arrogance. It would be a grand day when we find the founders of Parker South justified. They tried to move the white folks of Parker off the REZ and I am sure that CRIT would find that suitable. KAAAWWWW. Read the Constitution my dear neighbors. You have all PLEDGED ALLEGIANCE to it! Remember that? Roth does. Just couse he ain’t politiically correct in the way he does it. Peace out.

  45. What amazes me is how so many of you loose focus as to what this story was about in the first place and what the answers are to it. Rant and rave all you want about other people when the story is about them, but lets not loose focus on what this particular issue is about. Where is the follow up on the board of supervisor’s meeting that called for the firing of Administrator Field. John, please inform your viewers. I think this site is loosing it’s credibility as a legitimate news source, at least with this viewer.

  46. Ah Jim,

    Hello. There is no factual reporting in La Paz county. If you are part of the establishment and doing it’s bidding then the powers that be protect you buy bullying the press. I remember when Fisher sat in the parker pioneer offices and wrote his own stories. This site, while a good site, is part of 1380 AM radio. They can’t possibly say something bad about the home team. We know this county is corrupt. EVERYONE knows it. You apparently do. But to get an ad selling publishment to do hard journalism is not going to happen. I wish it would. Those who stand against the MAN in this county lose jobs, get harassed and have the cops sent after them. This county is a failure. Since it’s inception in 1983 it was put on a course to lose. Then the folks that got elected were solely for themselves and their buddies. Imagine the amount of money that has been stolen from this county by politicians. And the yakima fiasco? Oh my. wedostupidright!

  47. Amen my brothers!

    NOBODY does stupid criminal like La Paz Kounty!

    Most people are too complacent to fight injustice in Dan Field Cuntry

    Someone please get Clapperton to fire Dan Field . Don’t make La Paz County the next Quartzsite!!!!!!

  48. Boy – it never ceases to amaze me that some folks can be so wrong. Mr. Roth, I urge you to become fully educated in how the County Board of Supervisors system works. NO one supervisor out of the 3 elected can fire anyone. This county is with it’s own share of problems for sure and it has been for years and likely since it’s inception in 1983. If their was enough valid, factual evidence don’t you think that Dan Field would have lost his job? I mean come on here, you can’t just go off and fire county people without cause. Maybe those who yell the loudest on this site and we all know who that is should be the first to know exactly what their talking about. Don’t say anything if you really don’t know what it was all about to begin with. Mr. Roth seems to use any posts to rant all about county conspiracies .. poor sap he just doesn’t get it. I’m not a county employee and yet I still chose to do my due diligence and learn how our county functions so the wool isn’t pulled over my eyes.

  49. Whoa there Tony G.! Roth ranting about couty conspiracies? And what conspiricie do you refer? That Field is an conducting questionable judgement? Lets look at a couple facts here. Field was Qsite town Manager during the political downfall of that town! And the county hires him and he hires his buddy Alex Taft after she gets sacked by Qsite. And who’s next? Old the superintendent of Qsite School District that has a GreatSchools rating of 1. ONE!! ONE!?!?!

    Now she oversees ALL the schools in the COUNTY??? I call shenanagans! Wasn’t Field that sold out the county for $20+ million during the Yakima plague? He was able to get a bond sale and tax hike by a majority vote of the 3 Supes without going to vote of the people. A tax raise and bond sale with NO PUBLIC VOTE! That is INSANE! Say one thing about Roth “Ranting”. OK. But he is ranting for all the RIGHT reasons.

  50. Wedostupidright,
    If you were gay I’d kiss you right on the lips!
    (And I’m happily married!!!!!)

    Man did I so want to get that failure former Quartzsite top teacher truth out …. Tell us more, show us the former failure lfacts (links if you have them) and the future of La Paz Country Educamational System. She’s probably AWC worthy material here in Dan Field Country. Anyone who can fail while appearing to succeed is worth Top Dollar around these parts!

    Fire Dan Field!!!!

  51. Easy there Roth! I know that folks aren’t supposed to use facts around here but since I left La Paz county I just don’t care if I barf up a few FUN FACTS! And I have more!

    Check this out, this is the detail papers on the bonds we sold WITHOUT A VOTE OF THE PEOPLE that has send La Paz county to the woodshed. It’s a long conplicated document I know, written in political-finance speak but bear with me. Just cut to the chase and go to page 22 of the .pdf. It is document page 16. This is the scheduled dept service and coverage estimate. Look at the lower right hand number. $30,024,092!!!!! Yup the bottom line for paying off Yakima. Wow. This is what Field was able to do under the supervision of Drum, Pierce and Irwin. I know folks probably think I made this up. But alas, NOPE. This is the reality our esteemed Roth has been trying to get folks to listen to, only to fall on deaf ears. It’s really is to late to wake up. Move out. La Paz county cannot be fixed. Regardless of 3000 foot high solar towers, egg ranches and “PIPE DREAMS” of every economic development group. Oh, and for added fun check out page 21, .pdf page 27. THE JUDGEMENT! Good clean fun reading. Peace!

  52. 2036 will roll around before we know it and that 30 MILLION Freaking dollar debt will be settled. What a screwing that Dan Field deal was.

    And Jim Willette told me, that he offered to settle early on for $100,000 and get back to business. But Supervisor Fisher wanted a “Consulting Fee”. Jim said no, stuck to his guns and Fisher left (actually got voted out), Mary Scott quit, got tired of getting all those evil questions about Yakima, and was Edey the other one? I don’t know for sure because he was before my time. But they are all gone. Sadly Dan the scam Field and his partner in crime Holly Irwin are still here and left us with this wonderful deal. Thanks Dan. Thanks Holly. I’m amazed these two are not tarred and feathered and run out of town by now.

    Alright dostupidright, that’s some good chit man! Why did you leave us? I knew there had to be someone else out there who knew the truth of our situation. You say you have more? Keep it coming…. And hopefully our paths can cross someday, drinks are on me if you partake of the firewater. Look me up if you ever roll through Quartzsite.

    And if you know anyone still here who knows how to get to Clapperton, see if you can get him to do the right thing…..
    Fire Dan Field!

  53. Please anyone, we only need one, only one more vote and Dan Field will be gone.

    This an SOS message! USS La Paz County is in severe distress, water coming over the bow and we don’t have enough buckets and men big enough to bail her out!

    Someone call Clapperton, ### get him to Fire Dan Field.


  54. Oh by the way, has anybody looked into the deal Pirates Den got in La Paz county park??? Seems that the supes agreed top a deal that gives them prime real estate to lease at prices that may be LOWER than they would otherwise be if Pirates Den had to buy the property. hmmm. WOnder what the other TAX PAYING bars along the river feel about that. Please feel free to go have a beer with the others i.e. Foxes, Roadrunner et all and see what they think. Fun times. I also wonder if Disney knows they a plagerising the theme from Pirates of the Carribean?? And the biggest story of the year are two skeletons in the river. Sheeesh.

  55. That makes perfect sense wedostupidright. Could this explain how Dan Field can successfully fail from job to job in this county and still keep that tony house he has with a full basement? I assumed it was engineering fee kickbacks that paid for all that.

    What else you got? Sounds like you have a lifetime of Stupid Dan Field experience under your belt. Don’t leave us completely without spilling the beans, enquiring minds want to know.

    Do you think Clapperton knows this stuff and is sweeping it under the rug because he’s retiring? What a damn shame!!!

  56. Before you speak ask yourself if what you are going to say is true, is kind, is necessary, is helpful. If the answer is no, maybe what you are about to say should be left unsaid.

  57. Simple you,
    Do you think the politicians are telling you the truth, and are being kind when they rob the next generation, and their worthless existence is necessary? Yes? If yes, then you shouldn’t comment because the politicians that are screwing you deserve far worst than what I’m dishing out.

    Being offended by words is BULLSHIT!

  58. SimplyMeshell,
    Pulling tics off your dogs and getting cats out of trees often means that what you are going to say during that time might not be the most pleasent of words. But is necessary if one wants to act in the animals (county’s) best interest. There have been a few in this county that publicly stood up to the tics and tyrants of La Paz only to have lost their jobs, been ridiculed and persicuted. I know for sure Senior Roth has. And all the others. Look at all the folks that stood up for what they believed was in the people’s best interest. Are they still in La Paz county? Nope. Gone. Kaputz. Dead. I’m afraid that Roth is one of the last. To be heard from anyways. Those heretics were right then. They had the balls to put it out there. And are hated more that they were right about the county’s peril than they were for foreseeing it! Peace

  59. Even Jesus couldn’t be a prophet in his own land!

    No matter where you are
    spread the message of
    Freedom and Liberty!!!


  60. And I forgot….

    Who couldn’t use a little more Freedom?

  61. Peace!

  62. Yesterday’s Bored of Stupid-visors meeting, same stuff different day.

    This County is doomed unless people wake up


  64. Thanks for the smile wedostupidright!

    I appreciate your comments here. Thanks for joining in on exposing Dan Field and his loser pals. Chime in on the other threads if you can stomach the ignorant apathy, which seems to be encouraged around these parts.

    If you want to see the future of La Paz County just look at what Dan Field did to Quartzsite!

    We now have a new crop of Dan Field wannabes and they are succeeding, GO STUPID OR GO AWAY!!!!!


    Oldie but goodie. Good ol’ Field!

  66. Oh man, that is the story of our enslavement wedostupidright!

    How, just HOW did Dan get that rammed through?

    And why no outcry from the local media (lol) not even a whimper!!!!

    Nazi Germany didn’t happen because of Hitler folks, Hitler was allowed to do whatever he wanted to because of the PEOPLE. Everything Hitler did was 100% legal, imagine that!

    Now you know why John Drum and Holly Irwin wanted a lawyer, their buddy, to head up County Management!

    You did it to yourself, folks. You allowed it to happen. You are responsible. Take responsibility for your actions, it’s the path to freedom!

    Has anyone talked to Clapperton yet?

    Thanks for the intel., wedostupidright. Keep Up The Good Work and hope to meet you someday!!!!!!

  67. Take a look at today’s Board of Stupidvisors agenda. Out of control spending….. Does anyone seriously think these aholes have our best interest in mind? When the tough times get tougher, remember folks, Dan Field and Company didn’t care one whit about you or the health of the County. It’s always been and always will be about Dan Field keeping his grip on power.

    You get the government you deserve!!!!

  68. Yo there Mr. Roth

    You dare ask aboot why our local press was MUM? Uhhh. Inbread politics and media. Fisher owned the parker pioneer and Keith (the blackeyed weasel) was great buds with Clifford of the Edey clan. Hell I think that the Belfast Beeeeeever is married to Clifford’s daughter. You ain’t gonna tell da truth aboot your kin are ya? Not in La Pazzzzzzz county. So Fisher is now a discraced coward that still, I believe, lives in the county and the Clifford of the Edey clam has left. In disgrace. I think that the Drum meister is in bed with all of them! And da King? He I guess has fallen for the spell of Field. What else could explain it? And of course, darn it what’s her name, oh yeah, Holly Irwin is married to the undersherriff wannabee so there is that. INBREEDING is in La Paz county styyyyyle!!!! Mr Roth, please leave…..

  69. Really John, you’re married to a former Supe’s daughter, one of the Stupidvisors who handed Jim Willett 10 Million froggyskins?

    No wonder you didn’t want any questions asked about Yakima

    And wedostupidright thanks for the career advice, lol. But it’s the redcoats like Field and the Irwins, John Drum and his gang members that need to leave, not me.

    La Paz County needs MORE people like me, a LOT more, so maybe you are right.

    I’m so confused now that you told me Johnny here married into the cesspool!

  70. I did try to cover up Yakima as much as I could. I failed, as you can tell after reading these 4 pages of articles I wrote covering the subject:

  71. You failed to ask any questions of the Supes past and present, including the grand loser Dan Field. FAIL!!!

  72. John are you gonna delete ANY post about Edey? Unless it is how he saved the county.

  73. WDSR- I see 3 posts above mentioning Edey, and not one of them are deleted. I don’t know what on earth you’re raving about. Enjoy your paranoia.

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