Accident on 72

An accident on Highway 72 has emergency services responding near the Quartzsite turnoff close to Parker South. One vehicle rolled into a ditch while a semi drove off the road on the other side. No word on the conditions of vehicle occupants. Traffic will be slow.






  1. Bryant Shontz

    They have the accident bypassed southbound pretty well now. Chopper landed.

  2. Prayers I Hope No One Lost There Life

  3. Francisco Ortega

    Accident on highway 95 mile post 132

  4. Annie Liles

    If this is the one on 95, we passed it soon after it happened and before any law enforcement was there. It looked as though there was a roll over off the south side of the road and down the hill, along with the semi which had crossed the westbound lane and hit the hillside. Many prayers for all involved.

  5. They need to water down that dirt road there detouring everybody on almost got hit by a semi truck coming right at us can barely see the road

  6. Joe McCullough

    Sad, just trying to get home, just trying to make a hard living.

  7. People are driving way to close to one another often and going to fast for the conditions often. It is amazing we do not see more accidents on the roads.

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