LISTEN: Sheriff’s Bagby almost hit by out of control Corvette

An “explosion” is how Sheriff’s Captain Curt Bagby described the collision of a white Corvette with a guardrail north of Parker last night. The collision happened so close to Bagby that the debris from the crash rained down on his vehicle, he told Parker Live.

Part of the car ended up on the other side of the guardrail and embankment, the other part landing upright on the roadway continuing to move. The driver did not need medical attention.

The incident was a reminder to Bagby of how suddenly someone can become a victim, and serves as a potent reminder of the importance of road safety.

Listen here to Bagby’s account of the incident, recorded Thursday at his office in Parker. (Player above.)


  1. Sam Camarata

    My vette is in my garage.

  2. Mary Roberts

    So scary glad everyone is safe

  3. Barbara Ann Scott

    Was it a local driver from parker

  4. WOW your lucky, that you are still alive to tell about what happened. Thank God all are safe.

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